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The Nightlife Party Bus Tour is currently being revamped. Please check our calendar for our Party Yacht activities and other fantastic options!

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We're off to experience Washington, DC’s hottest nightlife in the coolest neighborhoods! Ride the Boomerang party bus and let us take you to DC’s best bars and pubs, lounges and clubs for dancing, mingling, and all night fun!

Riding the Boomerang Bus instantly ensures your VIP status! We've already taken care of all the arrangements so you will be treated to:
  • VIP entrance into DC's best night spots with no cover charges!
  • Boomerang drink specials at most of our stops
  • Lots of dancing on board the Boomerang Bus in between bars
  • The opportunity to meet lots of guys & gals who are on board & at all the bars!
  • Door to door service & a safe ride all night long
We'll visit three hot spots in a variety of DC's neighborhoods during each tour.  Our buses, and the bars and clubs that we visit, play a fun mix of top 40, international, house, and electronic music. Our bars & clubs are not selected until departure time because we cannot reserve with them in advance, so no advanced notice is available.  However, feel free to request your favorites from the following list:
Midtown, Eden, Ultrabar, Tattoo, Dirty Bar, Modern, Rhino, BlackFinn, Mighty Pint, Muse, Irish Times, Josephines, Kabin, Cantina Marina, and Blackfinn.

Friday nights tours depart from Virginia's A-Town Bar and Grill -located near the Ballston Metro, in Arlington, or upon request, you can meet us at the first bar in DC. Saturday night tours leave from Eden, located at 1716 I St in Midtown DC. 

The Boomerang also offer weekend excursions, like our Boomerang party boat cruises, vineyard tours, tubing trips, concerts, & scavenger hunts.

What Is Not Included?

Be sure to bring enough cash or plastic to cover any beverages at the bars and clubs - they are not included in the cost of the tour.

