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  • Enjoy Scottsdale’s winter cheer and holiday spirit as we take you on a tour of festive window display

  • This guided Segway tour of Old Town Scottsdale will have you grinning ear to ear while you learn fun facts about the "Wild West!"

  • Take a guided, narrated Segway tour of Tempe Town Lake and see the beautiful sights of the area while learning its fascinating history!

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Glide through life in Arizona!

Discover the beauty of the Arizona desert while riding a Segway in the heart of Scottsdale - the JW Marriott resort!
The Segway is the world's only self-balancing personal transporter and gets up to 450 MPG! If you live in town or are just visiting, come take the Desert Ridge Discovery Tour and learn how to ride the awesome Segway PT on the grounds of the JW Marriott resort.

Highlights include:
  • The use of all new Segway PT's with LeanSteer Technology (the handlebar tilts left and right in response to you body's natural inclination to lean into the direction you want to travel).
  • An easy and interactive experience! The experience of doing our Segway Tour at JW Marriott Desert Ridge will be something new, fun, exciting & futuristic - go fast, go slow, go anywhere. This is not the transportation of tomorrow, it's the transportation of today.
  • Tons of photo opportunities along the way - bring your camera!
*Important Notes*
Each of our tours begins with a 30 minute orientation session. We will practice on the Segways until everyone feels comfortable and is ready to discover all that Desert Ridge has to offer!

Segway riders need to be at least 16 and over 100 lbs.

What Is Not Included?

No food is included in the tour. In case of rain, we provide rain ponchos. We encourage you to eat something before the tour if you can!

Meeting Location

J.W. Desert Ridge Marriott: 5350 E Marriott Drive (Phoenix, AZ) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)
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Rating: 5
Outstanding outdoor activity
Fri, Mar 20  4:00 PM Male 50-59 Local Family Without Children
I always treat my family and friends that are visiting the valley to the Segway tour in north Scottsdale. It is well received and enjoyed by everyone. The tour guides are very familiar with many local facts along the tour path. It is very enjoyable, entertaining, and always a treat!
Rating: 1
Very very poor training leads to fall in our group
Tue, Jan 20  3:30 PM Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
There were 4 in our group. My wife and I had gone to Segway in Richmond, VA. They had us watch a movie on do's and don'ts and go though training making turns, going up a ramp, going over uneven bumps, etc...about 45 min altogether. Segway of Phoenix gave us about 5 min of instruction and another 5 min of free time to travel in the parking lot. 2 of our group had never been on a Segway. On our trip in the desert we saw that someone in the other group had fallen and hurt his shoulder. On the way back our leader led us back at the max speed on curving sidewalks that had a 3 inch or so drop off on either side. One person in our group had a wheel catch on the drop off and she went down hitting her back on the edge of the sidewalk and hitting her head. She got a concussion, got blurry vision, feint and nauseous.

