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Dearly Departed's Hollywood Tragical History Tour 366 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Helter Skelter Tragical History Tour 89 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Hollywood Movie Tours! 19 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Nasty Nellie Oleson Tour 19 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
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Rating: 4
Very fun tour
Thu, Jul 7, 11   1:00 PM kleiber10 Male 30-39 Combination Family With Children
The tour actually ended up going almost three and a half hours, but that was just fine. The family had a lot of fun. The Black Dahlia and Albert Dekker stories aren't suitable for kids, so know that ahead of time. But for those interested in hearing those type of stories, it was very interesting. Our sixteen year old handled it well, but I wouldn't have wanted to take her if she were younger. Although the tour is focused on the sites of death and scandal in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the tour points out plenty of celebrity homes and other sites. I was a little skeptical before the tour, especially about whether or not the family would be interested. They had a blast, though, so everything turned out very well.
Rating: 5
Crazy Fun and Unexpected Awesomeness!
Fri, Jun 3, 11   1:00 PM daniahali Female 30-39 Combination Family Without Children
Wanted to do something different for my mom's 60th birthday... started by looking into the cheesy Hollywood tours that take you around and show you the giant bushes and front gates of the stars homes. Too much money for not enough excitement. Somehow I stumbled upon the Dearly Departed Tour description and did my usual investigation and review reading. How could I pass up the opportunity to have someone drive me around Hollywood and adjacent areas pointing out the dark seedy side of all the locations? We booked. And we loved it. Brian is AWESOME!! And so much fun. He is clearly well versed on the creepy happenings of Hollywood and obviously loves what he does. His passion rang true from the minute he started the tour until we arrived back at the drop-off three and a half hours later! Side stories, jokes, FYI tidbit comments tossed in here and there. I couldn't get enough. Mom had a blast - what a great way to spend a 60th birthday - posing for a picture with a Death Hag bumper sticker! Big kudos to Brian for not only keeping us informed, entertained, and involved... but he cleverly and very meticulously navigated Hollywood traffic while doing all of the above. I'm happy if I get a big enough break in the cars to cut in... and I certainly can't talk, point, and laugh while doing it. Brian is the master. I'm trying to recruit some local friends to go with me - I want to go again! We had so much fun the first time... I want to hear it all again... see it all again. And I'm sure each experience is dependent on the passengers each time... so why not go for an all new experience? Don't miss Dearly Departed. Its a blast. And ironically, what makes Hollywood so Hollywood.
Rating: 5
Murder and scandal have never been so much fun
Fri, Mar 25, 11   1:00 PM nicolel80 Female 30-39 Combination Group of Friends
The tour was funny, smart, interesting and absolutely fascinating. While the spots were great, and the original tour full of great tidbits, our tour guide had so much knowledge on every Hollywood subject that I could have listened for hours more. Well worth the money, and something I will recommend to locals and tourists alike.
Rating: 5
loved it!
Sun, Oct 3, 10   1:00 PM mmaymond Female 30-39 Combination Family Without Children
I absolutely loved this tour. I have recommended it again and again. I plan on returning soon!
Rating: 5
Hooray for Hollywood and Dearly Departed!!
Sun, Aug 15, 10   1:00 PM luneely Female 50-59 Combination Family Without Children
Wanted to give my visiting sister a taste of Hollywood without playing tour guide myself. WOW! This tour did it ALL!! Not only did we travel around in a nice air conditioned van with wide windows for viewing, Richard, our tour guide, was the BEST! He is an awesome guide and REALLY KNOWS his stuff! He doesn't just rattle off a bunch of rehearsed dribble! Richard took our group to a few places that weren't even on the tour. We asked him where we might have a chance of a celebrity sighting and took his advice to stop by the Chateau Marmont for afternoon cocktails. Our jaws dropped when we were taken to our courtyard table and seated right next to Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz!!! REALLY...I'm not making this up!! And we owe it all to you, Richard.

Now I'm spreading the news and all of my friends can't wait to take the tour! :-)
Rating: 5
Thu, Aug 5, 10   1:00 PM ericarose83 Female 20-29 Combination Group of Friends
Got to see some stuff I expected and some surprises as well! Highly recommended!
Rating: 5
Thu, Jul 22, 10   1:00 PM jnmarten Female 20-29 Combination Group of Friends
Just wanted to say how much I appreciated EVERYTHING that Brian showed us! He was the best tour guide I have ever had...and I have been on so many tours lately!

He took the time to explain everything he showed us and was super enthusiastic about it. You know he loved his job and made sure everyone was happy.

