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Come explore the Holy City's oldest streets, cemeteries, churches, and its pre-revolutionary dungeon along the dark edges of Charleston's Haunted Historic District.

Our experienced guides will chill you with stories of:
  • Lowcountry superstitions of night time spirits like Plateyes and Boo Hags. Find out how to protect yourself from being followed home or ridden in your sleep.

  • Haunted houses and structures like the South End Brewery where a famous Charlestonian tippler committed suicide after watching his family fortune burn and sink to the bottom of the harbor. Learn what the owners of the brewery had to do for him to save their business...

  • Criminals, pirates, and others, including Revolutionary hero Isaac Hayne played by Mel Gibson in The Patriot. After the British hanged him for treason, he haunted the home of his daughters until December 20, 1860. Find out why he stopped on that fateful day.

  • Charleston's ghosts, poltergeists, and spirits doomed to the realm of mortals.
This is the only Charleston ghost tour giving you exclusive, behind the scenes access to Charleston's Pre-Revolutionary Provost Dungeon, one of America's most historic buildings.

Step into the realm of the supernatural with Bulldog Tours. Along the way, you'll discover haunted and historic Charleston sites only we can show you!

Don't forget your flash camera! You never know what phantasms you might capture...

Special! Combine this tour with a Charleston Dessert Tour and get $20 off regular price! Tours run on Saturdays, book now for the best pricing!

