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Boca Chica Marine Life Kayak Tour 169 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Sunset & Starlight Tour 132 98% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
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Rating: 5
Fantastic, informative, easy, fun
Fri, Aug 26, 11   7:00 PM kcurry415 Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
We were the last customers of the season, and the only ones who showed up for the event (thank you Irene). Our guide, Chad, was cheerful, a biologist who gave precise but not pedantic descriptions of what we were seeing, especially the many varieties of birds at Rookery Island, the local ecology, and how to maneuver the kayak with minimal effort. Maneuvering the kayak was easy, and got easier throughout the tour. We are both 65, and not athletic, but never felt stressed or worried at any point. Also, no bugs (also thanks, Irene, for the stiff breezes). Not overly hot, few motorboats, quiet. In summary, all positive and nothing negative and no warnings whatsoever.
Rating: 4
Great Time!!!
Mon, Jul 13, 09   10:30 AM kbern100 Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
My family and I had a great time doing the Boco Chica Marine Life Kayak Tour. I was concerned about my parents would are in their mid 60's, but they did great. We plan on going to the Keys again and would like to do another kayak trip.
Rating: 4
Pretty good but more info would have been great
Mon, Mar 8, 10   1:10 PM kazrossier Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We enjoyed learning about the marine life - things we'd never see if we were out on our own and would certainly no nothing about if we were able to find them!

However, we would have really enjoyed hearing about the rest of the marine environment as well - and there is plenty of time for that to be shared - the birds, the life within the mangroves, and the mangrove trees themselves. It would have also been interesting to hear about the change in this environment with the seasons - migrations, etc.

P.S. - We are a family with children, but our children are 20 and 21 yo.
Rating: 5
Awesome sunset and moonlight cruise!
Thu, Aug 7, 14   7:00 PM kaytee930 Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The sunset and moonlight kayak tour by blue planet kayaks was a lot of fun. It's an experience of a lifetime. It is a little pricey, but definitely worth the money. Once the sun went down, it was so peaceful and majestic.
Rating: 5
Tue, Feb 26, 13   5:30 PM kayo222 Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I booked this trip to experience a little bit of the flora and fauna of the Keys and recieved MUCH more than I expected. It was amazing ! There were both skilled paddlers and beginners in our group (the beginners had been in a kayak a couple times) and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. Our guide James was incredibly knowledgable and had a knack for locating hidden sea life for us to examine and learn about...3 kinds of starfish one was HUGE, sea cucumbers, 3 varieties of conch, lobster, shrimp, a SEA TURTLE actually treaded water within our kayak circle for a minute or so (but don't expect this, as James stated that this was a first for him in 13 years of guiding tours--we were lucky ! ), even a stingray...I am forgetting many of our cool finds, I know, but there were probably 20 different sea creatures that we examined and touched. James knows so much about both the area and the inhabitants. He was kind and very patient with all of us. I highly recommend this trip for folks of ALL AGES....anyone interested in the world around them (and even for kids who say they aren't, because once there, I think they will LOVE it !). My sister was concerned about paddling in the dark with a headlamp initially, but after the trip she thanked me profusely for kind of leaning on her to attend....she says was not even a bit scared and enjoyed every minute of the trip !

