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Rating: 3
A total disappointment
Thu, Apr 10, 08   2:00 PM phynally Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
This was supposed to be the highlight of my California vacation. I had convinced the other members of my party that this was a "must do" and that we would see the things we'd viewed on the Nature channel with our very own eyes. I read so many positive reviews from people who had posted them just the week before, and was sure that we'd have a similar experience. I know that nature can be unpredictable, but all of the posts from the previous week insisted that we'd see hundreds of dolphins and I had no reason to think that we wouldn't have the same experience. The few negative posts I read were related to fishing, so I was sure we'd see plenty of dolphins and if we were lucky, a whale or two. We saw NOTHING!!!! We sailed for two hours and saw absolutely nothing! I was so totally disappointed. Their "no refund" policy guarantees that if you don't see dolphins or whales, you can sale again for free. I live in Maryland and probably won't be making this trip again, so it is little consolation and the guarantee is worthless. If you still choose to go, be aware that they cannot guarantee any sightings. Thankfully it didn't cost a lot. I'm just glad that we didn't purchase the four hour cruise.
Rating: 5
Very Fun
Tue, Apr 8, 08   2:00 PM ltssmls Female 20-29 Local Family Without Children
The Guides were very nice and one offered to take pics of the whales because we kept missing them in the shot. All the guides were informative and would walk around and see if you had questions and would answer in detail. Will Defintly do again. All of them were very honest and we got to see a mom whale and her calf. Was completly worth it and absloutly loved the experience. Thanx you GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
Rating: 5
We had an excellent time!
Tue, Apr 8, 08   12:00 PM KatrinaWells Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
This was our first whale watching trip and we had an excellent time! We saw TON of dolphins that put on a great show. Then we got to see two whales (an adult female and her calf) that also put on a great show for us. They kept diving and resurfacing right next to us. It was awesome! We also were able to see two sea lions that were so cute. This was better than I imagined it would be. Thank you so much for a great time!!
Rating: 5
Dolphins were great
Mon, Apr 7, 08   12:00 PM MariKevW Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
While we did not see any gray whales, it was still worth the afternoon and money watching the captain and dolphins play. Due to the expertise of the crew, they were able to create circular patterns that provider us bystanders the viewing of dolphins doing acrobats in the wake of the boat. Truly awesome!
Rating: 5
Sun, Apr 6, 08   4:00 PM Sophia99 Female 30-39 Local Other
Although my niece & I did not see any whales or dolphins (which is unusual), we did see sea lions, have a great boat ride, & witness stunning views of our local coastline. And in the end, because our excursion did not see whales or dolphins, we did receive free whale-watching tickets that don't expire & can be used anytime.
Rating: 5
Sun, Apr 6, 08   2:00 PM audiogirl Female 30-39 Local Group of Friends
We saw a "dolphin super-pod"!!! No whales, though.

Plenty of room on the boat, friendly staff. Nice passengers.

Beautiful just to be on the water.

A few notes, which weren't negatives for me, but could be for others:

The "whale-sighting guarantee or free trip next time" includes dolphin sightings, and if we hadn't seen so many dolphins, I might have been dissappointed. Fortunately I read the fine print so I was aware that the guarantee included dolphins.

The restrooms weren't stocked well, but fortunately I'm the kind of person who comes over-prepared for such things.

The bar on the boat is cash only, so bring dollars. There is an ATM in the shop where you get your tickets. If you get seasick, they have motion sickness pills there too.

I'll definitely go again for blue whale season.
Rating: 4
Would definitely recommend this, however...
Sun, Apr 6, 08   12:00 PM katiewhite Female 20-29 Local Family Without Children
I would definitely recommend this tour. The customer service was great, and the cruise itself was also great. We saw tons of dolphins which was amazing, and they were all over the place, however, we did not see any whales. I knew going into the cruise that there was no guarantee, but my only suggestion would be that if we don't get to see whales, they should offer a coupon for another tour (not free, just discounted).
Rating: 5
We Didn't Catch Any Fish, However........
Sat, Apr 5, 08   12:00 PM MARCYFALLER Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
We had a GREAT time!!! I've been out fishing in Balboa Hated it, everything about it!! The person on the phone, the boat, the crew and I couldn't understand a word that they were saying on the speaker on the boat. The crew was so rude out of Balboa I swore I'd never go back and I did'nt!! Through a friend I started fishing in Marina Del Rey, which I absolutly LOVED!!! However this trip because I was taking other people from work it was too far to go, so someone suggested Dana Point!! From the first person I talked to on the phone to the end of the day was very enjoyable!!! The person at the ticket counter was very friendly and helpful. The crew on board was very helpful and friendly, they came around all the time and helped. I Love being on the boat anyway, so not catching any fish was disapointing, but the Captain and Crew are not at fault. I think the most important things about fishing is to make it fun and enjoyable as possible, and the Captain and Crew did just that!!! They all apologized over and over for not catching any fish, which said a lot, that they really cared!! The Captain talked on the speaker about a lot of things and I could understand him and the Crew (along with the Captain) actually talked to us!! I would go again for sure!! This summer if I can get them together we would like to charter one of your boats for our firm!!! Looks like I have found a new home, I go fishing quite often (usually by myself) and I will definitely be back to visit you again and I wouldn't even bat an eye about going alone!!!

