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Dearly Departed's Hollywood Tragical History Tour

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Experience the real Hollywood as celebrity secrets, scandals, and Tinsel Town's seedy underbelly is exposed.

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Rating: 3
Great tour but not what I expected
Sun, May 10  12:00 PM jocelyndarsi Female 20-29 Unspecified Unspecified
Our tour guide was great and the tour was very well structured but I didn't know many of the people we talked about so it was a little bit more boring than I expected. Im not sure if I didn't read the tour description accurately but I think it should be specified that the tour was about older cases and older Hollywood.
Rating: 5
Great choice for a short LA visit
Fri, Oct 11, 13   1:00 PM JoannWasson Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
In LA for a limited time? This is the tour to take. Bryan gives you the facts - as well as the fiction - on the people of LA and its architecture. While he covers the deaths of celebrities, he's not morbid and you will have many laughs. He should have been a history teacher - or maybe a comedian. Approach this tour with a sense of humor and you'll have a great time. You'll see a tremendous amount of LA and gain his admittedly opinionated insight into a city he loves. Great for grannies, teens or anyone in between.
Rating: 4
The t
Sun, Sep 2, 12   10:00 AM JoannaSouza Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The van made it difficult to see a lot of things on the tour. I feel like I missed out on seeing many of the sights that were not on my side of the van.
Rating: 5
Thu, Jul 22, 10   1:00 PM jnmarten Female 20-29 Combination Group of Friends
Just wanted to say how much I appreciated EVERYTHING that Brian showed us! He was the best tour guide I have ever had...and I have been on so many tours lately!

He took the time to explain everything he showed us and was super enthusiastic about it. You know he loved his job and made sure everyone was happy.

I would recommend this tour to EVERYONE AND ANYONE! It was seriously amazing, and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thanks soo much to Brian he was the best.
Rating: 3
Mon, Oct 28, 13   1:00 PM jnm555 Female 40-49 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
95% of the sights are on the left side of the tour van, which doesn't help those sitting on the right side of the van, not the mention the roof supports blocking the view

i found the tone a little cavalier at times when dealing with some of the dead celebrities and slagging off of those still living ... i get it, it's the culture of celebrity, but there seemed to be a bias against young female celebrities

the River Phoenix 911 call is kind of in bad taste ... the other 911 calls played were made by persons unrelated to the celebrity ... to hear Joaquin Phoenix being told to calm down by the 911 operator while his brother is dying ... not cool
Rating: 5
The best of the Hollywood tours
Thu, Dec 29, 11   11:00 AM jmullenla Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I've been in LA for 20 years and have had to take family on so many Hollywood tours. Most are lame. This is not. These guys know their stuff and love what they do.
Rating: 5
Enthusiastically scandalous!!
Sat, Mar 22, 14   4:15 PM Jms475 Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
This tour was so fun! Our tour guide was so informative and kept us all on his page! We saw places where people had died and places of crazy scandals! My group of friends would agree, definitely something different, but a must, to do while in LA.
Rating: 5
Awesome experience!
Mon, Jul 20, 09   1:00 PM jmloiselle Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
My teen daughter and I took this tour as part of our LA getaway. We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Our guide, Richard, was extremely knowledgeable about Hollywood.

Richard played music, 911 tapes, and spoke throughout the tour keeping our interest for the entire 3 1/2 hours! There was some humor, some horror, and some macabre. There was also time for photos. I highly recommend this tour and look forward to returning to California to do another tour with Dearly Departed. An awesome experience and well worth the time.
Rating: 5
I was ready to depart myself
Wed, Feb 24, 10   1:00 PM jmj0864 Male 40-49 Unspecified Unspecified
I had such a wonderful day with our Rider Richard. The detail and the fun that he interjected was delightful and full of FUN! :) I learned so much about our past celebrity passing's in my hometown (a nativie Los Angeleno) I never knew. It totally threw me. Now when Im out and about this wonderful city, and travel by some of these historic sites plus olderhomes of yesterday's stars was such a HOOT!

I definitely would take the trip again sometime in the future and will book another trip through your organization for further investigation! :)

Keep up the FUN work DEARLY DEPARTED!
Rating: 5
Sat, Nov 28, 09   1:00 PM jmalinky Male 50-59 Combination Unspecified
The tour guide displayed an amazing knowledge of all types of fascinating details related to the lives and deaths of various Hollywood personalities. The tour itself was extremely well organized and supplemented with various audio-visual materials(recordings of 911 calls, photographs of various people at the sites on the tour, etc). I learned more in three hours about the subject at hand than I ever thought I would (or could). This tour should not be missed by anyone who wants to see a very different side of Hollywood.