My consensus? BOOK IT !
Rating: 2
This was a colossal waste of time.
Wed, Jan 19, 11   10:30 AM KayLustgart Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
When you take off from Stock Island and circled around one little island with the tour guide talking the entire way about sea life that you see over and over (one conch shell with life would have been enough), it becomes tedious. We expected more kayaking and a better explanation of the mangrove swamps. Every few strokes we had to stop and hear long explanations of everything. We wanted more kayaking and less explanations of how we should line up our kayaks when we did come to our continuous stops. The personality of our leader left a lot to be desired. He was short of patience and asked about the time around four to five times during our trip. You could sense his lack of enthusiasm with the kayakers that paid over one hundred dollars (for two) to take this trip. I would highly suggest that you hire a more enthusiastic and engaging guide and look for a new place to launch, such as Sugarloaf Key. This was short on kayaking and long on repetitive information from a boring and egotistical guide. It was not worth the money we paid to take this trip.
Rating: 5
This was a totally awesome experience !
Sun, Oct 11, 15   6:15 PM KayeLH Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The night we went the sunset looked like it wasn't going to be very good, so we opted to go around to different locations. Our guide was knowledgable and showed us many things all of us never know of the eco system in the Keys. We spotted many different species of water life and actually there were only 5 total with the guide which made for a very enjoyable evening and he took us out for aprox. an hour longer, highly reccomended! Thank you for the great night Blue Planet Kayak Tours!
Rating: 5
highlight of my visit to Key West
Wed, Apr 7, 10   7:00 PM kayaker Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I thoroughly enjoyed the Sunset Starlight tour. I would go so far as to say that it was the highlight of my visit to Key West (which included other fun activities like paddleboarding, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and a sunset cruise). We went out in a group of around a dozen or so and had a easy kayak trip interspersed with our incredibly knowledgeable guide finding amazing sea creatures. I can't even count how many cool things he spotted under the water! For example, he found a queen conch, sea urchin, sea start, crabs, sea cucumber, moon snail, shrimp, and a snail that lets out a purple ink like a squid -- and that's just what I can remember a couple weeks after the fact. By the end of the kayak trip we were able to spot the well camouflaged creatures too. I only wish I would have gone snorkeling after this trip so I would have known what I was looking at. Towards the beginning of the trip we stopped to enjoy the sunset by a grove of mangrove trees. The birds were chirping and it was a beautiful and calming moment. From there we donned head lamps and ventured deep into a mangrove stand. All and all I think the trip was a little over three hours and every minute was exciting and fantastic. Our group was adult couples but there was also a family on the trip. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Rating: 5
Mangrove adventure
Sun, Jan 24, 10   5:10 PM kayak2 Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Family Without Children
We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Leader was encouraging and exceptionally informative. Learned a lot about the mangroves and saw sea animals in their natural habitat. We would probably never have kayaked in the evening - in the mangroves - by ourselves. Katie picked us up at our hotels and made sure we had an unforgettable adventure. Highly recommended - and you don't have to be an experienced kayaker.
Rating: 5
Unique & informative
Sat, Aug 1, 15   7:00 PM katyo2000 Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
What a wonderful, informative experience. We not only enjoyed this experience and learned a lot about uncommon water-life, but also had the opportunity to experience unique night-time fauna in a safe setting. Was loved by all. Thanks!
Rating: 4
Excellent adventure
Tue, Mar 3, 15   5:30 PM KathyBarth Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
Our guide was excellent. It was a full moon. Great paddling. Try it. It is an amazing adventure.
Rating: 5
Marvelous Morning
Tue, Mar 23, 10   10:30 AM KathrynRenic Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
What a wonderful alternative to vegging by the pool! Chris was a terrific guide: very knowledgeable about the vegetation, water creatures, environmental concerns, etc.

The trip was relaxing, and helped us transition from our typical hectic schedule to a true vacation tempo.
Rating: 5
Sun, Dec 23, 12   1:10 PM Kas9091 Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
It was fun to have guide pull up life forms with a net and show them to you! It was relaxing. As we got better going thru the mangroves we kept going through narrower ones. Our paddle disconnected to make it an oar.

Only concern is that you could not always hear the guide unless your kayak was close or you faced in the same direction as the guide.

I would definitely do it again. Recommend going on a warm day. Plan to get wet. It was great to get picked up from our hotel as we did not have a car.

It was a small group. I think there were 8 kayaks or so.

Guide was knowledgable and could field questions easily.
Rating: 5
Stunning trip - well worth it
Tue, Jul 28, 15   7:15 PM kartusch2 Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
Dad and two teenagers on this trip... they were enthralled! Really stunning and our guide, Sarah, was very knowledgeable.
Rating: 5
Fascinating experience
Tue, Dec 16, 08   10:30 AM KarenSzafran Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Unspecified
If you are interested in seeing and actually touching marine life in its natural habitat this is the tour for you. The focus is on education, not exercise. Our guide Katie was great. We kayaked around and through pristine mangrove islands and came away amazed. Great experience and good value!