Sailing Excursions, Inc.

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Sailing Excursions Inc. of Newport (Rhode Island), located in Bowen's Wharf, currently operates the 1890's style pilot schooner the Adirondack II, which is available for tours and excursions in the Newport Harbor.

The Adirondack II is an 80-foot sail vessel built in the tradition of the pilot schooners that were popular around the end of the 19th century. Back then, pilot schooners patrolled the major New England harbors, waiting for tall ships coming into port. Upon their arrival, the pilot schooner would sail up to meet them and deposit a "pilot" aboard these ships. The pilot would then assist in navigating the ship to safe harbor.

These days the Adirondack II is helping tourists and local sight-seers navigate the shores of Newport, guiding them to the most beautiful scenery between land and sea.

Join us for a gorgeous day or night sail aboard Adirondack II, where you'll experience Newport like you never have before.