Meeting Location

VA & DC on Fridays, Dupont Circle on Saturdays (Arlington, Washington, DC) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)
Are there any dress codes I should know about?
We work with a long list of venues and many of the bars & clubs we visit recommend that guests "dress to impress". Some will not allow guests in if they are wearing athletic sneakers, baseball hats, Timberlands, athletic wear, and flip flops.
How early should I arrive?
Our pre-party & check-in begins at 9pm. You never have to arrive before the start time for any Boomerang event. You will be told the exact time to board the bus once you check in with your host.
Which bars & clubs do we visit?
We visit fun bars & clubs in all different neighborhoods on each trip. We continually rotate the hot spots we use so that you can have a unique and fun experience each ride. At each bar you will be able to talk, dance, and meet other fun people. Bars & clubs are not selected until departure time, so no advanced notice is available.
Can I request or suggest my favorite bar?
If you would like to suggest or request a specific bar or club please include this as a message to the Boomerang Team when you purchase your ticket. We can't guarantee a stop at this destination, but your feedback is valued. Here is our list: Midtown, Ultrabar, Modern, Muse, Tattoo, Shadow Room, Bar 19th, Rhino, Dirty Bar, Redline, Mighty Pint, Eden, Current, Midtown Loft, BlackFinn, Irish Whiskey, Front Page, Cantina Marina, Georgetown Waterfront, Irish Times, & Public Bar (Please note: Bars & clubs are not selected until departure time, so no advanced notice is available. Some locations have restrictions on when we can visit due to capacity & private events, so they are subject to availability.)
Can I drink on the bus?
You are welcome to bring beverages on the bus - including sodas, Red Bull, water, juices, ice tea, etc. Washington, DC's open container laws do not allow for open containers of alcohol on board buses and limos while traveling through and within DC.
What time does the Boomerang pick us up?
The party starts each night at 9pm with a kick-off party at our meeting spot. We will then depart about 30 minutes later to head to our next destination. You can arrive anytime during the first 15 minutes to check in. Please don't be late - the Boomerang does leave on time!
Where does the tour leave from?
Friday nights' tours depart from a bar in the Ballston area of Arlington, VA. Saturday nights' tours leave from a bar located near Dupont Circle, in Washington, DC. Exact meeting locations will be provided on your e-ticket, immediately after purchase. An additional pick in DC is available on Friday nights. Please email us for information.
What if I’d like to meet at the DC location on a Friday, or the Arlington location on a Saturday? Would the Boomerang make a special pick up for me?
If you would like the alternative pick up, please contact us via email and we will let you know if it is possible. Usually we require at least 20 people for us to make the alternative pick up & drop off, but we are flexible and accommodating, so please keep us posted on what you would like and we will let you know if we can make it happen!
What time does the Boomerang drop us off?
The Boomerang usually leaves the last bar between 1:30 - 2:00am, returning you back safely to our starting location. You party host will give you all the important times that you’ll need to make sure you make it back on board at the end of the night. Please note that all of our starting locations are Metro accessible. We encourage you to take either the Metro, a taxi, or walk to your final destination safely. All Boomerang tours are designed to be Metro friendly to make you trip as easy and safe as possible. There are always taxis at the Metro stations, so even if you drove in to meet us, you don't have to drive home.
What exactly happens when we “check-in” at the start of the night?
Once you check-in with your Boomerang Hosts, you will receive a Boomerang wristband and an itinerary of the bars & clubs we will be visiting that evening. You will need the wristband to board the Boomerang, and to receive the perks at all of our bars and clubs we visit throughout the night, including the one we meet in. You will also be told what time the group is boarding the Boomerang Bus to start the night’s adventure, so it is important to “check-in” as soon as you arrive at our starting location.
Can I buy a ticket at check-in?
The Boomerang Bus usually sells out in advance, so unfortunately the answer is most likely no. However, we never want anyone to miss out on a trip on the Boomerang, so if there is a “no show”, we would be willing to sell a ticket on the spot.
If the tour is sold out, is there a waiting list?
No, Boomerang does not keep a waiting list for our tours. Tours do sell out, and often well in advance, so please make sure to purchase your tickets far in advance, especially if you have limited time availability.
Can I bring my own music and play it on the trip?
Unfortunately, no. These trips are open to the public so we have to have music that appeals to everyone. We have CD's on board with a wide range of songs such as Top 40, Hip Hop, 80s, and those songs we all know and sing along to! This is a party bus with years of experience, so the music that is played is sure to get everyone on the dance floor!
Do you have a partner hotel that gives Boomerang riders discounts?
Yes! We have partnered with the Quincy Hotel at 18th & L st in DC, and the Hilton Hotel in Arlington. The Quincy Hotel is a 6 minute walk to our Saturday night starting location. They will give all Boomerang riders the special rate of 15% off of their best available rate on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. To book at the discounted rates, click here: and select reservations on the top left. The Hilton in Arlington is a 4 minute walk to our Friday night starting location. They will also give all Boomerang riders the special rate of 15% off their best available rate on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. To book at the discounted rate, click here. Or, you can call the Hilton at 1-800-Hiltons and refer to corporate code 2723967 to receive the discount.
Can I rent out the entire Boomerang bus for a private party?
Yes, you can purchase all the tickets for a tour. A lot of our groups, however, find that it's a lot more fun to join the other guests on one of our public tours to make the celebration that much larger (and cheaper for your group)! Our bus can hold up to a group of 40 people.
Can I go on the tour alone or do I need a group?
Either way is always lots of fun! We have many singles that come on board! Not only will you meet and interact with 41 others on the bus, but you will meet people at the bars too. If you do plan to come on with a group, make sure to buy your tickets plenty in advance because the trips do sell out.
If Boomerang is running more than one bus when I want to go, how can I make sure I'll be on the same bus with my friends?
If you are signing up with friends, we ask you to provide the approximate number of people you expect to sign up, and the name of the group "organizer," when you purchase your ticket(s). By providing this information, we will be able to assign you to the same bus as the rest of your group. Please keep in mind, however, that providing this information does not "reserve" your friend's space - we only ask for these details so that we can keep groups of friends together, and plan accordingly. Your friends' space is in no way reserved or guaranteed until they purchase their own tickets, and tours usually sells out quickly, so please tell them to book as soon as they can!
What should I bring with me?
You don't need much to ride the Boomerang. Make sure to bring your money for food and drinks if you choose to have some, a valid ID (US or International drivers' licenses, passports, or other government issued id), and a camera if you'd like. Put your dancing shoes on, dress to impress and bring your best smile and you should be good to go! We have enough entertainment on the bus to take care of the rest!
Do I have to be over 21 years old?
Riders on the Boomerang must be 21 years of age or older AND have a government-issued, valid ID available (US or International drivers' licenses, passports, or other government issued ID).
Do I need to tip the driver and party directors?
We do not require you to pay gratuity but these individuals are working for you. If you feel they have done a good job then please be kind and tip them just as you would your bartender or waiter. They work very hard to make sure you have a great experience.
Can I stay at one of the bars instead of getting back on the bus?
Yes you can. It is always helpful if you let one of your guides know you will not be returning on the party bus. No refunds will be given if you choose to stay at one of our stops.
Can I bring food on the bus?
Unfortunately food is not allowed on our nightlife tours. With all the dancing and singing on the bus, more often then not rider’s food ends up on the floor or on other passenger’s laps. We have found that guests are much happier without food being present on our nightlife tours.
Is there assigned seating on the bus?
There is no assigned seating when we get started - it is first come, first serve.
What if I miss the bus at a certain location?
If you should miss the bus at any of our stops, you can catch up with the group at the next location. You will have a phone number on your e-ticket that you can call during the tour if you happen to miss us. We try to do our best to make sure everyone gets back aboard the bus before our departure time, but we are not responsible if someone does not make it back on by our departure time.
Who will be on board during the tour?
On every trip there will be two or three employees of Boomerang Tours. There will be a licensed and experienced driver as well as one or two fun party directors. Their job is to make sure you have a great experience! Be ready to dance and shake things up because this will be a night you won't forget.
Can I leave my belongings on the bus while I am in a bar?
Yes, at your own risk. Our driver stays on board the bus while you are having fun. However, he cannot remember which individuals go with which belongings, so please exercise care when deciding what to leave on board. Boomerang Tours is not responsible for any items that are left on the bus. If you are removed from a bus, we are not responsible for your belongings.
What if someone gets out of hand?
Well, let's hope everyone has a good time responsibly, but if someone becomes unruly, heavily intoxicated, or harmful in any manner to themselves, our guests, or our employees, we reserve the right to remove them or not allow them onto the bus. This rarely happens, but we will not hesitate to keep you safe and ensure your enjoyment. We are not responsible for any belongings left on the bus, including if you are removed or denied transportation on the bus.
What about drinking and driving?
One of the reasons we created Boomerang Tours was to provide a safe way for you to enjoy the area without having to drive. Please help us by a) using the Metro or other public transportation, b) always using a designated driver, and c) being responsible with your drinking. Your safety and enjoyment are important to us. We highly discourage anyone to drive to one of our events and drive home afterwards if you have been drinking. Drinking and driving is against the law. The Boomerang has also partnered with the Hotel Madera in DuPont Circle to encourage you to stay off the roads. All Boomerang guests receive 20% off of their hotel rooms! Your safety and enjoyment are important to us, have fun, but plan ahead!
Are there bathrooms on the Boomerang?
There are no bathrooms on the Boomerang. Think of us like a limo!
Is the Boomerang heated and air conditioned?
The Boomerang is heated in the colder months. It is not air conditioned, but our windows provide a great cool breeze!
Is the Boomerang wheelchair accessible?
The Boomerang is not wheelchair accessible at this time, but we will try to make any accommodations to help a rider on the bus.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes, gift certificates are available and make perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays or any other occasion! To purchase a gift certificate, please click on the "Gift Certificates: Purchase" link in the box above.


