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Historic Annapolis Food Tour

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An award winning food tasting and history adventure awaits you! Tastings include gelato, crab, cabbage rolls, pop-overs and more!

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Rating: 2
Sat, Jul 2, 11   11:00 AM 487511-Hateyou2010 Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
I'm a sucker for walking tours and have been on several food tours in the US and Europe. This was my least favorite to date. The guide was very nice and did a great job putting everyone at ease, but the historical discussion was disjointed and not nearly as interesting or colorful as other historical walking tours I've been on, including an architectural tour of Annapolis. The organizers neglected to call ahead to one of the restaurants, so when we arrived the food had not been prepared and the chef refused to serve us--very bad form for a food tour. Also, the portions were the smallest that I have encountered to date on a food/walking tour.
Rating: 4
could have been better
Sat, Jul 2, 11   11:00 AM 569847-lkistler Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
Overall, the tour was a fun way to see the city, but my guide was certainly not the expert on the history of the city as I expected. I also thought she would know something about the restaurants and the food we sampled but she knew very little.
Rating: 4
Food and History Tour review
Sat, Jul 2, 11   11:00 AM 573954-Roxanne316 Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Rose was a very enthusiastic guide. She was full of information and she genuinely cared that everyone was having a good time. The high point was the Federal House. We had great crab soup, coconut shrimp and a sample beer. The management/owners were full of information and willing to help with recipes. The low point was at the Maryland Inn. A representative from that Inn came out (very loud) and said he had a problem and that no one had called them to make sure our group was taken care of. He could have been more professional by taking our tour guide out of earshot for his rants. Also, I was surprised that such a restaurant stop could not have pulled something together quickly to make potential customers want to return. Isn't that the point? While witnessing this display, I made up my mind that the customer service there must be awful and wasn't ever interested in patronizing this establishment. Rose stayed composed and she was the most professional in this situation. We revisited the Federal House after the tour. The manager, owner, chef were all very friendly and helpful. Going to my favorite place in Annapolis.
Rating: 5
Great food samples, interesting bits of history
Sat, Jun 18, 11   11:00 AM 565624-jerupert Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
We visited a lot more restaurants and food shops than I expected and enjoyed a variety of very tasty food samples, plus some beer and wine--more than enough for a meal. We had everything from soup to sushi, crab cakes and coconut shrimp, mini pecan pies and finished with fantastic homemade ice cream. Our guide was terrific--interesting, energetic and entertaining. She made the various buildings and restaurants come alive, kept everyone in our group of 11 moving and fully engaged. One of my favorite stops was at the oldest house in town where we got to meet the owner (a descendant of the original family). As a genealogist, hearing her stories was a real high point (even though we didn't eat anything there). I definitely plan to return to Annapolis to eat a full meal at some of the restaurants. Advice for others - wear very comfortable shoes because you will be walking and standing a lot, and if it's at all sunny - remember the sunscreen (I didn't, and my neck and shoulders got fried).
Rating: 5
Loved it!
Sat, Jun 11, 11   11:00 AM 313156-flowers1 Female Unspecified Unspecified Individual
This was a great tour with loads of seafood and wonderful local Annapolis cuisine. I learned some interesting facts about the city and made some friends along the way. I would reccomend this tour with out a doubt. Thanks Jillian for a great tour!
Rating: 2
Wouldn't recommend
Sat, Jun 4, 11   11:00 AM 501508-foodie20 Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Too much info about colonial times, which was not specific to Annapolis or the local restaurants. It was obvious the tour guide had another job giving colonial tours. As a result, the local aspects and the actual tasting was rushed.
Rating: 3
Great tour but not for kids
Sat, May 7, 11   11:00 AM 546475-HeatherTrude Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Family With Children
We enjoyed the history interwoven with the food tasting portion of the tour. There was a variety of different foods symbolizing the town of Annapolis. Everyone was friendly and informative. BIG DRAWBACK! I would not bring children unless you are prepared for inappropriate language and sexual innuendos during the guide's speech. They give different "saying/toasts" during the walk that contain swear words and sexual references are made throughout the tour. We were disappointed in that aspect as we have been on many food and history tours as a family and have not encountered that issue. At the very least, there should be some reference to the content of the tour by the website of Capital City Colonials to allow parents to make the judgment call.
Rating: 3
Lots of good tastes, but...
Sat, Apr 16, 11   11:00 AM 531237-jessbruce987 Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
The horrible wet and windy weather really put a damper on the tour. While tornadoes, heavy rain and flooding were forecast for the day, the tour was NOT rescheduled. So, we fought through the downpours and flooded streets, getting wet in spite of rain gear and umbrellas. These conditions made it nearly impossible to take in the history and ambiance of Annapolis, as we couldn't pause to listen to the guide or look around. The guide's voice was lost to us due to high wind, occasionally. And it was not fun to be wet and cold. Yes, most of the food was tasty, and the offerings provided a generous progressive lunch. But the conditions really dampened the experience.
Rating: 5
Fantastic Tour
Sat, Nov 6, 10   11:00 AM 464240-sashacannon Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
My husband and I along with my parents went on this tour on Nov 6. We all were very satisfied. The lengh is 3+ hours, but you really do not notice it. They give you earphones, so you hear the guide very well without the need to crowd around her -- which was impossible on some narrow streets anyway. I thought the selection of places of interest and cuisines was diverse and the tidbits of history and food were very appropriately sized. It was quite entertaining. Since both of my parents understand little English, I contacted the guide in advance for a summary so that I was able to translate it to their native language and I was appreciative of the willingness of the guide to accommodate this special request. It turned out to be the favorite trour in DC area for my parents after all. The foods we sampled: chicken gyros, locally brewed beer, coffee, gelato, crabcakes, crab soup, ice-cream, pop-overs, coconut shrimp, cabbage rolls, wine in a hidden celler and colonial beverage called shrub. It is my understanding that not every tour has the same food though, so expect something different. My personal favorite was the tour of an old kitchen in one of those colonial homes and also a visit to Sands(sp?) house full of numerous curious artifacts. I wish they included a glimpse of underground tonnels where slaves used to pass or the basement in Annapolis Inn -- so much history there! Overall it was a terrific tour, I highly recommend. Oh and they give you a bottle of water which was a very nice touch
Rating: 4
Good Tour
Sat, Oct 30, 10   11:00 AM 486903-Jleshnover Female 30-39 Local Individual
Overall, this was a good tour with nice food. I was full by the end of the tour and didn't need dinner when I got home. I thought parts of the tour were a strange mix of pretend reenactment and modern day tour. Sometimes the tour guide would make comments as if she were a time traveller in modern day Annapolis, but she wasn't wearing a costume. I think it made things confusing/awkward feeling. I think I would have preferred either a full reenactor or just a tour guide. I think the tour consisted of too many proverbs and toasts, by the third hour it got a little annoying.