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Princess Monterey Whale Watching Cruises

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Engage in the unforgettable and educational adventure of whale watching aboard one of Monterey's largest and most elegant vessels!

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Rating: 3
Too far away
Mon, Mar 29, 10   10:00 AM EBourtayre Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
Nice boat, friendly courteous crew. What we saw was distant and disappointing. I probably would not do it again unless I was convinced of better viewing.
Rating: 1
One of our worst experiences
Fri, Mar 26, 10   1:30 PM gsteiger Male 60-69 Local Family Without Children
The whale watching was non-existent. However, the worst part was the fact the captain took the boat to extremely rough seas with no explanation or narration. After one hour, at least ten people on the boat became quite sick. The captain ignored this and continued in rough seas only exaserbating the situation. In a futile attempt to find the phantom whales, the captain extended the length of the trip by one hour to three and one half hours even though he was aware of the situation with at least half of his passengers being quite sick. Bottom line; my wife and I have never been as sick we experienced on this trip and we are not novice sailors. Plus no whales were sighted. If I hadn't been as sick as I was, I would have demanded my money back.
Rating: 3
Seeing whales' breath not same as seeing whales
Fri, Mar 26, 10   1:30 PM elizabethbur Male 60-69 Local Family With Children
Captain and first mate were very efficient. First mate was more than willing to give information. Captain should have given his "whale lecture" on the way out. No whales sighted, luck of the draw. No regrets. Captain's hell for leather attempt to find a whale was admirable, but some of us would have been happy to call it a day and go back. We noticed a contradiction between the "no tolerance sign" on the wall and the availability of beer behind the counter. (husband) Captain's voice couldn't be heard inside the cabin. It was a long way out and a long way back. That's when the captain should have been talking. Seeing whales' breath is not the same as seeing whales. Rain check policy should be made public over the PA system. I was excited to see an albatross. Captain could have made more of that. (wife)
Rating: 4
Fri, Mar 19, 10   1:30 PM kaymcdonald Female 60-69 Combination Other
It was an enjoyable experience.
Rating: 5
Beautiful Day on the Water
Fri, Mar 19, 10   1:30 PM chicnaso Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
Great trip watching whales and enjoying the beautiful coast and ocean. Saw a sperm whale which was incredible. Great crew and a wonderful tour. You've got to do it!!
Rating: 4
Cater to birders
Fri, Mar 19, 10   10:00 AM ddunford Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Unspecified
A whale watching trip is also an opportunity for birders. There are many of us and business would pick up considerably if at least one member of the crew knew who to identify the seabirds seen from the ship. The captain did point out the cormorants at the end of the Coast Guard wharf and did point out an albatross but the rest of the time was devoted to chasing whales.
Rating: 4
fun trip
Sat, Mar 13, 10   10:00 AM iemeagain Male 60-69 Local Family Without Children
Great cruise/trip for the money....3 hours on bay enough....would have preferred leaving earlier...saw one whale
Rating: 4
Crew respects the ocean
Mon, Mar 1, 10   10:00 AM pinetreeln Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Thankfully, this wasn't Disney nor Sea World. It's clear that these folks are are very aligned with Monterey Bay Aquarium outlook on ocean tourism.
Rating: 2
not recommended if you get sea sick
Mon, Feb 15, 10   1:30 PM nellis Female 60-69 Local Couple on a Date
Though I took Bonine 2 hrs before the ride, the rough waters got to me less than an hour into the trip. When I stepped inside to get out of the cold, I immediately felt sick and had to go back outside. I stood out there in the cold, wet air, hanging on for dear life, fighting the urge to puke, and waited for the longest hour-and-a-half in my lilfe to pass.
Rating: 5
The best
Mon, Feb 15, 10   10:00 AM jeffbromfiel Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
This is the 2nd time I have used this compant for whale watching & both time the entire event was professional, organized, educational and above all fun! I heartly recommend this as an outing for the entire family and I will take the trip again!