Refund/Rescheduling Policy

Non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event.

Other Policies

All participants must be age 21 or over with valid ID.
Each attendee must be age 21 or older and have proper government-issued ID (US or International drivers' licenses, passports, or other government issued ID). Refunds will not be provided for those under age 21 or without sufficient ID.
Dress code
Many of the bars & clubs that we visit do not allow athletic sneakers, flip flops, baseball hats, shorts, athletic wear, baggy clothing, & Timberlands. ** If you wear this attire, you will be denied entry into our partner bars and clubs. Please refrain from wearing the above attire so you can enter all of our partner bars and clubs. Thank you!
Unruly guests may be required to leave the tour.
Please act responsible. Boomerang Tours reserves the right to remove anyone who becomes unruly, heavily intoxicated, or harmful in any manner to themselves, our guests, or our employees. Anyone removed from a bar or club will not be allowed back on the bus, and removed passengers will not receive a refund.


Boomerang Tours

Local? Tourist? In town for a convention? Your Boomerang Party Directors have your entertainment plans ready!

The Nightlife Party Bus Tour of DC, Boomerang’s original entertainment offering, is a great way to spend an evening in the nation’s capital!  The Boomerang Team makes the amazing nightlife hassle free, safe, and affordable for all to enjoy.

Whenever you join us, sit back & relax or stand up & dance while you let us do the driving. And wherever you go, we’ll ensure you’re treated like a VIP.

"If you are new to the area, or you just want to go out and have a wild night with your friends and meet new people, the Boomerang Bus is just what you need. Why wait in line, pay cover, and pay for a taxi when you can mix it up with your friends while drinking on a bus, then get to cut in front of the lines at some of D.C’s hottest bars and clubs?"
- NBC's "The DC Scene"  6/18/07

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