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Helter Skelter Tragical History Tour 127 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Hollywood Movie Tours! 9 100% 5.0 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Nasty Nellie Oleson Tour 5 67% 4.0 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
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Rating: 3
False Advertising
Tue, Jul 14, 09   1:00 PM JenMarchand Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
My husband and I went on the Dearly Departed tour early last week. While I was aware that the tour would enclude some viewing of stars homes, I did not realize that this would be the majority of the tour. As the name implies, I expected more of the darker side of Hollywood; deaths, ghosts, etc. I was sorely disappointed. If you are looking for a tour of mostly the Hollywood glitter and glamour, then this is the tour for you. If you are looking for a darker type of tour I would recommend you look elsewhere.
Rating: 3
More on the Subject and Less on the Fluff
Sat, Jun 13, 09   1:30 PM ROBIJ037 Unspecified Unspecified Domestic Tourist(s) Unspecified
Unless you change the name to the Dearly Departed places and things in Los Angeles and Not use the word Tragical History Tour, it would make more sense.

It was enjoyable to see the infamous things like the LiBianca Murders and I could even allow the George Michaels stop.

But how does the Lucille Ball Soundstage, the Intolernace Set, Rob Zombie's House, The Osbourne Home, The Happy Days Home, Judy Garland's home, Mae West Apartments, George Burns home, Alta Loma Apartments or where James Dean laid in the street during filming have anything to do with "Tragical" was hard to comprenhend. It seemed as though you were advertizing for other tours and not giving me what I paid for. There must be more.

Also, unless you are showing more than the LiBianca murder home, we have no need to hear Charles Manson's world vision on the loud speaker for more than the length it took us to look at the LiBianca house. That segment was overkill.
Rating: 5
Absolutely the Best Tour Ever
Thu, Jun 11, 09   1:00 PM KPShort Male 50-59 Local Unspecified
Hollywood's Tragical History tour was both informative and entertaining. The intimate 13 person van was ideal for discussion and interacting with your fellow tourist. Being 55 years old I especially enjoyed the old Hollywood stories and sights. For me it was exciting to see one of the locations from Sunset Boulevard and then to watch the movie on TCM the very next night. The three hours make the tour even better because you are able to see much more during that time then a simple one hour tour. Scotts' knowledge and research into the various sights on the tour was amazing and you trusted that the information he was relaying was legitimate especially since you have a notebook of additional pictures to refer to that show the sights in news papers or actual filmed interviews. I have already convinced my friends and coworkers that we should book a tour as a group. Definitely a must see for anyone going to Hollywood for a vacation.
Rating: 5
Great Tour!!!!!!
Mon, May 18, 09   5:30 PM jbravo8 Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Well worth it, lots of fun!!!
Rating: 5
Great unusual tour!
Wed, Apr 15, 09   1:00 PM rainjj Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
I really wanted to take a Hollywood tour that was a little different, and this was it. The tour guide was friendly and enthusiastic and he obviously knows a lot about the history and tragedy of Hollywood. There was a great mix of old and new, enough to keep anyone interested. I would (and have!) recommend this tour to everyone.
Rating: 4
Good comprehensive tour!
Sat, Mar 28, 09   1:00 PM cooperca05 Female 40-49 Local Unspecified
If you've never been to LA, this is a great tour to take. It mixes the historic and contemporary LA -- from Lindsey Lohan to the Manson murders. Although I've lived here for several years, there were several places that had "deadly" history I was unaware of. It takes you through the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, and Los Angeles. Richard (our driver) was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend this to visitors and locals interested in LA trivia over any of those large bus tours - it's a great way to spend an afternoon!
Rating: 4
We enjoyed ourselves
Sun, Mar 15, 09   1:00 PM asmith42 Female 50-59 Local Unspecified
Lots of stuff to see and the driver was very knowledgeable. We would recommend it.

