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Extended Memphis Mojo Tour

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Join us for the legendary Memphis Mojo Tour to see the best of Memphis, and then enjoy an hour long guided tour of Sun Studio!

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Rating: 5
Sat, May 2, 09   10:00 AM alice3 Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
I was so proud to be from Memphis on this trip. We took the took 05/02 10:00am, with two friends from PA and NJ (big music fans) and they were so impressed. Our guide and the bus driver were so nice. The guide was so talented and has filled with music knowledge. I will recommended it to everyone. Also we got lost and they met us at Sun Studios which saved our day. They helped us with transportation in the rain. I cannot thank you enough. The bus was so nice and fun. Your tour is certainly a compliment to Memphis and the surrounding area. My friends said they loved it !
Rating: 5
AMAZING - Highly recommend this tour
Sat, Jul 4, 09   10:00 AM juliestapelm Female 40-49 Local Group of Friends
Memphis is an amazing city and its musical history is such a huge part of what makes it so. Our tour guide, Memphis Jones, was not only a wonderfully talented musician whose passion for music shined through but was also full of musical knowledge and lore which he shared in a most entertaining fashion.

I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to explore the musical history of this colorful city. I also definitely would go with the extended tour - you can't go wrong with either Sun Studio or Stax.
Rating: 5
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Sat, Jun 23, 12   11:30 AM Hlunsford Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
The tour was very informative and lots of fun. I would highly recommend this tour.
Rating: 5
Entertaining,fun and informative
Tue, Jul 16, 13   11:30 AM suealexander Female 50-59 Local Family Without Children
We live in the Memphis area, but had never stopped to do many "Memphis things". We saw some things that we had seen before, but they are places we show friends who visit us. We learned several facts and saw new places related to many musicians that played a part in Memphis music history. Our guide was amazing. She was very pleasant. She sang numerous songs from local artists, and gave a narrative during bus trip as we played along with the instruments that were handed out as we boarded. Sun Studio definitely worth the extra time! Recommend to all!
Rating: 5
A must do when visiting Memphis!
Tue, Apr 15, 14   11:30 AM andrianna Female 20-29 Local Family Without Children
This tour was fantantastic! Between all the history and the singing tour guide, it was a great tour. I have been on many tours but nothing like this! This tour is a must do!
Rating: 4
Music great,history suspect & sometimes flat wrong
Sat, Jan 3  1:00 PM eddiehankins Male 40-49 Local Family With Children
Eric Hughes musicianship and singing were excellent and made up for some flat out wrong history he provided during the tour. A couple of examples: Aretha Franklin never recorded at Stax, or anywhere in Memphis for that matter. She recorded the bulk of her classic Atlantic Records sides either in Muscle Shoals, Ala. or NYC, often with the Memphis Horns and other locals shipped in for the sessions. She also likely never sang in her father's Memphis church choir as the family relocated to Detroit when she was only 3 or 4. It was also disingenuous to suggest that Dr. Martin Luther King stayed at the Lorraine in Memphis because he liked hanging around the "creative types" that were frequently also there when in reality he stayed there because it was one of the few Memphis hotels available to African-Americans. And his implication that Overton Square was a thriving entertainment district when Elvis career first exploded was also incorrect. There were others but those stood out to me. In New Orleans, supposedly, tour guides have to pass a history test on the subjects they will be discussing on their tours. Perhaps Memphis should consider doing the same.
Rating: 5
Memphis Music Tour
Sat, Jan 10  1:00 PM Hartroba Male 50-59 Local Family With Children
Fantastic way to see the sights of Memphis and to learn the musical history. In addition, the travel entertainment by Eric Hughes made the tour even better.
Rating: 4
Fun and informative
Fri, Mar 27, 09   10:00 AM sabuchanan Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
We enjoyed the tour. Our guide was nice and sang very well and seemed to know her stuff. Sun Studios is an amazing piece of history that all music fans should see.
Rating: 5
The Best Way to See Memphis
Fri, Apr 10, 09   10:00 AM MDownsTXTX Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
This is the first and best thing we did in Memphis. The bus was great. Sun studios was unforgettable, and our guide was perfect(talented, funny, and very informative). I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see and feel what Memphis is really all about.
Rating: 5
A must do while in Memphis
Fri, Apr 10, 09   10:00 AM tkkimmel47 Male 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
This tour was definately one of the main highlights of our stay in Memphis. Whether you will be there for a week or so or for just a day or two, you will get a great feel for some Memphis history.

Memphis Jones, the tour guide, knows his stuff and puts out an entertainng tour full of laughs and tidbits of memphis' history.

You can either choose to stop at Sun Studios or the Stax Museum. It really depends on what you are more interested in. I enjoy the music of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Isaac Hayes two name a few and this place covers the history of soul music.

My fiance and I were talking about the tour for the rest of the day and we were really glad we decided to book it. I would go again if i were visiting Memphis with a different friend or family member.