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Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour

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Majestic whales, playful dolphins, and other wildlife make this narrated cruise an exciting and awe-inspiring trip.

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Rating: 4
Beautiful Views, Excellent Crew
Thu, Mar 10, 11   12:00 PM Alice_Martin Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
While we were disappointed that there had been no whale sightings that day, we were impressed with the effort the crew made to give us a delightful and entertaining ride. They scanned the waters and contacted other boats to locate a pod of dolphins. They were such fun to watch playing in the water. Our boat paused in the area to give us excellent photo-opts. The children loved seeing the baby dolphin. As a grandma, I loved the views of the coastline. It was a cool day but the sunshine made it perfect. Thank you for a wonderful time!
Rating: 5
Fantastic way to spend a few hours!
Thu, Mar 10, 11   12:00 PM dmsphotos1 Female 50-59 Local Unspecified
I do this trip often and I am never disappointed! The boats are spacious and comfortable, the guys know more than a thing or two about sea life and they are always kind, helpful and courteous. Just an experience of a lifetime!
Rating: 5
No Whale Sighting But Excursion Sensational!
Wed, Mar 9, 11   12:00 PM judithtaylor Female 60-69 Local Family Without Children
The crew was most accommodating and knowledgeable. The excursion was educational with a lot of history and information provided.. While we did not see a whale, we saw several sea lions and hundreds of dolphin. The weather was picture perfect, and the passengers were friendly. I bought a DVD filmed by one of the crew that showed many whales, so I feel fulfilled.
Rating: 2
Not reccomended should have gone to Long Beach
Wed, Mar 9, 11   12:00 PM JanCortez Female 60-69 Local Family With Children
After having time to think about the trip I feel we were deceived. The whole time we were in the boat we never really left the local port, in fact we could see Dana Harbor the whole time. Seeing the Dolphins was a nice sight to see, but if the captain had taken us further out the chances of seeing a whale would have been greater. Seeing as the next trip was in 2 hours, I feel what happened was a standard practice of the excursion. Looking at the paper the next morning Long Beach sighted a whole pod of whales. Now that's whale watching. I don't like to say negative comments, but it was a waste of our money as we can see Dolphins any day by mearly walking the beach.
Rating: 4
Sun, Mar 6, 11   11:00 AM danawhale Female 40-49 Unspecified Unspecified
The tour was nice, we saw a HUGE pod of dolphins and were able to spend a lot of time watching them, however, we didn't see any whales. While we were disappointed, it wasn't the captain's fault. The whales are not just sitting in a certain spot waiting for us to come and see them, they are migrating and sometimes there just aren't any around. The captains were so nice and informative. They were very knowledgeable concerning the area and the wildlife in the area. We had a great time with the others on the tour and don't regret our purchase at all. The captain said the dolphin pod had approx 1000 dolphin in it. It was amazing to watch them "play" with us.
Rating: 5
had a great time.
Sun, Mar 6, 11   10:00 AM caraann13 Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
even thought we didn't see any whales, we stopped in an enormous pod of dolphins and hung out with them for a while. it was very cool. the captain and crew were very friendly and helpful and the boat was clean. we had our 2 year old and infant and were able to sit when we wanted and roam also.
Rating: 2
Sun, Mar 6, 11   8:00 AM qhristylle22 Female 30-39 Local Other
I loved seeing the sea lions and common dolphins, it was definitely exciting and fun. The entire party that came with me to celebrate my Birthday all enjoyed those same animal sightings. We were disappointed that we didn't get to see any whales but understand that it is nature and there's no control over that. However, there is control over the rudeness of the ticket takers and ripping people off. Allow me to explain: I purchased 8 tickets and arrived with 7 people. The 8th individual had a likely possibility of not making it on time BUT was still in route to attempt it. When I went to collect my 8 tickets, I was only given 7 because that's how many people were "there." I asked if I could have my 8th ticket and was told "semi-politely" that I couldn't have the 8th ticket if I was going to "re-sell" it. 1st off, I never indicated I was going to "resell" it. 2nd, I paid for the ticket, if I want to invite a total stranger and give my purchased ticket to someone else there, I think that is my right... I chose the other 6 people who were coming with me, why couldn't I pick the 7th, why is it the ticket takers decision all the sudden? 3rd when I was shocked and awed by the refusal of the ticket I asked for it again to at least have as a souvenir(even asked to pick it up after the ride) and was told no. I asked then if it was a wasted ticket and that no one was going to use it and was told yes. BUT when my 8th member arrived (BEFORE THE BOAT LEFT) she was denied because the boat was "full"... so, I got ripped off, my friend drove 1.5 hrs (round trip 3 hrs) for nothing and I didn't even get thank you when exiting the boat. So my recap is this. The sea life and the boat ride were great. The customer service, the deception and the thieving, were not so great. I'd recommend a tour like this again but I don't know that I would recommend this dishonest company.
Rating: 5
What a day!
Sun, Mar 6, 11   8:00 AM bglynch Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
So funny how some people on our trip actually seemed bummed and "cheated" that we did not see any grey whales on our trip. You've got to be kidding me! They are part of nature. We don't rope them in to make sure they are in the right spot when the boat drives by. What we did see? About 300 dolphins. We were in the middle of a giant pod where we were completely surrounded. I've seen more than a few dolphins in my day, and this was simply amazing. I will never forget our experience. We left at 8am, and it was pretty cold that day, but the boat was great. Not a person was seasick; it drives very steady and smooth. The breakfast burritios and hot chocolate were such a perfect treat for a cold day. What I would recommend is to arrive early so you can line up. When you get on board, quickly grab a seat outside where you can find one. They fill up, and several people stood the whole time. I definitely would not want to stand for 2 hrs., so don't be late! You will have a wonderful day out on the beautiful ocean.
Rating: 3
Whale watching... minus the whales
Sun, Mar 6, 11   8:00 AM ShelleyManus Female 40-49 Local Group of Friends
Thank god for the dolphins and sea lions! Not to mention the bloody marys! All in all it was worth getting up for! Haven't given up on seeing a whale up close and personal! Until that day, The discovery channel will have to do!
Rating: 5
Great Birthday Party!
Sun, Mar 6, 11   8:00 AM jlw287 Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We went on a morning Whale Watch for my son's birthday party and it was GREAT! All the kids had so much fun! We didn't see any whales, but it didn't matter at all to the kids because we saw LOTS of dolphins and sea lions and they enjoyed just being on the boat! We will definitely be doing this trip again!