About Zerve

Our passion is to help people discover the highest quality and most unique things to do – on vacation and just around town. We work closely with the businesses that provide these phenomenal activities to bring them directly to you. We believe that everyone should spend their time doing what they truly love, and we do all we can to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Zerve will receive phenomenal service and be treated with respect, professionalism and good humor.

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To BUYERS Zerve means ...

  • Unique, high-quality local activities and adventures
  • Immediate booking, real customer reviews, rich information and great customer service

To SELLERS Zerve means ...

  • Growing your business faster than you ever could on your own
  • An easier and more efficient business, plus the time back in your day to do what you love


Zerve has been bringing together buyers and sellers of fantastic activities since 2003, selling millions of tickets across the world since that time. We are proud to have a fantastic staff of hard-working, motivated, talented and passionate people – but the true superstars of Zerve are our sellers. They never cease to amaze us with their imagination, dedication, ambition, and passion. We have been thrilled to get to know each and every one of them. Our sellers are our inspiration, and every day they inspire the entire Zerve team to work even harder to help achieve their goals and ours. That's why we're here.

One important note: Zerve is not the operator of any of the activities sold through our service. We do not create, set pricing for, or produce any of these activities.


These days life tends to get hectic, and free time should be cherished. Do you ever struggle with what to do when you get that free time? Do you always resort to dinner and a movie for date night? At Zerve, we want to help you spice things up. We seek out the most extraordinary, unique activities out there and provide detailed information about them, from FAQs and photos to real customer reviews (only people who have bought tickets can write a review), so that you can decide how you want to spend your time and then book tickets for activities right away, with no hassle. We want more people to know about and experience the best activities out there, and we want the businesses that run great activities to be rewarded for it and to have an easier time doing so.

One by one, Zerve has been empowering anyone who has a passion to be able to make a good living by sharing it with others. We believe technology should empower people to be more adventurous and more social, and we use technology to get people out from behind their computer screens and out experiencing the world around them instead.


The Zerve team holds itself to a high standard. Here are a few of the things that define our culture:

  • Respect – We always strive to be thoughtful and courteous, and to respect everyone.
  • Fun – We help our buyers and sellers have fun. And we make sure to have fun too.
  • Help – We go to extremes to try and help everyone who comes our way.
  • Problem-solve – We think creatively. We find a way. There is always a solution.
  • Technology – We apply it wherever possible to connect and empower.


Great question. But we're not telling. Over the years, however, we have received countless theories. Some are way off, some are surprisingly close, but at the very least they have generally given us some good belly-laughs. Feel free to check out some of the best theories on what Zerve means. If you have a theory, please send it in!

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