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Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 500 98% 4.6 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Priced Tuesday Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour 335 99% 4.6 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Catamaran Adventure Cruises 234 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips 203 89% 4.2 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 31 100% 4.7
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises 0 0% 0.0
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event) 0 0% 0.0
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Rating: 5
Loved it!
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event)
Tue, Mar 16, 10   12:00 PM MaggieP Female Unspecified Local Group of Friends
We saw dolphins and one whale -- one person in our group was from Montana and it was his first time seeing the ocean and of course his first time seeing marine life. The Dana Pride is my favorite boat -- the captain and his crew are exceptional. I would (and have) highly recommend the Dana Pride to my friends and out-of-town visitors. Thank you for a memorable Tuesday afternoon. p.s. LOVE 1/2 price Tuesdays!!
Rating: 4
Nice trip but no whales - did get a "whalecheck"
Sun, Mar 14, 10   3:00 PM cherylusry Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We had a great time and they tried to find the whales. They even offered a longer trip when they found out where some whales were, but there were people on board that had to be back at 5:00. They gave us all rainchecks to come back for another trip.
Rating: 2
Too crowded on boat and no whales or dolphins
Sun, Mar 14, 10   3:00 PM DesireeGreen Female 20-29 Local Group of Friends
There were too many people on the boat and several families brought on large strollers which took up even more room. Occasionally the captain would get on the microphone but it was so staticy, we could not understand him and to top it off not only did we not see any whales, we did not see any dolphins either. We did however see a group of seals and in the end they returned our tickets to us but the problem was I had gone with a friend from out of town so she will never be able to use that returned ticket.
Rating: 5
Be Prepared!!
Sun, Mar 14, 10   11:30 AM XANTHIPPE Female 40-49 Local Group of Friends
Great time. Bring a jacket. It was cold out on the water and the sun was shining. Saw 4 whales and many many dolphins swimming along the boat. Very cool. Take 2 Dramamine if you are the queasy type. You will need it!
Rating: 5
Beautiful Day
Sun, Mar 14, 10   9:00 AM cmbarrette Female 30-39 Local Group of Friends
We went on the 9am ride on Sunday. We knew it was chilly so we dressed warm. The sun was out, no clouds but I'm glad I wore gloves, so comfortable. We saw tons of dolphins, swimming with the boat, jumping in and out of the water. Super beautiful. The whale we saw was super shy and we only saw him break the water to breath. Oh well. I would recommend this trip to easy going people who are looking to spend some time on the water with the prospect of seeing a whale. The dolphins and the commentary from the Captain were fantastic.
Rating: 4
It was really enjoyable and actually saw 2 whales!
Sat, Mar 13, 10   3:00 PM feathers Female 60-69 Local Group of Friends
This was our first time at Dana Point and we really enjoyed the excursion. We were fortunate enough to see whales and the captain was very nice and informative.
Rating: 5
Great Whale & Dolphin Day
Sat, Mar 13, 10   10:00 AM AuroraTW Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
It was a wonderful trip - the co-captain was most informative on the gray whale and we were wonderfully surprised to see a mega pod of 5000 dolphins playfully joining our boat!
Rating: 4
it was fun, we did the 2 hour trip
Sat, Mar 13, 10   10:00 AM leiber09 Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Should try the 5 hour trip if possible the 2 hour one felt short. The crew was great and we had fun
Rating: 4
Fun Trip
Sat, Mar 13, 10   8:00 AM sunnychic86 Female 20-29 Local Group of Friends
This was a very fun two-hour cruise, although we didn't see any whales or dolphins. The crew gave us passes to come back ANYTIME as promised and we will defintely be back! The boat was great and not too full, the only time someone in our group felt sea sick was when they stopped for a few minutes to see if the whale would surface. Great trip for a group of friends- definitely recommended!
Rating: 4
Great outing, no whales
Sat, Mar 13, 10   8:00 AM spedly1 Male 20-29 Local Group of Friends
Dana Wharf was very professional and courteous throughout the trip. The boat was clean, they serve food and drinks on the boat which was great for the 8am trip. We unfortunately did not see any whales or dolphins, but they made sure to give each passenger a coupon that is good forever, for any time of day (upon making reservations). I look forward to the next trip out and hope we will see whales when we do.
Rating: 5
Loved seeing fin whales!
Fri, Mar 12, 10   12:00 PM pearlwhite1 Female 60-69 Local Group of Friends
Our boat went out at noon on 3/12/10 & we were very lucky to see several fin whales & I was able to snap a photo. One of the crew said the photo only showed about 1/3 of the whale. He estimated that it was probably 75 feet long & weighed 750 tons - Wow - that was a truly awesome adventure. During my previous whale watching event a few years ago, we saw lots of dolphins jumping & swimming alongside our boat, but no whales.
Rating: 4
Overall good..
Sun, Mar 7, 10   11:00 AM yvetterocha3 Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We didn't see anything! No whales! No dolphins! The captain tried really hard and right when time was about up..we saw the spout in the distance..that's as close as we got! We received a Whale Check to go back for free! Hopefully we have better luck next time!
Rating: 1
Not worth it!
Sat, Mar 6, 10   12:00 PM Lisa714 Female 20-29 Combination Group of Friends
As much as I was elated about going out to sea and seeing these amazing sentient beings, the entire excursion was not worth a penny. We got to see one whale for a brief 3 seconds; the boat ride was AGONIZING...imagine standing and balancing yourself and shielding yourself from waves splashing on deck in March (not warm weather at all) for 2 hours while trying not to vomit from sea sickness - yes even those that were Dramamine'd up felt sick. I think about half the people on the vessel were holding their heads from the rough boat ride. It was my group's (party of 4) first time doing a whale watching excursion but alas, it was best known as the torture excursion. No consolation t-shirt and/or sweater given out once we made it back to land, no souvenirs, nothing. As we all stumbled off the boat, I heard one passenger say "Those were 2 hours I'll never get back." This would be a good "experience" for those with stomachs of steal who want to see who can outlast their friend’s without getting sick.
Rating: 5
Sat, Mar 6, 10   11:00 AM ColleenGong Female Unspecified Local Group of Friends
lots of fun even when it's sprinkling.
Rating: 5
Great experience!
Sat, Mar 6, 10   8:00 AM LindaDickin Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
Everything was as promised. Saw a bunch of dolphins and two baleen whales. Followed the whales for a while and one even breached. Awesome sight. Going out at 8:00 a.m. is a deal!