I would recommend this tour to EVERYONE AND ANYONE! It was seriously amazing, and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thanks soo much to Brian he was the best.
Rating: 5
A diamond in the rough!
Sun, Jul 4, 10   10:00 AM Abcole Male 60-69 Combination Other
A nicely planned tour. The highlight, however, is the enthusiasm and knowledge of the host (Brian). It is exhilarating to see someone so passionate about his adopted home, especially since LA comes under so much criticism these days.
Rating: 5
Wealth of informaiton!
Fri, Feb 19, 10   1:00 PM mindycharles Female 40-49 Combination Group of Friends
My friend & I thoroughly enjoyed our tour. The next time I am in town, I will be taking another Dearly Departed tour. I will be recommending to everyone!
Rating: 2
All Filler No Meat
Thu, Dec 31, 09   9:30 AM Spigbra Male 20-29 Combination Group of Friends
Going into this tour we were very excited hearing all the buzz and hype. My friends and I are if you will "death connoisseurs" and since its the dearly departed tour we were sure to amazed. Once on the over 3 hour tour were were surprised that it soon became a tour of the stars homes as if it were a star maps tour! I really dont care where Billy Bob Thorton, David Schwimmer or Cher live or where Lindsay Lohan crashed her car or where Britney Spears met K-Fed, so on and so on. There are a handful of cool things where actually deaths occoured and stories of the golden age actors and actresses which are wonderful but overall not what it is set out to be. You are better off making a list of all your own murder and death related mysteries google them and make your own adventure. I would highly not recommend this tour if you are looking for the death aspect of it. It seems like it was all just stuff to fill three hours with a few awesome things.
Rating: 5
What fun!!
Sun, Dec 6, 09   9:30 AM PURSER2BEAT Male 40-49 Combination Group of Friends
We knew the tour was a bit 'off the path' but what a great time it was. Our guide, Brian made it all the better!!! Thanks for a great time. We'll be back other tours.
Rating: 5
Sat, Nov 28, 09   1:00 PM jmalinky Male 50-59 Combination Unspecified
The tour guide displayed an amazing knowledge of all types of fascinating details related to the lives and deaths of various Hollywood personalities. The tour itself was extremely well organized and supplemented with various audio-visual materials(recordings of 911 calls, photographs of various people at the sites on the tour, etc). I learned more in three hours about the subject at hand than I ever thought I would (or could). This tour should not be missed by anyone who wants to see a very different side of Hollywood.
Rating: 3
Nice Tour Driver---Not Enough Tragedy
Sun, Nov 8, 09   9:30 AM MarkG5059 Male 50-59 Combination Other
My visiting brother from the east coast and I took this tour on October 8, 2009 and although Richard the tour guide was very nice guy and informative, I'd be lying if I said we weren't disappointed in many of the stops we had.....and many stops we should have had.

There were too many non-tragedy locations while many interesting nearby "death" stops were missed.

For example..... Mae West's and Judy Garland's old homes weren't of any interest.......The Paramount Gates? Who cares? If we wanted a routine Hollywood Tour, we would have taken any number of the regular tour buses.

After our tour was over, we ended up taking my car and visiting two classic locations that we were amazed weren't in the Dearly Departed Tour....especially since they were right in the same area of town the tour traveled.....The home on Benedict Canyon where George Reeves killed himself and the condo on North Kings where Jack Cassidy burned to death.

The tour needs more death and less of the Hollywood "queens."
Rating: 5
The Dearly Departed still entertained us!
Thu, Oct 22, 09   1:00 PM Glacier2 Female 50-59 Combination Other
Fun facts delivered by an intelligent guide. The tour around the Hollywood homes and neighboring business areas was a delightful introduction into the "business" side of L.A. My adult daughter and I enjoyed the tour and all of the fun-facts the guide shared with us. I would highly recommend this to someone who wants a quick tour of Hollywood with a little quirkiness thrown in!
Rating: 4
Enjoyed this tour
Fri, Oct 2, 09   1:00 PM cfindon Female 40-49 Combination Group of Friends
This tour is true to it's title - it does take you on a tour of the "departed". however it also includes other homes, etc of the stars which I liked (the orphanage Marilyn Monroe lived at). Steve, the tour guide, was great. He was enthusasitc but not too much so. Also if you tell him who/what you like he'll make a point of showing you something on the tour regarding this if it's near where you are. For instance I am a huge entourage fan and he pointed out where Jeremy Piven lived since we were driving through that neighboorhood.

there is also a short guide book with photographs that accompanies the tour. I thought this added to the experience.