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Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 524 98% 4.6 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Priced Tuesday Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour 331 99% 4.6 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Catamaran Adventure Cruises 225 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips 217 90% 4.3 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 28 100% 4.7
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event) 0 0% 0.0
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises 0 0% 0.0
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Rating: 5
Simply Amazing
Sun, May 15, 11   6:30 AM adamcripps Male 20-29 Local Group of Friends
Here we have a boat and a crew to which they do not hold anything back. My trip was Sunday May 15, 2011 and we had some beautiful sunny Southern Califonia weather just up until the weekend of my trip. I have an understanding of fish, and fishing so I was aware the sudden change would cause the fish to calm down and not be the wide open bite the fish counts were previously indicating. Before we arrived to our first fishing hole there was a demonstration for the boat, kind of like a fishing 101 for those were were not familiar with what to do. I see this as a great addition to the trip and commend the crew for even putting on the display. The fish were simply not in a mood to bite, but I cannot blame Captain, or crew for any of this as they were all over the place making sure everyones line was in the water at a spot that would normally provide. So even though our fish did not cooperate the crew did what was needed to keep spirits up, and the morale high even for the youngsters who more than likely though they would be catching fish the whole time. For all of the above mentioned I would recommend this boat/trip to anyone looking to get out on the water and have a good time doing it, no matter what the circumstance.
Rating: 5
I'll go again.
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Thu, May 12, 11   5:00 PM Pattypatty Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
The crew is knowledgable and they care about the ocean. Safe, fun, clean boat. Good time. WELL worth the price.
Rating: 4
Tue, May 3, 11   5:00 PM ncw204 Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Captain Larry did a wonderful job and with enthusiasm. You can tell that he loves what he does, so he does it well... It was a lot of fun and we saw thousands of dolphins happy to see us while they were playing all around our boat. They even practiced jumping the waves at the back of the boat. It was exciting!
Rating: 1
Horrible Trip!!
Sat, Apr 30, 11   5:30 PM Radhi96 Male Under 20 Unspecified Group of Friends
So i went on the same boat last summer and it was great. Caught lots of fish and even had god food, but this timeit was a different story. ther didnt even take us to a good spot didnt chum the water out of the 30 people on the boat 10 fish were caught the food took a good 30 minutes to get to you and the crew was horrible. DONT GO ON THIS TRIP!!!!! I may be young but i am an experienced fisherman and i think this was a waist of money. Pick another company to give your monry to.
Rating: 5
Two great experiences!
Thu, Apr 21, 11   2:00 PM BLecuona Unspecified 40-49 Combination Group of Friends
We recently brought friends visiting from Pittsburgh on a whale watching trip. The adults and kids enjoyed it completely. We were lucky enough to follow a mother whale with her baby for a long time, and to top it off, they were joined by several bottle nose dolphin! I could not have been happier to share the experience with my good friends! A once in a lifetime experience for many!
Rating: 5
it was great! Would definitely do again.
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Tue, Apr 19, 11   2:00 PM rowbear19 Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
No whales, but literally thousands of dolphins that frolicked around the boat and wake.
Rating: 5
Beautiful 2 hours on the water
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Tue, Apr 19, 11   12:00 PM maineteach Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We had decided to see California from the water and had settled on a whale watch. What a great surprise to find 1/2 price Tuesday. The crew was friendly, the water was calm and the dolphins fun to watch. I am still determined to see a whale. Maybe next time?
Rating: 4
great! we saw dolphins but no whales :(
Sun, Apr 17, 11   2:00 PM Jennifer1033 Female 20-29 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
It was great! We saw a lot of dolphins but no whales :( Service erverthing was fine. Nice boattrip!
Rating: 2
fish reports are exaggerated.
Sun, Apr 10, 11   12:45 PM cliftonfinch Male 40-49 Local Group of Friends
cold water accounted for only aprox 10 small rock fish with 70 people on the boat. captain did not go far looking for the fish, only went aprox 3 miles from harbor. deck hand did not chum at all. when you chum, it will bring the small bass up to bite. it will be our last trip out of dana point.
Rating: 4
A beautiful day for being out on the water.
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Tue, Apr 5, 11   10:00 AM MComeaux Unspecified Unspecified Combination Group of Friends
We enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air, as well as a small pod of dolphins. Although the crew worked hard to find some whales for us to see, we didn't get to see any that day. The crew was kind to give back our tickets, inviting us to come back again at no charge with those same tickets to try another day. A generous offer, since our tickets that day were only half price!
Rating: 5
Great experience
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Wed, Mar 30, 11   2:00 PM Cobrax27 Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Even though we did not see any whales, we enjoyed very much the two hour tour. Perfect activity for older people as well as young. We got to see a bunch of dolphins and sea lions, and that help to make the day much more beautiful. The personel on board very nice and helpful. Thank you very much, we will come back for a second tour on another season hoping to catch a whale or two.
Rating: 5
Great Experiance
Thu, Mar 24, 11   10:00 AM jonast Male 20-29 Local Group of Friends
The catch has been rough the past few weeks and the crew knew that. We tried a lot of different spots, but the storm moved the fish. The crew was nice and helpful and although we did not catch many fish, it was a great trip.
Rating: 4
Good once out, bad service before
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Wed, Mar 23, 11   2:00 PM HannahGalli Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We had three cars on our way, and one was 3 minutes out. We called and someone said they would hold the boat. They didn't mention it to the person that makes those decisions, and when we got there and they clearly realized their mistake, the man at the counter was extremely rude to us. He even said that our party told them to leave us which was absurd. He almost spoiled it for everyone. It was the first time I have ever said anything to anyone about their service. I am cool headed, and let things be, but lying so blatantly and rudely was absurd. They seriously should let him go. They should have simply taken responsibility. We were 3 minutes late, and would have understood if they left us, except that they said they would hold the boat. Everything else was wonderful. We were glad that we ended up going, and saw some wonderful things. The $15 price was awesome, too.
Rating: 3
Didn't get a good sight of whale - much on luck
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Wed, Mar 23, 11   2:00 PM phcarco Male 50-59 Local Group of Friends
Good smooth bay ride, else zip
Rating: 4
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Tue, Mar 22, 11   2:00 PM lesleynuno Female 20-29 Combination Group of Friends
It was a nice tour, but my only complaint would be that the captain spent too much time waiting for one whale to surface...then rushed us back when the whale never emerged. The whales we flew by on the way back were not brought to our attention (having worked on a whale watching tour myself I doubt the crew didn't notice) and the boat would not slow down for us to view them because they had to be back in time for the next tour.