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Flagship Public Tours Ticket Price Rating  
Insights Tour Scottsdale, AZ $26.00 Rating: 4.7 (2,640) Info & Tickets
Panorama Tour Scottsdale, AZ $18.00 Rating: 4.6 (227) Info & Tickets
Behind the Scenes Tour Scottsdale, AZ $70.00 Rating: 4.7 (204) Info & Tickets
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Seasonal Public Tours Ticket Price Rating  
Night Lights Tour Scottsdale, AZ $35.00 Rating: 4.7 (327) Info & Tickets
Desert Walk Scottsdale, AZ $32.00 Rating: 4.5 (23) Info & Tickets
Insights Tour & Desert Walk Combo Scottsdale, AZ $52.00 - Info & Tickets
Desert Shelter Tour Scottsdale, AZ $40.00 Rating: 4.9 (47) Info & Tickets
Junior Architect Tour Scottsdale, AZ $24.00 - Info & Tickets
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Private Tours Ticket Price Rating  
Special Group Tours Scottsdale, AZ N/A - Info & Tickets
Private Personal Tours Scottsdale, AZ N/A - Info & Tickets
Summer Camps Ticket Price Rating  
Architectural Discovery Scottsdale, AZ $275.00 - Info & Tickets
Ceramics & Pottery Scottsdale, AZ $750.00 - Info & Tickets
Design Your Dream Space Scottsdale, AZ $400.00 - Info & Tickets
Drawing I Scottsdale, AZ $250.00 - Info & Tickets
Drawing II Scottsdale, AZ $250.00 - Info & Tickets
Figurative Sculpture Scottsdale, AZ $750.00 - Info & Tickets
Photographing Wright Scottsdale, AZ $300.00 - Info & Tickets
Wright for the Future Scottsdale, AZ $400.00 - Info & Tickets
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Adult Classes Ticket Price Rating  
Introduction to Photography Scottsdale, AZ $200.00 - Info & Tickets
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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is proud to present Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s world-famous home and architectural laboratory, offering guests the unique, immersive experience of a powerful and extremely personal National Historic Landmark.

Just minutes from downtown Scottsdale, Taliesin West is Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert masterpiece. In 1937, Wright and his apprentices built an architectural wonder out of the stone and sand that surrounded them in the Sonoran desert on the foothills of the McDowell Mountains. Many of those apprentices (“the Fellowship”) who worked and lived alongside Mr. Wright still live at Taliesin West, as do the current students and faculty of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture -- making Taliesin West an ongoing, vibrant community.

The Taliesin West experience is both immersive and powerful. Guests are fully welcomed into every room and space—nothing on the tour is behind ropes or under glass. The tours, which include such attractions as the Cabaret Theater, Music Pavilion, Garden Room, Desert Shelters, and Mr. Wright’s living quarters and private office, are filled with surprise, majestic views, and intimate interior details. Each tour inspires visitors with the innovative principles, beautiful creations, technological experiments, and unparalleled body of work of Frank Lloyd Wright. As a result, guests find the Taliesin West tour experience delightfully engaging and deeply relevant. While photos and descriptions may give you a hint of what’s in store, there is no substitute for experiencing it first-hand.

Come to Taliesin West and be inspired.