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Dearly Departed's Hollywood Tragical History Tour 454 98% 4.7 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Helter Skelter Tragical History Tour 105 97% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Nasty Nellie Oleson Tour 49 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Hollywood Movie Tours! 6 100% 4.3 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
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Rating: 4
Alison has great stories
Sat, Apr 27, 13   4:30 PM danayoung35 Female 60-69 Local Other
Alison Arngrim has great stories of growing up in Hollywood, although many of them are also in her book. She is very personable and accessible, with a terrific sense of humor. Since you basically just drive around (except for the stop for photos near the Hollywood sign) listening to her talk, it seems a little pricey. Since I'm local, perhaps I didn't appreciate seeing the "sights" as much as someone from out of town would.
Rating: 5
good for a view of the LA that is not so apparent
Mon, Apr 15, 13   1:00 PM crozuk Female 60-69 International Tourist(s) Other
I had lived in Southern Calif for a while during college, but did not have time for touring. I now go back frequently with exchange students and this tour was good to give added dimension to the more obvious glitz. The younger kids don't recognize many of the names but still enjoyed the tour, but for the older bunch brought back memories
Rating: 5
Probably the best guided tour ever
Sat, Apr 6, 13   1:00 PM randycepuch Male 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
Brian was clearly born to be a Hollywood tour guide and it's hard to imagine anyone could be better. He does the research, pays attention to the interests of tour participants and blends in just the right amount of humor, while others just tell tales. I took a tour with this organization's predecessor, Grave Line, back in the early 1990s, and the Dearly Departed tour turned out to be almost entirely different (new) material. Highly recommended!
Rating: 5
The Dearly Departed Tour is mesmerizing !
Thu, Apr 4, 13   1:00 PM special12 Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
This tour was totally informative and fun ! Touring these glamorous spots and hearing thse tragedies is just too interesting,like seeing a train wreck,although morbid but somehow fascinating! Bad things are described with a little humor and fun,I totally reccomend this tour for anyone who enjoys the hu mor found in scandal ! Its like a "Jerry Springer Show On wheels" only better !
Rating: 5
Entertaining, informative and a blast!
Thu, Feb 28, 13   1:00 PM Karen6867 Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Hollywood. Brian our tout guide was excellent and really knows his Hollywood history and scandals! This was my 2nd time, can't wait to take this tour again!
Rating: 4
Learn about the darker side of LA.
Sat, Feb 23, 13   1:15 PM Terri78 Female 30-39 International Tourist(s) Other
Was really impressed with this tour. We arrived early and were registered then went and had lunch. We came back and left on time. Was impressed with the knowledge of the driver and how much the company had found out about the history and the facts. While some facts were gruesome it is some things that you will not hear on the news and would have to hunt on the internet to find the details. The books with pictures were also interesting and helped you with knowing a little more about the subject matter and learn more about the people. We travelled a good bit through Hollywood and I was not dissappointed. My husband and I were going to book with another company for a similar tour but found this one on the net. Great price and very informative, I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to know more about the darker side of LA.
Rating: 5
Pretty good laugh
Thu, Feb 7, 13   1:00 PM PedroRam Male 20-29 Local Other
As much as i hate to admit to laughing about how famous people die, that's what i did, along with the rest of the tour. The tour isnt very dark, thankfully. Nice little history lesson involved as well. Tour guide was top notch. Sadly did not get the death cert at the end of the tour, not sure if that's because i didn't go back into the office at the end. I would totally recommend this to others, and if they ever do a second version of the tour id go on it.
Rating: 4
Fun and interesting tour
Wed, Feb 6, 13   1:00 PM kaiaflo Female 20-29 Local Other
Great, fun tour with lots and lots of interesting facts about old school hollywood. i didn't know many of the actors/actresses the tour guide was talking about, but it was still very interesting. My only complaint is the tour guide talked soooo fast that I missed a lot of information. Otherwise, great tour and would recommend to anyone!
Rating: 5
hilarious, morbid and fascinating
Sun, Jan 20, 13   1:00 PM amandarose12 Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
amazing tour guide! tour not only touches on death and scandal, but it tells you famous film sites and discusses the history of hollywood itself. you should definitely make enough time to get there and roam around the office to see the famous death artifacts (rock hudson's death bed isn't available for public view until february, i was told). i was given two free "death hag" stickers when i said it was my birthday and that i loved the helter skelter doc on Netflix they put out. also, when we got to a previous residence of Marilyn Monroe's, the tour driver announced it was my birthday and played her rendition of "happy birthday mister president" for me. stating how often on a birthday do you get to be serenaded by Marilyn outside her old house. great time! i want to come back someday to do the full on helter skelter murders tour
Rating: 5
Informative & Fun
Sat, Nov 24, 12   1:00 PM VAC2012 Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
You need to have a sense of humor to do a job like this & even though this tour shows the dark side of Hollywood, our tour guide was well informed & made the tour fun. Looking forward to reserving more tours with this company in the near future.
Rating: 5
This tour is so fun! Whether tourist or local!
Sat, Oct 13, 12   9:00 AM Leesara Female 50-59 Local Other
Scott Miicheals is one of the foremost authorities on Manson facts and trivia. Your day will be filled with information with a rockin soundtrack and video in the background. Don't be afraid to ask him any questions because he will know the answer. No "Gee I don't know's" here"! Please buy the video for the tour also as it contains scenes of Death Valley and Barker Ranch which is to far to travel to and the ranch burned down so its nice to have. Hey I bought a tshirt too! You will have a blast!!!!!
Rating: 5
an awesome experience
Fri, Sep 28, 12   10:00 AM lonewolfgrl Female 20-29 Unspecified Other
great tour guide, he made sure you got all the pics you wanted. He was very friendly and funny and tried to get the tour people involved. Went to alot of locations and was filled with alot of information
Rating: 5
Different side of Hollywood
Thu, Aug 16, 12   1:00 PM buddyed Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
Loved the enthusiasm and encouraged group participation of the host. He appeared extremly knowledgeable and very friendly. This tour could have gone longer and still seem short, because it remained interesting throughout the tour.
Rating: 5
Superb Tour
Wed, Aug 8, 12   9:00 AM Alymick84 Male 50-59 International Tourist(s) Other
Everything about this tour is great. Scott Michaels is a brilliant guide and very informative and entertaining throughout. That said, this is a serious and tragic subject which is dealt with great respect by Scott. It's not a tour that sets out to glorify the Manson Family at all, sympathy as it should be, is strictly with the victims and their friends and families. For anyone who is making or has made a serious study of these events the tour is a must. If your just curious and want to learn about the events it is also well worth taking. Scott encourages everyone to discuss the information during the tour and is open to new insights and info from his tour members. The audio and visual info given, as well as the sites visited, are also excellent. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough. Mick
Rating: 5
Great Experience!
Sun, Jul 29, 12   1:00 PM gogofreddych Female 40-49 Local Other
This tour is informative, disturbing and hilarious! As an L.A. native it's so easy to overlook stuff like this, so it's fun to take out of town friends and learn something new while we're at it! This is not for the faint of heart...there is definitely some gruesome details/images and information about the scuzzy underbelly of L.A. that could be upsetting for some (as though just looking out the window at how gross Hollywood really is wouldn't be disturbing enough...). Having said that, our tour guide was really funny and well informed and the tour covers some really interesting territory. My ONLY suggestion to the folks who run the company would be to improve their audio system in their van...we had to endure a LOT of awful static and really loud pops and cracks during the tour and the audio level for the clips the guide was playing for us was not loud enough...other than that, I highly recommend!!