Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Academy

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California Beekeeping Classes Ticket Price  
San Francisco Beekeeping Class (Downtown) San Francisco, CA N/A Info & Tickets
Redwood City Beekeeping Class (South Bay, near SF) Redwood City, CA N/A Info & Tickets
Texas Beekeeping Classes Ticket Price  
Austin Beekeeping Class in Round Rock Round Rock, TX N/A Info & Tickets
Dallas Beekeeping Class in Rowlett Rowlett, TX N/A Info & Tickets
Houston Beekeeping Class (Porter) Houston, TX N/A Info & Tickets
Wisconsin Beekeeping Class Ticket Price  
Madison Wisconsin Beekeeping Class Madison, WI N/A Info & Tickets
The Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Academy trains budding beekeepers how to tame honey-bearing bugs for residential use. In taking part in one of our classes, you’ll be a part of a beekeeping class that has been featured in the The New York Times, The Dallas Observer, the Austin American-Statesman, as well as many other publications, for imparting nectar neophytes with honey-harvesting basics.
Students keen on cultivating their own liquid gold will learn how to keep bees through changing seasons and safeguard their swarm from disease and parasites.  You'll even get to don full beekeeper's garb (suits are provided) and gain hands-on experience at Round Rock's on-site apiary.

You can feel the bees almost as soon as you hear them. Tens of thousands of them are buzzing inside a stack of white boxes almost 5 feet tall, fanning nectar to dehydrate it into honey in one of nature's most distinctive and essential ecosystems. – Addie Broyles, American-Statesman