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1/2 Priced Tuesday Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour 327 98% 4.6 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips 216 91% 4.3 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Catamaran Adventure Cruises 152 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 25 100% 4.6
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Rating: 5
Terrific time!!
Thu, Jun 3, 10   12:00 PM lismell Female 50-59 Local Other
This was our 2nd whale watching trip but the 1st one here in Dana Point & this was way better than the one we did in Santa Barbara. The crew here was very friendly & informative where in Santa Barbara it was more like a cruise & the guide there was unimpressive. We saw 3 blue whales,8-10 bottlenose dolphins & hundreds of common dolphins plus sea otters,Santa Barbara 0 whales,0 dolphins but we did see sea otter,whoopie. Santa Barbara was a big disappointment! This whale watching was fun & very exciting & so it turned out to be a great birthday. We would go again & we recommend it & have. George & Lisa,Riverside,CA
Rating: 4
A Really fun Outing
Thu, Jun 3, 10   10:00 AM BillKemp Male 60-69 Local Family Without Children
Enjoyed the fishing trip out of Dana Point. Great experience for basically first time fishermen. Marcus was exceptional in providing all around service to every one on board. The captain of the boat moved us to four different fishing spots to get the number of fish caught increased. Both the captain and Marcus were out going and tried to provide a good time for every one. A suggestion for future boat trips is rotating the available spots on the stern of the boat. A majority of the people on board were not regulars. The regulars who were the first on board immediately locked down the stern fishing spots and they did not give up the slots through out the entire fishing trip. Recommend that the captain use the manifest list to reassign the slots each time he moves the boat to another fishing position. The fishing off of the stern is obviously the best especially when the captain is "chumming" over the stern so every one should have an equal shot at catching a fish regardless of skills and fishing equipment. Word of mouth is going to work best when every one on board can say that I caught a big one! One last thought is there any way to get rid of the seals who definitely enjoyed the chumming and had no problem catching and eating the fish that were supposed to be on my hook!!
Rating: 4
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Wed, Jun 2, 10   5:00 PM yhernandez Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
I enjoyed the experience of seeing a Blue Whale.
Rating: 5
Zerve worked well and was easy
Wed, Jun 2, 10   12:00 PM janetkennedy Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We decided to to the Catamarn Cruise on 6/2/2010. We had a party of eight people four adults and four kids. Purchasing the tickets from Zerve was very easy and we got exactly what we paid for. The captain and 1st mate were great. The boat was wonderful and the weather couldn't have been better. We saw two different whales and LOTS of dolphins. The experience was one that the kids will always remember. Thank you for a safe and wonderful experience.
Rating: 5
Awesome Experience!!
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises
Tue, Jun 1, 10   5:00 PM jackiejrtb Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
I was pleasantly surprised with our tour! I was an amazing experience..I would highly recommend for both couples and families with children!
Rating: 4
great fun
Sun, May 30, 10   6:30 AM oldmanme51 Male 50-59 Local Family Without Children
We had a great time even though the fishing was a little slow, my future daughter-in-law caught a 25 inch halibut, which won the pool. She was so thrilled that she caught it and my son and I didn't catch anything worth keeping. It was fun for us all. For a family outing would recommend this trip to all.
Rating: 5
Nice Adventure
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Sat, May 29, 10   5:00 PM donna302 Male 60-69 Local Family With Children
This was a great outing for my granddaughter and her cousin. It was the second whale watch trip we took that week while staying at our timeshare in Capistrano Beach. Though we didn't see whales, we enjoyed a lively show by the dolphins...so much so the trip was extended by 20 minutes. Because the Clemente is a small boat, I wouldn't recommend this for the little ones. They'll have to stand the whole time and the ride is quite a thrill...like a mini roller coaster. The larger boat with the seating inside and on top of the deck, would be recommended for smaller children. I would do it again and I would recommend it to family and friends.
Rating: 3
Timing is everything
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Sat, May 29, 10   5:00 PM 1rookielynn Female 60-69 Local Couple on a Date
We were supposed to depart at 5:00PM but the boat was late returning from it's previous fishing expedition. It is not really romantic to watch people rush off the boat with their fishing poles and then see the crew wash off the "fishiness" while you're waiting dockside with your date for your evening cruise. But I will say that the boat was clean (though still slightly damp) and the captain was very informative and helpful in our evening whale watching expedition. I think it was worth the trip but if you're on a date you might want to find something with more romance and less Eau de Fish :-)
Rating: 5
Sat, May 29, 10   2:00 PM miekesmall Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
completing amazing. best trip ever. Paid full price, and would do it again. saw blue whales and pod of dolphins.
Rating: 4
Courteous crew
Sat, May 29, 10   12:00 PM glapogos79 Male 20-29 Local Family Without Children
Did a half day trip with family and had a good time. Didn't catch much fish, but the crew was very nice and helpful to beginners.
Rating: 2
long day
Fri, May 28, 10   10:00 AM RLTraister Male 30-39 Local Other
Ordering tickets was the easiest part of the trip. The boat left late and the deck hands seemed to be uninterested in fishing. I wont be going back. One other thing everyone is casting so be sure to wear glasses so you wont get your eye ripped out.
Rating: 4
Great fun
Tue, May 25, 10   5:00 PM Vacationfun Female 20-29 International Tourist(s) Family Without Children
We enjoyed the tour and saw a humpback which was amazing
Rating: 5
Zerve ticketing process was easy and the event fun
Tue, May 25, 10   5:00 PM drannzerve Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
I did not think I would like the Dana Wharf whale watching ocean adventure, but the Zerve ticketing people were so helpful and enthusiastic that I decided to surprise my guy with advance tickets. It was way better than I had expected. It was pretty exciting when we actually saw not just any whale but a playful humpback whale, which is a variety not usually seen near the coast off Southern California. The staff did a great job of moving the boat around to give us the best possible photo opps and the whale cooperated by coming up again and again and showing us water spouts, summersaults, and that pretty tail. Best of all, the tickets were half price. I would definitely go again. Just be sure to bring lip gloss, sun screen and a warm jacket, as the light reflects off the waves even when there are clouds in the sky, and the weather a mile out on the water is about 10 degrees colder than on shore, with a biting wind for the unprepared.
Rating: 5
Very enjoyable trip
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises
Tue, May 25, 10   12:00 PM whwatcher Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Bought this as a gift for a couple so didn't go myself, but they said they enjoyed it very much. Didn't see whales, but no big surprise there given the season. Did see some seals & said the trip could've been billed as a tour of the area without mention of whale sightings & they would've enjoyed it anyway. Said it was a nice way to see the surrounding area from a different perspective & the trip was very comfortable & not crowded. Received free passes for a future trip since they didn't see whales.
Rating: 4
Nice boat ride
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises
Tue, May 25, 10   12:00 PM dzzeblond Female 40-49 Local Family With Children
We only saw a few sea lions. Other than that, we didn't see much of anything at all. Yet it was a really nice boat ride and the crew is friendly and fun and at the end they gave us our tickets back so we can try again another day. We honestly had a great time and enjoyed it very much despite not seeing whales or dolphins.