Thank You So Much for making our trip so enjoyable. The two other people that I went with had never gone deep sea fishing and on the boat they were both talking about next time. When I arrived at work on Monday they thanked me for inviting them along and they could hardly wait till the next time!!! Good On YOU!!!

Please give a special thanks to the Captain and Crew and please tell the kid that got his wisdom teeth removed that I hope he's feeling better!!!

Thank you again so very, very much!!!

Marcy Faller
Rating: 4
Fun but no whales....again!
Sat, Apr 5, 08   10:00 AM jcstonger Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
This is now our 3rd time whale watching here out of Dana Point, and the 3rd time seeing no whales. For the first 45 minutes we saw nothing, but then came across a very large pod of playful dolphins. This is in no way the fault of the guides, but still dissapointing. The kids ages 3 and 6 loved it regardles. We will probably give it one more shot next year, and then we will be done with it!
Rating: 4
Whale Watching
Tue, Apr 1, 08   12:00 PM sharri3322 Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
We had such a good time on the Whale Watching Tour. We did not see any whales but we saw beautiful dolphins.
Rating: 5
Tue, Apr 1, 08   10:00 AM TracyUnger Female 50-59 Combination Family With Children
Crew was great. Saw several whale flukes. Saw Gray whale mom and calf along with several schools of playful bottlenose dolphins. One dolphin even performed a great flip out of the water! Learned what a "footprint" was and will continue to look for that.
Rating: 4
Whales only at 12:00
Tue, Apr 1, 08   10:00 AM PatJohnston Female 50-59 Local Family With Children
Whales were only at 12:00 only the people on the front of the boat got to see them but the people on the sides and back only got a glimpse.

People in the front of the boat pushed the small children out ot the way and they didn't get to see.

Next time spin the boat around a little.
Rating: 5
Great adventure to take teenage girls on
Tue, Apr 1, 08   10:00 AM cindyschultz Female 50-59 Local Unspecified
I took two teenage nieces (15 & 17) visiting from MI on this Whale Watching adventure. They absolutely loved being on a boat in the harbor and seeing the dolphins so close they could almost touch them. We were all delighted to see the whales, especially the mother and calf. A seal popped his head out of wave quite unexpectedly and gave us all a good chuckle. My nieces were quite excited by this activity and besides enjoying it myself, it heightened the experience to be able to share it with my nieces. The crew was very friendly, polite, and knowledgable.
Rating: 5
One of the best whale watching experiences ever!
Mon, Mar 31, 08   2:00 PM bugmenot Female Unspecified Local Couple on a Date
What started as a local jaunt to celebrate a birthday turned out to be one of the best whale watching experiences we've ever had. As our ship headed back to Dana Point harbor at the end of the trip, our captain spotted a pod of about a hundred dolphins in the distance. He turned the ship around to follow the pod even though we had come to the end of the tour.

Our ship was surrounded by dolphins leaping out of the water -- truly a joyous experience. Granted, we were extremely lucky to find the pod, but kudos to the captain for spotting the pod and delaying our return to the harbor to give us this experience.
Rating: 5
Friendly Service & Awesome Experience
Mon, Mar 31, 08   10:00 AM turtle_kml Female 20-29 Combination Group of Friends
Whale watching is a great activity for people of any age. While we were out we saw 2 whales & watched for at least 20 minutes, plus saw a few dolphins and lots of California Sea Lions.

The boat crew was very knowledgeable and helpful in pointing out the wildlife and telling a bit about them. They were very friendly from the first greeting to inviting us to come back again when we left.

I will definitely go whale watching at Dana Wharf again.