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Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour

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Majestic whales, playful dolphins, and other wildlife make this narrated cruise an exciting and awe-inspiring trip.

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Rating: 5
Sat, Dec 17, 11   12:00 PM RaNayNay Female 40-49 Local Family With Children
A very friendly group of guides. Very knowledgeable of all sea life and their habits and patterns. Went way out of the way to find a gray whale and found him and cruised with him for a while. Cruised for quite some time with the dolphin as well. They made you very comfortable and walked around making sure that all questions were answered and nobody was unsatisfied. This was for my daughters birthday and we did an early afternoon cruise, it was perfect and a perfect fun beginning to her day!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! They were too cool and it was way fun!!!
Rating: 5
Best Whale Watching in OC
Fri, Dec 9, 11   12:00 PM ckstock Female 50-59 Local Family Without Children
Although we didn't see any whales, the trip out was great! Smooth seas a few dolphins, some sea lions and lots of blue sky. This is my fourth trip with this company and they are always friendly, the boats are clean and it is a great experience.
Rating: 5
Good for out of town guests and locals!
Sat, Nov 26, 11   2:00 PM moonmarshall Female 30-39 Local Family Without Children
The boat (Dana Pride) was clean and big. There were plenty of seats in the galley. There are seats on the upper deck but it's limited and you need to get in line early to snag one of those. We preferred to stand in the front of the boat anyway so it didn't matter to us. We didn't see any whales the day we went but we saw a large pod of dolphins and several sea lions. The captain rode along with the dolphins for a long time which was nice, everyone had plenty of time to shoot video and take pictures. We have more family coming next month and we are going to do it again. Even if we hadn't seen a thing, it was a nice way to spend a couple hours out on the water. It was a beautiful warm day but still chilly on the boat. We definitely needed a couple layers (as their website suggests). Grab a drink at Turk's afterward. It's a great day out!
Rating: 5
whale watching
Sat, Apr 30, 11   4:00 PM Christiaan Male 30-39 Local Couple on a Date
got skunked on the whale count, but other than that it was a blast and i would highly recommend this to all my friends!!
Rating: 3
No whale...no refund
Sat, Apr 23, 11   4:00 PM minamu1 Male 20-29 Local Couple on a Date
The boat ride was nice and not over-crowded; the crew were friendly. Unfortunately, we did not see any whales on our trip. They offered a "whale check" ticket to everyone to return in the future for a free trip. The ticket has no expiration. However, given that we were out-of-towners, that did not help us much. We'd have to be back in LA to benefit from this. They refused to give us a refund either. One of their staff suggested we "give the tickets to some stranger".... how weird. Nice boat ride though... for $30 a pop.
Rating: 5
Great Experience; Highly recommended
Fri, Apr 22, 11   12:00 PM mkairis Female 40-49 Local Family With Children
My husband and I had our 2 nephews in town from Chicago (ages 14 & 17); since it was too cold for the beach, yet we wanted to get them near the ocean, we thought this would be a great way - affordable and on the water. We didn't know what to expect as far as the wildlife, but we hit the jackpot - whale, pod of 100's of dolphins, sea lions and then a mother whale w/calf - the experience was amazing and the pictures incredible - they look like something you'd see on TV. On the flip side, my sister was in with her family (3 boys, ages 8-11) a month ago, and they did this. Unfortunately, they didn't see any marine life. However, they did get 2 hours out on the ocean and got their money back (just as it was promised ). While the experiences were on the both ends of the spectrum in regards to the marine life seen, the experiences were both great. I have already recommended it to some friends @ work and I will be doing this again!
Rating: 5
Sat, Apr 16, 11   12:00 PM elizpamdyer Female 60-69 Local Other
We went out on the 12 noon boat. The earlier group was off-loaded in a precise and professional manner and we were boarded in the same way--quickly and safely. It only took 30 minutes out for us to sight dolphins. What a beautiful view as the group "greyhounded" as we approached. The announcer gave us excellent information about the mammals and what to expect. We did not see any whales, but the two hour trip was fun and sunny and entertaining. One suggestion I could have for the crew would be if the announcer would talk about the birds we saw---what kind and so forth. That could have been informative and would have taken up some of the quiet time between pods of dolphins. There was only one annoying thing that happened and it wasn't anything the crew could have done at that moment. One of the spectators threw orange peels in the water and I exclaimed "Don't do that!" The spectator thought he was funny and said that the peels were biodegradeable. Perhaps the Captain could announce early on--not to throw ANYTHING into the water. The litterbug was obviously not from around here and needed to be chided. I bought the DVD and it was fun to review what we had seen earlier. A great afternoon for my niece and me. When she comes back to visit, we'll go again and hope to see some whales!
Rating: 5
Sat, Apr 16, 11   12:00 PM tlynch41 Male 50-59 Local Couple on a Date
Although we did not see any whales, we did see 100's of dolphins, running, jumping, swimming. The captain was well informed about the ways of the dolphins. I will definitely go again...next time earlier in the year.
Rating: 4
Good activity to keep kids attention
Sat, Apr 9, 11   2:00 PM punuffney Male 30-39 Local Family With Children
This is the second time we've been on this trip, once with blue whales and once with grey whales. It's a good activity for kids, as it's short enough to keep their attention and there are many different attractions. You have the whole being on a boat experience, which for some kids was more interesting than the animals themselves. The whales are interesting, but the kids sometime have a hard time focusing on the sea long enough to actually see them. The dolphins are usually more interesting because they are visible for long periods of time. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no guaranty that you'll actually see a whale, especially late in the season. We were the first group to see a whale in 19 trips. I don't know if I would be so positive about the trip if we didn't see any animals.
Rating: 5
A great time for the family !
Sat, Apr 2, 11   2:00 PM Macpony Male 40-49 Local Family With Children
We had a great time and learned a lot about marine life. The captain and the deck hands were extremely knowledgeable about the area and the animals we were seeing. I was especially impressed with the crew's sensitivity to observing the whales. We stayed a distance away from them so as not to disturb their migration. It was a fantastic learning trip for the entire family and well worth the time and money.