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Rating: 4
Sat, Mar 14, 09   12:00 PM Kaetie Female 60-69 Local Other
Rating: 4
Good trip for children
Sat, Mar 14, 09   11:00 AM kristencruz Female 20-29 Local Family With Children
This was a really good trip. We saw some dolphins wake surfing and got up close to California sea lions. We were lucky to see three gray whales mating. This trip was fun for the 3 6-8 year olds we took. I recommend packing a lunch or snacks to bring aboard because it helps to occupy the children during any down time. This trip probably wouldn't have been as fun if we didn't see the whales.
Rating: 5
Once in a lifetime experience
Sat, Mar 14, 09   9:00 AM tthistle Female 30-39 Local Individual
I went Whale watching from the Dana Point Harbor on March 14 at 9 am. Saw 3 whales. One of them breached 5 times. One of the whales started doing mating behaviors and we saw them mate. We even saw the whales give each other a hug as part of the mating behavior. Amazing!!! The guide was very knowledgable as well.
Rating: 5
Awesome time.. saw some whales.
Sat, Mar 14, 09   8:00 AM Otaylor Female 20-29 Local Group of Friends
We left at eight in the morning and were off in the search of a whale. just when i thought we were ready to head back, we got a report of a whale in the area nearby... sure enough we saw one.. and it BREACHED fully out of the water!!!!!!!! landing with a big splash... and it blew out of its blow hole a few times and did a few tale flips for us... it was happy to see us.. =) great, fun time if you get the chance to go.
Rating: 4
Great price
Sat, Mar 14, 09   8:00 AM scrvarich Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
Once again, the price is the main perk of this trip. We've been out many times before with this group, and for the price it can't be beat (especially if you are in a group). So for that reason, I recommend this trip with this outfit. I was disappointed this time though... it took 1 1/2 hr and a tip from a local fishing boat to find a whale. I admit that's not really the fault of the company. But, what was disappointing is that the 1 1/2 hrs was spent zipping up and down the coast in FREEZING weather with no commentary whatsoever. The least they could have done is talked a little about the gray whales while searching for them, or had some whale artifacts to look at or something to make it more than a boat ride at 8am on a Saturday in the cold, damp weather. When we finally found the whale, it did not disappoint. He put on a great show. We really only got to spend about 10 minutes tracking it because it was time to head back - everyone kept mentioning how it felt like it was being crammed into the last few minutes so that they wouldn't have to hand out vouchers for free trips since we technically saw a whale. But again, for the price, this is totally the way to go.
Rating: 3
Not My Cup of Tea
Sat, Mar 14, 09   8:00 AM MrsGansh Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
If you enjoy being herded onto a boat and taken to a point out along the coast to stare into dark, dismal water then this is the trip for you. The day I participated it was very cold, overcast and dreary. We rode out along the coast, which took about thirty minutes and watched for a whale to appear. We did see one, although very briefly. Everyone flocked to one side of the boat to see the elusive whale and I felt as though I were in a can of sardines. We headed back to shore afterward and I must say, I was happy to get off the boat. I vowed if I ever go whale watching again, it will be in Hawaii!
Rating: 5
Beautiful Boat, Wonderful Crew
Sat, Mar 14, 09   8:00 AM Richele Female 50-59 Local Family With Children
The boat was very nice and clean, the crew members were very friendly and helpful. The food offered on board was good and was fairly priced. So often food is overpriced (movie theatres) when they have a captive audience, but NOTwith this company.

When a whale was spotted, the skipper gave us information about it (the whale) and told us what direction to look, as well as what the whale might do next. Also gave us great information about the sea lions lounging on a buoy.

We very much appreciated the discount price as we would not have been able to afford to take our family on this lovely trip at the regular price. This was a great deal!
Rating: 5
Great Fun!
Thu, Mar 12, 09   2:00 PM KAmato Female 50-59 Combination Family With Children
Fabulous cruise with my college-student daughter. Equally thrilling and relaxing. We saw three whales and followed two of them for about 90 minutes! They entertained us with "plumes" and "flukes," (and we all agreed we'd have applauded for even more tail). Got super photos, enjoyed perfectly brewed hot chocolate and engaged in interesting conversations with folks from around the country. I look forward to going again!
Rating: 5
Enjoyed our 2 hour whale watching cruise
Tue, Mar 10, 09   4:00 PM deiorio Female 50-59 Local Family With Children
We took the 4:00 pm cruise and really enjoyed it . The boat was clean, the crew friendly and we saw 2 whales.
Rating: 5
Great escape
Tue, Mar 10, 09   12:00 PM denisenln Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
I recommend this trip to any one . 2 hours of stress free. Friendly crew.
Rating: 2
Wheres the whales
Tue, Mar 10, 09   10:00 AM EILEENSAUCER Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I planned my trip with the Whale migration in mind. I bought tickets online to make sure we had tickets. I wanted to see the Whales. It is whale season and there should have been many whales. We barely saw any and they were far away. we saw a spout of water, a fin and some of the side from far away. I had expected to see them closer, with babies and more. We felt lucky to have seen what we did considering the fact that it looked like we weren't going to see any.The people on the other side of the boat didn't get to see any and once we had seen one good one they turned the boat around and headed back. VERY Disappointed!
Rating: 3
Captain was very negative in his talk.
Tue, Mar 10, 09   10:00 AM dleedonahue Female 60-69 Local Family Without Children
I have taken this trip many times before with great pleasure. However, this captain was preoccupied talking with other ships and would tell us where the whales had come up but it was not until the very end that anyone believed that there were whales to be seen. He talked about sea lice and the killing of whales and the people on the boat were just shaking their heads. There are so many beautiful things that can be said about the whales and the dolphins and these things have been shared iin the past by other captains. We did not see one dolphin which was very unusual.
Rating: 4
Very fun!
Tue, Mar 10, 09   10:00 AM CMSVT97 Female 30-39 Combination Family Without Children
We went out on a Tuesday and it was wonderful. Not only did we get to see 3 whales but the captain was great about explaing everything we were seeing. I highly recommend this trip to anyone visiting but also to those who live here.
Rating: 4
Great day
Tue, Mar 10, 09   10:00 AM koodaigirl Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
We had a great time whale watching. We did indeed see whales and some sea lions. We were hoping to see dolphins too, but we did not have that opportunity. The staff at the ticket counter were very friendly and the experience was very positive.

I will definitely do this again!
Rating: 5
This was the best trip we have ever taken!!!
Sun, Mar 8, 09   2:00 PM greenstein5 Female 20-29 Local Family With Children
Our family has been on several whale watching adventures through numerous companies. We have been on this one before and after taking other trips, we wanted to come back here. From here on, we will only come here. We never have enjoyed ourselves like we do through this company. Not only did we see 3 whales and 20 dolphins, but we were informed by the staff of these animals as well. Kids can get restless waiting for the whales to come back up but listening to the staff describe the whale made their patience last longer!! There was so much room to walk around and to sit down- not overcrowded like some boats. Also, some boats do not even tell you where the life jackets are!!! This boat and staff did. From the second we got on to the second we got off, no complaints. The boat was awesome, clean, and has great food. To top all this off, when I awoke that morning, I was sick. We called in and spoke with the staff. They said not to worry, to feel better and get there when we could and they would put us on another boat! How often do you find customer service like that????? When we checked in, the gentleman was kind and there was no problems. Everything was easy! From finding it, parking, finding the office and to getting on the boat was so easy! With three kids, that can be difficult. I recommend this to everyone! The kids are begging to go back, and I can not blame them!!!! I am wanting to go back too!