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1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips 211 87% 4.1 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Catamaran Adventure Cruises 47 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
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Rating: 3
It was OK
Sun, Mar 9, 08   1:00 PM denisekwok Female 30-39 Local Group of Friends
The day was beautiful and the boat ride was nice -- we were supposed to be whale watching, but really it ended up being a 2 hour harbor cruise with no marine life and a nice time for my friend and I to chat and catch up for 2 hours. There really weren't any announcements or education about whales or anything like that, but I didn't expect a whole lot for the price, so I guess I got what I was expecting. They did give us a coupon to ride again for free since we didn't see anything, which was nice.
Rating: 4
No whales, but had fun anyway.
Sun, Mar 9, 08   11:00 AM jvelastegui Female 40-49 Local Individual
We didn't see any whales on our trip. My kids were disappointed at first, but it was still a very enjoyable 2-hour boat ride. We had a great burger and enjoyed the sun and breeze. The guarantee is very generous and we plan to return to take advantage of that whenever those whales decide to head to Dana Point!
Rating: 4
Wonderful Opportunity
Sat, Mar 8, 08   4:00 PM smerchant Female 40-49 Local Family With Children
Although we live in So. California, we had not gone whale-watching in 10 years. My son was only 5 months old the last time we went!

He was so amazed and excited that we actually saw a whale and it was fairly close! We heard the group before saw dolphins but we were happy with the whale.
Rating: 5
Helpful staff
Sat, Mar 8, 08   4:00 PM felice127 Female 30-39 Local Couple on a Date
We drove from LA and it took us much longer than we thought to arrive. We called to postpone our reservations as we were stuck in traffic. The staff gladly accomodated our request and rescheduled for a later time for us. Thank you.
Rating: 4
Lovely boat ride, but no whales
Sat, Mar 8, 08   12:00 PM ysolovyeva Female 20-29 Local Individual
Considering that the tour is called Whale Watching I obviously expected to see some whales, but I didn't see any at all. But I enjoy boat rides and so I really liked being on the boat on a sunny day with nothing to do, but to sit and enjoy the view.
Rating: 4
It was a beautiful day for a boatride.
Sat, Mar 8, 08   11:00 AM janewarren Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
It was a beautiful day for a boatride. Alas, we only saw a bit of a whale from a long distance away. It was apparent that your crew was trying very hard to find a whale for us. I appreciate your policy of a "whale check" when we aren't able to find any whales. We were with some people from Ohio who had never been on a boat so we had a lovely time and the whales would have been an exciting bonus.
Rating: 5
Great Birthday Gift...Beautiful Day!
Sat, Mar 8, 08   11:00 AM marksglover Female 50-59 Local Family With Children
My husband & daughter took me on the whale watching cruise as a surprise b'day gift. It truly was a gift I will always remember. We did not get to see any whales that day; however, it was worth the trip just to see the thousands of dolphins we were able to witness in their natural habitat! We found 2 different pods of dolphins & I will never forget the sight of the ocean literally filled with them swimming, jumping & coming up along side the boat! To make the trip even better, it was a beautiful day temp-wise...sunny, clear & warm! Then we saw some sea lions sunning on top of a buoy on the way back in to the harbor. Great day had by all!
Rating: 3
Whale Watching Bummer
Sat, Mar 8, 08   11:00 AM DawnDuBois Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
Dana Wharf Whale Watching trip was ok. No whales found but not to fault the company. They captain could have given a narrative on other sea life in the area or local interesting facts on residents of interest. Something other than "remember folks, these animals are wild and cannot come on command...you must go to Sea World for that". I mean how dumb do you think we are. I found that to be condensending and unneccessary. It would be nice to know whale facts, trivia, and perhaps feel a whale tooth or bone or something. I did get a rain check but will I go back? Only for the pure curiosity of seeing a whale.
Rating: 4
No whales but lots of dolphins
Sat, Mar 8, 08   10:00 AM saxsmaja Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
We didn't see any whales, but were lucky to meet large pods of dolphins.

The boat was nice, and since we had read reviews on Zerve before the trip we didn't set ourselves up to see whales.

One thing that I would have liked though was a note on how we could have gotten another trip since we didn't see any whales. We only thought about that several days after the trip.
Rating: 5
We had a great time, and can't wait to do again!
Sat, Mar 8, 08   9:00 AM trishasloat Female 30-39 Local Group of Friends
Our experience overall was excellent, buying and printing tickets online was painless.....One arrived check in only took a couple of minutes

The event itself was amazing, we loved every second of it.....It just so happen to be my boyfriends birthday, he was very impressed with the experience.

The best example I have is, after our day was over my boyfriend who isn't amazed by the small things as myself, said that it was a once in life time experience and was very thankful for the birthday surprise.

Therefore I would like to thank everyone involved in making his day a special one, it's a birthday he'll never forget!

Thank you,


Riverside, CA
Rating: 3
Whale Watching
Fri, Mar 7, 08   2:00 PM dlboomr56 Female 50-59 Local Couple on a Date
We have done this event before and this is the first time we didn't see any whales. We were disappointed as it is a lot more expensive than when we went a few years ago. We most likely won't do this again.

The people who ran the boat were most friendly and helpful. Very nice.
Rating: 5
great service/great experience
Fri, Mar 7, 08   12:00 PM patelliot Female 60-69 Local Individual
It was a beautiful day to be on the ocean. Despite seeing no whales, we thoroughly enjoyed the dolphins, the ride and the crew.
Rating: 4
Didn't see whales
Thu, Mar 6, 08   10:00 AM pennydouglas Female 60-69 Local Unspecified
I was excited about going out to view any type of whales and unfortunately not one whale to be seen. The captain said he was sorry and the whales must have been in Mexico and haven't made the trip back. What we did see was dolphines in herds swimming very fast and came very close to the boat. But that was it. I was disappointed because I've been wanting to do this a for a very long time.

The captain said he would give us our tickets back if we didn't see any whales, but that didn't happen.

Penny Douglas
Rating: 5
Tue, Mar 4, 08   12:00 PM robyn_lynnea Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
My son and I visited some family and friends in California. We had a very full schedule with very few off days. We had planned on going to an old gold mine, but it was out of season, so I got on the internet and found this whale watching cruise.

What a great idea that was! The staff on the cruise was so polite and friendly! We didn't find any whales that day, but we did see some spectacular dolphins! They were so close to the boat, that when they splashed along the side, some ocean water hit us both! (not much, just a splash) We really enjoyed the 2 hours out on the ocean. . . Next time we get out towards California, we will DEFINATELY go again!
Rating: 5
AWESOME!!!!!! Must Do Event:)
Tue, Mar 4, 08   10:00 AM Cjpprete Female 30-39 Combination Family With Children
This was an incredible experience. The crew was so wonderful in their explanation of what was happening. On our trip we were not able to spot a whale, but I have never seen so many dolphins in my whole life (all added together even).

Must do event!!!