Ann & Becca


Rating: 4
Wamba - what a tour!
Sat, Mar 14, 09   9:00 AM MayraP Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
My friend and I did not know what to expect but were completely open for this experience. We have to give some major kudos to our tour guide because we were so impressed by the amount of detail he provides to ensure we understand the intricacies’ of this tragic event. He has video, sound bites, photos and of course you are taken to the majority of the major sites. For anyone considering whether you should take part in this tour, my thought is that you won't be disappointed.
Rating: 5
Money and Time Well Spent!
Fri, Feb 27, 09   1:00 PM rchandra13 Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
I lived in LA for 10 years and knew nothing of what I was told on the tour. A great job is done of blending audio, pictures and of course the actual sites. It was interesting and I was amazed at how our guide knew the answer to any and every question he was asked! You will not be disappointed if you do this tour, I would and will recommend this to everyone I know!
Rating: 5
Great Tour
Sun, Oct 26, 08   1:00 PM sfglen Male 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Unspecified
It was fun. Well organized and executed.
Rating: 5
AMAZING! We had a WONDERFUL time!!
Fri, Oct 24, 08   1:00 PM emmyk805 Female 20-29 Local Unspecified
Well we took the Dearly Departed tour on Friday the 24th of October and it was everything that we expected it to be! Scott really knows his stuff about all things Hollywood/LA and it was as great as we'd hoped. We are ABSOLUTELY going to go on this tour again, but next time, privately (no matter what the cost) because all of the other people in the group were horribly dumb and I don't think that they knew what tour they were going on (as they were very excited to see stars homes). We weren't there for that though, we took the tour to see the fascinating sights and hear the morbidly interesting stories to go along with them. So, if you are looking for an incredible tour, and (I can't stress this enough) you are a fan of or any of Scott's other information that he offers, then I VERY STRONGLY suggest that you take this tour. Now, if you are looking to go on a tour of LA and want to see stars homes and crap like that, then I do NOT suggest this tour for you at all, maybe some other tour would be better suited for you, but this one is fabulous if you know what you are getting yourself into!
Rating: 4
Interesting and informative
Sat, Oct 11, 08   9:00 AM shelleycobos Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Explores lesser known details of these horrific yet fascinating crimes.
Rating: 5
Enthusiastically Recommended: Dearly Departed Tour
Thu, Oct 9, 08   1:00 PM RFaraldi Male Unspecified Local Unspecified
This was my second time on the tour, I took my nephew a few years ago and I thought it was a good bet to take a guest from out of town. And it was! I think there was more detail in the first tour. It seemed there was more places being pointed out, Like: the story of Bela Lugosi's funeral where it's said the driver lost control and regained it only after it passed the cigar shop where he bought stogies on Hollywood Blvd. And the site of the Ambassador Hotel. The infamous clubs in that area as well. And a little about Thelma Todd, the Derby, Fatty Arbuckle, The Marx Brothers. But it's still a very cool ride! And even though the passenger sitting behind was rude, it didn't ruin the tour for me or my guest. Maybe the tour guide should ask for folks to chill out and relax more. Like don't sing to the music broadcast in the bus cabin! It's also embarrassing to watch mid-west tourists attempt to out-trivia the tour guide. In any event, I'll be taking someone else on it again in the near future! It appeals to the morbid curiosity in us all not unlike the Hollywood Babylon books.
Rating: 5
Fun, Informative and eerie!
Sat, Aug 30, 08   1:00 PM deppimpact7 Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
I absolutely recommend this tour for anyone who loves old Hollywood, new Hollywood and macabre information! We toured through the best haunts in Beverley Hills and Hollywood under the expert guidance of our tour guide.

My kids and I came away with a great time and an admiration for our guide who knew his movie history down to a tee.

I can't recommend this tour enough! Enjoy!
Rating: 5
Helter Skelter Tour - August 2008
Sat, Aug 9, 08   9:00 AM jeking Female 50-59 Unspecified Unspecified
This is the 2nd time I took this tour. Took it for the first time last August. Never see everything the first time...that's why I had to take it again.

Scott is a great tour guide. He very animated and just generally a great guy. It's nice when everyone participates and discusses the tragedy and talks about things they read, or found out.

For anyone that's interested in that time period and this tragedy, I highly recommend this tour. It's very informative and you will definitely find out things that you did not know.

Plus Scott contributes $5.00 of each ticket sold to the Doris Tate Foundation.

Thanks again, Scott, for the great ride. I just wish I could have gone up to Cielo Drive the night before. But maybe in the future....

J. King