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Enjoy the most filmed city in the world as you visit locations from favorites like Friends, Seinfeld, MIB, Ghostbusters and tons more!

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Rating: 5
Entertainment activity
Fri, Apr 15, 05   11:00 AM Ximena Female 30-39 Combination Group of Friends
Our guide was really funny, she captured our attention at all time and did know everything about the activities taken place in each location I really enjoyed it, unfortunately did not have time to contrat another tour that your company provides Hope next time in Ny I will be able to I had the chance of taking amazing pictures during our tour and our guide took some too, she was really nice I really liked the tour
Rating: 4
Brush up on your trivia!!!
Fri, Apr 29, 05   11:00 AM leslie30 Female 30-39 Combination Unspecified
The tour was great! It was actually the second time I've taken it with different groups of people and different guides. Both times were excellent as they add a personal touch with their New York experiences.
Rating: 3
Great tour for short city stays
Fri, May 6, 05   11:00 AM vpnivera Female 30-39 Combination Group of Friends
If you're only in the city for a short amount of time or you're not familiar with the areas, this is a great tour to view all the highlights with movie and TV trivia thrown in. Otherwise, buy a Metrocard and go out on the town yourself. I read prior bad reviews about Jessica as a guide, but I didn't think she was that bad...until the end of the tour..."just so you know". The tour promises to take you to the sites of various film and TV locations and it delivers. But the tour guide could really use a script to keep her from sounding so scatterbrained. Twice Jessica said she would do trivia with the group but then she'd forget because she remembered something else she was supposed to say. Also, since we paid to take a tour of these TV and movie sites, I don't think engaging the tour bus group in calling out the movies which featured NY locations is appropriate. It's like paying to take the SATs but then you have to provide your own questions and answers. This company also offers a tour related strictly to Sex and the City. I emailed and asked if the Manhattan Movie and TV tour would include any SATC sites and Erika emailed to say that I just had to tell the guide what my group was interested in and we may be able to get more information about it on our tour. Jessica told us that we had to pay for the SATC tour if we wanted more information. Since parts of the tour we were on were bypassed due to seasonal schedules (i.e. Soup Nazi store) I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for some substitutions. I doubt it would greatly impact your other tour packages. The cookies other reviewers raved about weren't that impressive. Black and white cookies can be found across state lines and they're not stale. Also, Jessica kept promising she would tell us at the end of the tour what movies and shows were filming around the city. She did give us the run down but did not give us any locations in case we wanted to scout out the sets. I believe that list is free from City Hall. We should get photocopies or the opportunity to write down some areas where they're filming. And she listed primetime sitcoms as still in production. All the sitcoms currently airing finished taping mainly in March and some in April. Get your facts straight before giving out information like that. Lastly, for those reviewers who said the movies referenced on the tour were too old, you've got to be kidding me. At least the movies are classics and have a decent chance of being recognized. And they appealed to both the older and younger crowds on the tour. Overall, we enjoyed the tour but Jessica needs more polish as a guide.
Rating: 3
Not Recommended for young families
Thu, Jun 23, 05   11:00 AM tapeugh Male 30-39 Combination Family With Children
We paid 17 bucks for a 5 year old, and (2) 10 year olds. All 3 slept through most of the tour. So in short, I paid 51 bucks for them to nap on a bus. That was very disappointing. They did not understand all the shows and what it meant to see the spots of movie and TV shows. I would have liked to stopped more and looked at these places. I did like the tour, I wish there was a map of the path we traveled though. That way I could walk back to some of the place I would have like to see again. Some place I could only see out of the bus window through other peoples' heads. Thank you, Troy
Rating: 4
Eddy family
Sat, Jun 25, 05   11:00 AM cathyeddy_67 Female 50-59 Combination Family Without Children
Enjoyed the tour. The tour guide with very detailed. The bus driver was the best, he coiuld really turn corners in tight places....
Rating: 5
Tour was Great
Thu, Jul 21, 05   11:00 AM ColleenWolff Female 40-49 Combination Unspecified
We enjoyed the tour. The guide was informative and the driver was excellent. The motor coach was in excellent condition. Thanks!
Rating: 4
It's worth the money
Sat, Oct 29, 05   11:00 AM jaeskr Female 50-59 Combination Family Without Children
Our tour guide, Kimberly, and driver, Lester, were efficient, prompt, enthusiastic and helpful. The tour is a great way to see where certain movie/ TV scenes were filmed. We saw film locations from "Big Daddy", "Ghostbusters", "Seinfeld" to name a few. It is also a good way to become knowledgable of the city and its various neighborhoods. Seeing the "Friends" apartment building was interesting, but more important all the background information Kim provided about the filming of the building, Central Perk,etc. was fascinating. It was a chilly, drizzly morning in Manhattan so the tour was a pleasant way to get around. Thanks for the black and white cookies. My daughter and I also went on their Sex and the City Tour this past July. Would recommend it to any adult fan of the show. Since the show was primarily filmed in Manhattan there are many very familiar locations on the tour. Both tours provided opportunities to get off the bus and walk around.
Rating: 4
Worth the trip
Sun, Nov 13, 05   11:00 AM killioj Female Under 20 Combination Individual
I loved the Movie and Television trip, but just expect that there are only 5 places where you phisically get off the bus and look around. Yes, the friends building, and the cosby house are two of those stops. Everything else like The Soup Natzi, and other scenes from Friends, Spiderman, and other movies are "If you look out the window to your left, there is the building Chandler works in". You go by the majority of the stops very quickly, you might luck out if you are stuck in a traffic light, but ask the tour guide which side of the bus you should sit in for certain sites. I was on the wrong side of the bus for the "Coyote Ugly" bar, and that movie means so much to me, and I didn't get a picture of it. The only thing I got was the woman's face across from me. But if you go in with the mindset that you will zoom by most sites, and only stop for a few, you'll love to tour. The tour is worth it alone for the Friends building and the Cosby House.
Rating: 4
Entertaining & Interesting
Sat, Nov 19, 05   11:00 AM melissavt Female 30-39 Combination Group of Friends
5 of us took the tour. 1 local & the others came from Ireland and London. All loved the tour. It went 30mins over due to traffic so that was the only bad thing as we had less time to do things after the tour. Good to go and see places like Minnetta St & Meat packing district as they may not have seen these places. Guide was good and gave lots of information about various locations.
Rating: 5
Great view of NYC from the movies
Sat, Dec 24, 05   11:00 AM fredigolo Male 30-39 Combination Group of Friends
The tour was very well organized. The idea of video-clips showing the part of the movies where the location appears greatly contributes to the overall experience as well as the very knowledgeable guide and the summary of locations seen that we receive in the end.