Meeting Location

18 Anson St (Charleston, SC) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)


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Rating: 3
Sat, Nov 7  9:00 PM Female 50-59 Local Family Without Children
was seeking a info
Rating: 3
Not much of a GHOST tour
Sat, Oct 31  9:00 PM Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
I guess I expected more stories and facts GHOST related, especially in the Dungeon. It is a GREAT tour if you're into history.... Just not what I was hoping for, for a Halloween tour.
Rating: 5
Great tour; easy walk & knowledgable tour guide!
Sat, Oct 31  9:00 PM Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Tour was appropriate for all ages. I particularly enjoyed the dungeon.
Rating: 3
Silly ghost stories
Sat, Oct 31  8:00 PM Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
We would have liked to have seen/heard about more historical buildings/ neighborhoods and any ghost story-related/ unexplained occurrences that happened in relation to the local history. There were too many made up ghost stories, sometimes told, it seemed, just to take up more time. We were taken inside only one dungeon, would have been nice to get inside more old, eerie places.
Bulldog Tours responded:
It sounds like you would have preferred a history tour. We do a great history tour during the day called the Charleston Strolls Tour. The ghost stories we tell are based on true history, but I can see how they may not be for everyone. We go inside the Provost Dungeon at the Old Exchange Building. It dates back from the 1700s. We spend about 20 minutes of the 90 minute tour in there. I am sorry you didn't enjoy the tour. Thank you for the review.
Rating: 2
Not a ghost tour
Sat, Oct 31  7:00 PM Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
This was more a long historic walk. We visited one known dungeon. The remainder of the walk was going on to two other buildings and standing outside. None of the locations had a reputation for actually being haunted or having known paranormal activity. For the cost, amount of walking and destinations it was highly overrated as "the best by USA Today". I gave 3, although it was less then spectacular our tour guide was at least entertaining. If you can't walk long distances do not go on this tour. You would be better off taking a carriage tour.
Rating: 4
Interesting history, but no ghosts
Sat, Oct 31  7:00 PM Male 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
Overall this was a good experience worth the price of admission. We went on Halloween night, and the guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. We live in the Midwest, so learning about history in the US from the 1700 and 1800s was really interesting. The dungeon was definitely a really cool space, but not super scary. I wanted to do the jail tour, but it wasn't available for Halloween night.
Rating: 2
Could have been shorter and more enthusiastic
Fri, Oct 30  9:00 PM Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Stories and info a little too long. Guide was not lively or enthusiastic and did not involve/ engage her group. Due to that , it would have been better as an hour tour and not 90 minutes. By 45 minutes into it you were waiting for it to be over. I organized this for a group of 10 friends and we were all disappointed.
Rating: 2
Fri, Oct 30  9:00 PM Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Our guide was only fair, so that made the experience not very entertaining and definitely not haunted.
Rating: 3
Expected more from the top-rated tour company
Fri, Oct 30  7:00 PM Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
Maybe it was just our tour guide, but I don't feel there was a lot of interaction. We stood on a few streets while she told some stories, went into the dungeon where 2 guys around 6'4 stood in front of me while she flashed the flashlight in an area (I couldn't see anything), but spent most of the time speaking in the dimly lit dungeon (I get it spooky Halloween - but I would have liked to looked at something while we were in there). I appreciated the history lesson on the area, but wouldn't go back for this dungeon and ghost tour.
Rating: 4
Our tour guide Janice was very knowledgable
Wed, Oct 28  9:00 PM Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
Great tour and tour guide
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Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Advanced purchase is strongly recommended, as tours often sell out well in advance. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance.
What if it rains?
Tours will go on rain or shine. If there is a hurricane in Charleston at the time of the tour, there is no need to show up. We will be busy boarding up windows or throwing a Hurricane Party. (Seriously though, we run in every kind of weather.)
Are restrooms available?
Unfortunately, there are no designated restroom stops along the tour route.
Are cameras & video recorders allowed on the tours?
YES!! In fact, we highly recommend taking pictures during the tour. We often get pictures of some eerie stuff from our guests – especially from The Dungeon (Charleston Ghost & Dungeon Tour) and the Jail (Haunted Jail Tour)!! We would appreciate you sending anything out of the ordinary to us. You can e-mail us any photos.
Is there an age limit for the tour? Do I have to purchase a ticket for my young child?
You know your children better than we do, so there is no official age limit for the tour. For children ages 7 to 12, you should purchase a reduced price Child ticket. Children ages 6 years and under may attend for free, but you’ll still need to enter the appropriate number of Wee One tickets labeled “Free” when purchasing. All guests, regardless of age, must have a ticket, so please make sure your entire party is accounted for in this way.
What is the difference between your tours? Are they appropriate for children?
Each tour goes to a unique location. The Charleston Ghost and Dungeon Tour and The Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Tour are family oriented but if your child screams the entire trip, we do ask you keep that child at least 100 feet from the other guests. And if your child freaks out from hearing ghost stories, it is probably your fault, not ours. The Haunted Jail Tour may be too scary for young children or easily frightened adults. The Darkside of Charleston tour is rated R and not suitable for children because it contains adult content.
How does the Dessert Tour option work?
You can combine any tour with our special Dessert Tour for only $40 more, a savings of $20 off regular price! Be sure to select the Dessert Tour extra when you purchase, then call 843-722-8687 to confirm your date and time.
Are we gonna see a ghost on the any of the tours?
Maybe. However, there is a minimal charge of $3 per person if we see a ghost. That is, if you stick around to actually PAY the $3!!
Why is The Dark Side of Charleston Rated R?
The Darkside of Charleston is an adult history tour. Topics include brothels, scandals, murder, crime, bootlegging, and prostitution. It is only suitable for people who are at least 17 years old, even if your child has watched an obscene amount of cable TV!
What about ghosts in the Old City Jail?
Let's just say that if you get scared easily, do not take The Haunted Jail Tour!! The Jail is not quite as scary if it is light outside. Perhaps the 7pm depending on the time of the year.
Where does the tour end?
All tours end in the vicinity of the meeting location in Charleston’s Historic Market District.
How much walking is involved?
This tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours and covers about 3/4 mile. There are frequent stops along the way and the tour is far from strenuous unless you are grotesquely out of shape, in which case, the walk did you some good. Your doctor and our boss thank you for taking the tour.
Can I buy food or drinks along the way? What about souvenirs?
Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we make only scheduled stops. You may want to bring a bottle of water as it can get fairly warm in Charleston.
Are these tours only for tourists?
Of course not. All Bulldog Tours are chock full of facts and stories even the oldest Charlestonian couldn't tell you. Tourists and locals alike all learn things about Charleston they didn't know before and have a great time in the process.
Are there other ghost tours that go into the Dungeon?
No, The Charleston Ghost & Dungeon Tour is the ONLY tour in town that goes into the Dungeon! Many other tours will walk you by the Dungeon, but we are the only tour that can take you inside.
Is the tour wheelchair- and/or stroller-accessible?
Using a wheelchair or a stroller can be very difficult in Charleston due to 300 year-old cobblestone and slate streets. Also, navigating the graveyards and the uneven dungeon floor can be challenging.
Do we guarantee the tours?
Yes, if you are not 100% satisfied with the tour, your money will be refunded.
I have a group of more than 20 people. Will we all be able to attend the tour together?
Unfortunately, Charleston law prohibits us from leading walking tour groups larger than 20 participants. If your group exceeds 20 people, please keep in mind that we will have to split you into smaller groups in accordance with the law.
Are the tours conducted in English only?
Yes. But you don’t need to understand every word out of the tour guide’s mouth to see the historic and supernatural sights.
Can I arrange for a private event?
Yes! A private Bulldog tour can make any occasion more memorable. Please click “Contact Bulldog” to the left of the page to find out more. Advanced notice is required.
Can I buy a gift certificate?
Bulldog Tours does offer gift certificates. To purchase or find out more information, please click “Contact Bulldog”.
Are there any discounts available?
Yes! If booking in advance you can use the discount Zerve2 for $2 off each adult ticket which will cancel out the ticket fee.


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Bulldog Tours is the only walking tour company in Charleston that can take you anywhere other than the sidewalks at night! We have EXCLUSIVE, no bars access to the Provost Dungeon.

Conserving America's rich history and landmarks is one of Bulldog Tours' most important commitments. A portion of everyone's admission is donated to the preservation of the Old Exchange Building and the Provost Dungeon in Charleston.
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