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Return to the romantic days when steamships coursed the great Hudson River, taking families and business travelers from around the world for unforgettable journeys along the river. Empire Cruise Lines brings you unforgettable experiences like these, right here in the Hudson Valley.

Join us aboard one of our scenic cruises and travel the wide waters of the historic Hudson River. Whether you’re joining us as a family, a couple or a large group, your cares will disappear as the Mystère glides under towering bridges, past stately gilded age mansions, in the shadows of picturesque mountains and alongside the beautifully groomed landscapes of the nation's most historic sites, such as the FDR home and Presidential Library, the Vanderbilt Mansion and many others.

Empire Cruise Lines is part of Seaway Navigation and Tours, Ltd., which is a family owned business rooted in New York. We believe strongly that the region has a tremendous amount to offer its residents and is full of surprises for visitors. The region's rich history, beautiful scenery and extensive waterways are a national treasure, and we’re sure you will be more than delighted with what we offer.

Excellent service is what Empire Cruise Lines is all about. Join us for a cruise today!