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Whale Watching in Gray Whale Season 360 97% 4.6 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Priced Tuesday Whale Watch 325 99% 4.7 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Catamaran Adventure Cruises 289 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips 157 85% 4.1 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 40 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event) 4 100% 4.5 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises 0 0% 0.0
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Rating: 5
Awesome Experience!
Tue, Dec 28, 10   12:00 PM Etrnlife Female 30-39 Local Couple on a Date
We had a fabulous time on our whale watching trip! Although we didn't see whales on our particular trip, Captain Jack did a great job of navigating us to a large group of offshore Bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins were amazing to watch! They weren't the smaller coastal dolphins we usually see closer to shore, but rather a much darker and larger species. We were told it was a rare treat to see these animals, but because of the recent rains there was a lot of plankton in the water for them to eat and so there they were! Captain Jack gave us a lot of interesting facts and information about the sea life (and dolphins) throughout the trip, and it was obvious he and the crew were determined to make it a memorable and worthwhile experience for all of us. They even sped the boat up for a bit just so the dolphins would start breaching (jumping high out of the water), and we were able to capture video footage of a few of them doing just that near us. Even if we hadn't seen any of the animals, just being out on the ocean is worth the price! Apart from the experience itself, the boat is very spacious and clean with separate men/women bathrooms conveniently accessible from the outside deck (so you don't have to go inside the boat). The boat is large and appeared to accommodate everyone with a good view of the water. The trip was very well organized and executed. Overall, we had an amazing time and would highly recommend this excursion to everyone we know!
Rating: 5
Very interesting and fun
Tue, Dec 28, 10   10:00 AM toddhavens Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
The boat ride was nice with many dolphin (1000's, literally), sea lions and 3 grey whales.
Rating: 5
Marvelous Experience
Tue, Dec 28, 10   10:00 AM VandeVoort Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We found this activity on the web and decided to give it a try. We loved it from beginning to end!!! It was one of the most enjoyable experiences we have had as a extended family. It's not easy to find mutually enjoyable time for 14 people between the ages of 5 years to 65 years. This was it. The crew was kind and informative. The boat clean and comfortable. The price was fabulous. We will do it agin when we are in town.
Rating: 4
Well-led, informative, whale-watching
Tue, Dec 28, 10   10:00 AM stevenoxley Male 20-29 Local Family With Children
My family (my sister, brother-in-law and their kids, my brother, and my mom and dad) all enjoyed this great whale-watching expedition. We got to see a bunch of dolphins and a couple of gray whales. The tour guide was very entertaining and informative.
Rating: 5
Fun experience!
Tue, Dec 28, 10   10:00 AM sentprak5 Male 20-29 Combination Family Without Children
We were lucky in spotting three gray whales and a pod of thousand dolphins. The captain was very knowledgeable and he took every possible effort to make sure we experienced a fun whale watching trip. The trip was totally awesome and my family enjoyed it. We are planning to come back for the summer season!
Rating: 5
Enjoyable whale and dolphin watching experience
Tue, Dec 28, 10   10:00 AM satishrao Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We took the 10 AM trip on a good weather day. The crew was very prompt in boarding and departing. They were very polite and friendly. They also seemed very experienced and knowledgeable, and gave us a lot of tidbits of information. We were lucky enough to spot 3 gray whales that day. We also saw hundreds of dolphins which came right next to the boat. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend this trip
Rating: 5
Fri, Dec 24, 10   10:00 AM Balekjia Male Unspecified Local Family With Children
Crew was awesome, we had a great time!The trip was after the storm, we didn't catch anything.I'm definitley coming back!!!!!
Rating: 4
A Very Fun Trip but Potentially Disappointing
Thu, Dec 23, 10   12:00 PM trmmhwrd Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
Obviously, when a person chooses to go out on the vast ocean and look for whales, there is a very good chance they won't find anything. We almost didn't. However, near the end of our tour, our tour boat discovered a pod of nearly a thousand dolphins. Even for someone like me who gets very seasick - the opportunity to be that close to a vast group of marine mammals was absolutely breath-taking and worth the misery. Despite the risks, Dana Wharf Sportsfishing and Whale Watching is a top-rate business. We changed our tour due to rain and they made it a painless transition. Their desire to please the customer and provide them with a memorable experience is evident in the way their employees treat their clients. It was a wonderful experience. If we had gone the entire tour without seeing something, we would have had an opportunity to reschedule. However, rescheduling isn't always an option for people. So before you spend the money, take into consideration the amount you are spending and your tolerance for the gamble. We bought our tickets on a half-price Tuesday tour which made the gamble a worh while risk to us.
Rating: 4
Made the best of a day of rough water.
Thu, Dec 23, 10   12:00 PM lambfam8 Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We were originally scheduled to do our tour on Tuesday, when it was pouring sheets of rain, but rescheduled it for Thursday, the first clear day in a week. Unfortunately, the ocean still had lots of waves, and everyone's stomachs were pretty queasy. Two younger members of our party "lost their lunches." Of course, the crew was doing its best to make it a good ride, but it seemed their efforts were thwarted. We couldn't find the grey whale we were seeking. In the end, they were able to redeem the trip by spotting a large pod of common dolphins. By then, all of us were feeling better physically, too, and it was a delight to see hundreds of dolphins swimming right along with the boat. All's well that ends well!
Rating: 3
Didn't catch a thing
Thu, Dec 23, 10   10:00 AM gkolodenker Male 30-39 Local Group of Friends
Too bad they can't guarantee catching something.
Rating: 4
Fun time
Tue, Dec 14, 10   2:00 PM katpayton Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We had a fun time and saw a lot of dolphins and some sealions, but no whales. It wasn't a good day from what the guide said, to see whales. I still had a blast.
Rating: 5
Very informative and a fantastic experience.
Tue, Dec 14, 10   2:00 PM BarbaraC7 Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
My daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren (ages 8 & 10) were here in CA visiting from KY and I thought this would be a good experience for them. We happened to see the mega pod of common dolphins. The experience was beyond what words can express. The kids as well as the adults will never forget it. It happened to be a very cold day and it was overcast, but that did not put a damper on the cruise. The captain was very knowledgeable and friendly and the crew was helpful and friendly. It could not have been better! We didn't see a whale that day but it didn't matter! I would definately do this again.
Rating: 4
A Lot Of Fun
Fri, Dec 10, 10   2:00 PM cdmwhale Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
While your odds of seeing a whale greatly depend on luck, just being out on the ocean makes the whole trip worthwhile. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. We were lucky enough to see an incredible pod of dolphin on our trip and watched them for about an hour.
Rating: 5
Great crew running the boat
Thu, Dec 9, 10   10:00 AM lymanjason Male 20-29 Combination Family Without Children
Fun times! Great boat crew, always providing a hand to keep us fishing.
Rating: 5
Fabulous - birthday party
Sat, Dec 4, 10   2:00 PM calbears86 Female 40-49 Local Group of Friends
My daughter's 12th birthday party celebration consisted of 14 girls. Was affordable and exciting too. No whales, but the largest pod of dolphins I have ever seen in my life. The crew took us to three locations to see three types of dolphin. This is the 10th time, I estimate, I've been whale watching and, even though we saw no whales, it was the best experience yet.