If you don't have training on a Segway...beware ...and if you do go, tell your leader you will go slow no matter what so they had better slow down too! This is not the company to learn how to ride a Segway!
Rating: 5
Tue, Dec 2, 14  2:00 PM Female 60-69 Combination Group of Friends
Our leader, Tiffany, was incredible! Great care in our intro to the segway. The trail she has made in the desert landscape made this more challenging but a wonderful journey. Pure joy in my first segway experience -- my friend & I want our own segways! Looking forward to another area to explore with Tiffany!
Rating: 5
Awesome rate it 10+
Thu, Nov 13, 14  2:00 PM Female 60-69 Unspecified Individual
Awesome experience and Tiffany made it the most fun ever.. We sang, danced and laughed so hard. It was like being dropped into a beautiful postcard. Be sure to add to your list of "to dos" & ask for Tiffany!!!!
Rating: 5
Will do this again
Fri, Oct 31, 14  10:00 AM Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Other
Well worth every penny. My second time on a Segway tour, first one in WDW. Our guide, Tiffany, gave us time to become familiar and confident with the operation of the Segway before starting out. Going through the desert and off of level, hard surfaces was a little challenging but such a rewarding experience as you mastered it. A fun activity to do together with your older grandchildren.
Rating: 4
Good instruction
Fri, Aug 29, 14  8:30 AM Male 50-59 International Tourist(s) Family With Children
Enjoyed the short ride into the Sonoran desert despite myself and my son taking hard falls to the ground. Both of us were bruised and cut. Just remember - the desert is full of mounds and potholes so beware especially if you are moving at 12 miles an hour. But we all had a good time under instructions from Devon.
Rating: 5
Great first time experience
Sat, Aug 23, 14  5:00 PM Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
This was the first time the four of us have used a Segway. Very nervous at first but the instructors were very good at making us feel at ease. Riding in the desert was the best part. We would recommend this tour to everyone from beginners to experienced riders. Thank you for making an uncertain experience fun and entertaining.
Rating: 5
Lots of fun
Thu, Apr 17, 14  2:00 PM Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
It's a bit like riding a bike and takes a little practice to get used to since your body actually drives it - it's like an extenision of your body. You have to stay very alert at all times - but it is a lot of fun to go zipping around trails, downtowns, etc. Definitely a unique experience worth trying. Our guide was terrific and everything about the experience was enjoyable.
Rating: 5
Lots of fun and a great tour
Fri, Apr 4, 14  10:00 AM Male 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
My wife and daughters went on the Desert Ridge Discovery Tour. Devon was a great instructor and leader. After some initial instruction, we were able to ride and navigate the Seways with relative ease. The tour in the desert was great and learned about plants native to the area. We also got plenty of time to ride and have some fun. In all, it was a great time and we would do it again. We highly recommend the tour.
Rating: 5
Loved it all! Loved Tiffany and loved our tour.
Mon, Mar 24, 14  10:00 AM Female 60-69 Local Other
Everything was perfect. Went on the Tempe Lake tour last time, this time the Desert Ridge.....and hopefully soon on the Scottsdale tour. I want to buy one too!!!
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Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Advance purchase is strongly recommended, as tours often sell out quickly. To maximize your chance of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance. You can do this using only Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
Who can ride the Segway?
Although riding a Segway is relatively easy, all riders be at least 16 years of age (an adult or guardian must accompany children under 18). Also, riders should have the ability to make motions such as climbing and descending stairs without assistance. The Segway is not appropriate for those weighing under 100 pounds or over 265 pounds.
I have children in my group that are under 16 years old. Can they still come on the tour?
No, unfortunately children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the tour for safety reasons.
Do I have to sign a waiver?
All Segway riders must sign a liability waiver before participating. Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them.
What happens if it rains?
If it rains, Segways are water resistant and we will provide ponchos, so we should still be able to go out. In the event that severe weather forces us to cancel, you will be able to reschedule your tickets subject to availability or receive credit for a future tour.
Are pregnant women allowed to attend?
Unfortunately, for safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate on Segway tours.
How long are we actually on the Segway?
The training takes about 30 minutes, so the tour will last for about an hour.
Do Segways have the ability to store bags, purses?
We have the ability to transport necessary items i.e. cameras, medications, etc. Segway of Scottsdale is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
How do I learn to ride a Segway PT?
All customers are required to take a 20-30 minute hands-on training session to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Riders are trained on Segway PT operation and emergency stops. All riders are required to wear a safety helmet.
How safe is the Segway PT?
The utmost care and research has gone into ensuring that the Segway PT is safe. The Segway PT's balancing technology is truly revolutionary and provides an exceptional riding experience. The Segway PT has redundant systems and sophisticated alerts built into its design, and many thousands of hours of use have demonstrated that the Segway PT is safe when used appropriately. It is important that Segway PT riders understand their responsibility to ride safely. Proper skill level and understanding of the Segway PT prevents injuries caused by loss of control or misuse.
What's the difference between the morning and evening tours?
The evening tours (which only run sometimes in the summer months) are timed so that you will see the sunset, and can take advantage of the cooler times of the day. Otherwise the tour routes are exactly the same!
What is the Gen2 Segway Personal Transporter (PT) i2?
On Monday, August 14, 2006, Segway released their second generation personal transporter (PT) with the model name i2. This machine utilizes new technology called LeanSteer which allows the rider to lean in the direction he/she would like to turn. The Segway keys have also been updated to include wireless capability.
How fast can the Segways go?
The Segway can go up to 12.5 mph, and we will allow you to go up to maximum speed on the tour. The tour route is a very safe environment with plenty of open space!
How many people are in a tour group?
We can have anywhere from 6 to 25 people in one group.
I am a local - will I still enjoy the tour?
Absolutely. Even if you're from the area, you will get firsthand experience of touring Desert Ridge, learning its history and seeing things you haven't seen from a unique perspective and in a way you've never tried before!
Are food and drink available? What about souvenirs?
There will be snacks and drinks available for purchase at the store (the starting point of the tour). T-shirts and ball caps are also available for purchase at the store. We will not stop along the route to purchase anything, though.
How will I hear the tour guide’s commentary?
Each rider will be provided with a top of the line headset unit, making it easy to hear the information being offered by the guide and guaranteeing an optimal tour experience.
Will we go inside any of the locations?
No, the tour is conducted entirely outdoors. We will, however, have many opportunities to take photos along the way!
Are restrooms available?
Yes, a restroom will be available at the store at the start of the tour, and then at a rest stop about 20 minutes into the tour portion (50 minutes after the start time).
Are rentals available?
Unfortunately Segway rentals are not available. Try a tour instead!
Can I arrange for a private/corporate/business event?
Yes, we offer private group tours, up to 25 Segways, for corporate functions and private events. For more information, please click on the "Contact AZSegway" link.
Are gift certificates available?
Yes! To purchase a gift certificate, please click on the "Contact AZSegway" link.
Can I buy a Segway?
Yes! Segway of Scottsdale does offer Segway sales and service. Please click on the "Contact AZSegway" link and let us know what you're interested in.


Refund/Rescheduling Policy

Non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event.

Weather Policy

Activity takes place rain or shine.
The activity runs regardless of weather conditions. In the rare situation where the seller is forced to cancel the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule to another time (subject to availability).

Other Policies

All participants must meet age and weight requirements.
All Segway riders must be age 16 or older and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Each rider must weigh at least 100 pounds and no more than 265 pounds.
All participants must sign a waiver.
All participants are required to sign a liability waiver before taking the tour. Participants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver for them. Helmets are also required and are provided at no additional charge.
Not suitable for pregnant women.
Unfortunately, for safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate on Segway tours.

Segway of Scottsdale

Segway of Scottsdale are the only authorized Segway dealers and Segway tour operators in the Valley of the Sun...Arizona! Our tours have been featured in Travelhost Magazine, Arizona Republic, AZ Central, 944 Magazine, Where Magazine, News Channels: 3TV, CBS 5, Fox 10, NBC 12 and ABC 15.

When you’re looking for a thrill of a lifetime, Segway of Scottsdale has got the ideal tour for you! Our guided Segway tour will get you up close and personal with the Desert Ridge points of interest, and unlike a walking tour, you’ll cover much more ground as you effortlessly “glide” from place to place.
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