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1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips

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Treat yourself to a five-hour, one of a kind sportfishing trip on the sparkling waters of Southern California, leaving from Dana Point.

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Rating: 4
Great crew
Sat, Sep 18, 10   10:00 AM eluna43 Male 60-69 Local Family Without Children
The crew on this boat was great. They were right on the spot every time a fish was caught, took if off hook, measured it for legal size, constantly helped especially newcomers to ocean fishing.
Rating: 4
needed a larger boat for the # of people
Thu, Sep 16, 10   10:00 AM Barbbelding Female 60-69 Local Group of Friends
35 (approx) people.....and bait boxes......people casting lines and catching other people's hair in the hook and bait. Personally I think it was too many people in a smallish boat.
Rating: 4
The weather ands sea conditions wre perfect
Thu, Sep 9, 10   10:00 AM minicooper Male 60-69 Local Family With Children
I took two of my grandsons out . The weather and sea conditions couldn't have been better. The captain & crew noted that the fish counts had been down this season, but hoped that this trip we be better. They were right, plenty of bass were picked up (many keepers) . We had only 26 people on board, so the fishing was quite tolerable. We had plenty of fresh bait and squid, but I was happy to see many fish caught on jigs and swim baits. My grandsons had a nice time, although they only got a couple of fish, but were delighted in seeing all the fish brought on board. We'll be going out again, hoping this time we'll do better ourselves. The crew was helpful and supportive with the younger crowd. The only thing I would wish for is that the guys fishing would not stay in "their" spots, as it seemed the regulars seemed to hold on the stern, most often leaving their rods in their position. It would have been better if they rotated all positions, and not allowing to leave any rods on the rails. Otherwise, a very nice trip!
Rating: 4
Fishing was fun!
Fri, Aug 27, 10   10:00 AM skaplan_480 Male 60-69 Local Family With Children
My wife and I took our grandson(13) for this fishing adventure. The crew was very helpful and friendly. I don't recall how many times(too many to count) that the crew had to untangle our snarled reels, but they did so in a amiable manner not reflecting on our clumsiness.

The boat was well maintained and clean with plenty of room for the anglers. We caught 6-12 fish each but they were too small to keep. My only thought was that maybe if we had gone out further( you could clearly see the shore) that the catch might have been larger.
Rating: 5
1/2 Day Fishing
Wed, Jul 28, 10   6:30 AM jimlebow Male 60-69 Local Individual
Fishing was not good; however, the boat was clean and well maintained and the crew was friendly and provided exceptional service. I noticed that the crew provided cheerful guidance to the novices on board.
Rating: 2
Boat was too crowded
Fri, Jul 16, 10   12:00 PM dlmell Male 60-69 Local Family With Children
The boat was over sold and congested. Reel Time is too tight for such a group including children. I would not want to go out on Reel Time again. The Captain only moved spots once despite meager bottom fishing. I think the captain should have searched out more bottom fishing which was the tackle most were issued and carrying.

Calico bass were hitting on the surface, but few had the proper tackle. Those with the light tackle crowded onto the rail where kelp was present and the fish were biting on the surface. The customers with light tackle did not adhere to the rotation that was set up by the captain. They pushed to the rail adding further congestion to the children trying to enjoy a day of fishing. Overall, a very frustrating day, rather than the enjoyable day that was expected.
Rating: 1
too many people
Thu, Jul 15, 10   10:00 AM jaksiemash Male 60-69 Local Family With Children
they had over 50 people on the boat, there was not enough room to fish, the lines were constantly tangleing, shoulders bumping, waiting for bait, etc

they also catered to the people who they knew, at the expense of the people who, just wanted to have a good time with their families.
Rating: 2
no fish available
Wed, Jul 7, 10   5:30 PM tomschmeltze Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Unspecified
I was looking forward to going ocean fishing off the california coast, since I have done so many times off the

oregon coast. I went on the twilight trip, thinking that would be a good time to go. WRong! we went out for about an hour to what was supposed to be a good spot, nothing there, moved to another spot, 2 fish caught, for the whole boat, 12 fishermen, moved to another spot nothing , moved to another spot 2 more fish caught,.By then it was time to go back in.I was very disappointed, to say the least. When you concider they had boats going out all day, they should have known that the spots we were going to were fished out. needless to say, I will not be going back.

If you are going ,be sure to ask when you book if any fish are being caught or not. It's up to you if you want to waste your your money on a boat ride.
Rating: 4
Disappointed with crew
Thu, Jun 24, 10   10:00 AM fishinfrank Male 60-69 Local Other
I've been on many fishing trips out of Dana Point. On this trip, the fishing was good but I was a little disappointed with the crew/deck hands. More than once when I went to get fresh bait there were none in the hand tanks. Once a deck hand told someone not to get any bait out of the bait tank but to get it out of the hand tank. Unfortunately there wasn't any there.

One other minor thing - if there was an announcement that the grill was closing I missed it. I would have ordered something. But the fishing was good and I just lost track of the time. Next time I've have to set an alarm or something.
Rating: 4
A Really fun Outing
Thu, Jun 3, 10   10:00 AM BillKemp Male 60-69 Local Family Without Children
Enjoyed the fishing trip out of Dana Point. Great experience for basically first time fishermen. Marcus was exceptional in providing all around service to every one on board. The captain of the boat moved us to four different fishing spots to get the number of fish caught increased. Both the captain and Marcus were out going and tried to provide a good time for every one.

A suggestion for future boat trips is rotating the available spots on the stern of the boat. A majority of the people on board were not regulars. The regulars who were the first on board immediately locked down the stern fishing spots and they did not give up the slots through out the entire fishing trip. Recommend that the captain use the manifest list to reassign the slots each time he moves the boat to another fishing position. The fishing off of the stern is obviously the best especially when the captain is "chumming" over the stern so every one should have an equal shot at catching a fish regardless of skills and fishing equipment. Word of mouth is going to work best when every one on board can say that I caught a big one!

One last thought is there any way to get rid of the seals who definitely enjoyed the chumming and had no problem catching and eating the fish that were supposed to be on my hook!!