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1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips 228 88% 4.1 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Catamaran Adventure Cruises 105 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
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Rating: 5
Great time, great people.
Mon, Dec 1, 14   12:00 PM mfilios1000 Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
It was a lovely trip. Unfortunately we did not see any whales. However the captain and crew were very informative and showed us a number of other ocean inhabitants. Also because we did not see any whales, we received credit to do another trip any time in the future. Just a great group to work with!
Rating: 5
Best Sport Fishing Outfitter Around!
Mon, Dec 1, 14   10:00 AM frankie088 Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We were very pleased with the staff on board our fishing boat -- they were efficient, helpful, and friendly. We would have liked to have gone out into deeper waters but the weather did not cooperate and unfortunately my husband and daughter both became seasick. We spoke with a few of the weekly regulars who said this was the best outfit in the area and after the service we received we would have to agree. I had a wonderful time and my daughter enjoyed feeding the seagulls, pelicans, cormorants, and loons with the leftover bait as we sailed back into the harbor!
Rating: 4
Safe & reliable
Wed, Nov 26, 14   10:00 AM Portiva Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We had a good standard experience with Dana Wharf San Clemente. Crew looked professional enough and knowledgeable although it seemed that they are doing the job by the book and obvious lack of enthusiasm and excitement or any encouraging were easy to sense. They had more their energy focused on selling food and drinks. Boat was half full and no extra happy ordinary mood had been practiced by the crew in order to make a nice weather day fabulous. Perhaps we will go next time with them, as far as location and price but we will be more self independent this time. Boat cleaning had been performed while heading back to the dock and this was totally inconvenient and uncomfortable for the passengers. They should clean their boat afterwards or adopt a better system. Generally I would say Staff were not an issue, lack of quality management made them to be like that.
Rating: 1
Newcomers run away.
Sun, Nov 23, 14   12:45 PM Talhaimam Male 40-49 Local Family With Children
Kids education before the 1/2 day noon trip was a farce. Not oriented towards totally first timers.

The bathroom were dirtiest possible with no running water.

The crew was busy amongst themselves, even fising themselves, smoking, joking. They did their basic job but not much more. Not guiding novice adults or kids. With so many options in SoCal why try this company again.
Rating: 3
staff is extremely friendly and helpful
Sat, Nov 15, 14   12:00 PM lochnesssea Male 40-49 Local Group of Friends
plenty of baits
Rating: 5
Pleasant experience
Sat, Nov 15, 14   10:00 AM PETRIDIS Female 40-49 International Tourist(s) Individual
Boat clean and comfortable, comments interesting, weather fine, whales and dolphins very collaborative ... what can we ask else?
Rating: 5
Tue, Nov 4, 14   12:00 PM dolancr Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Must admit, went on the tour not expecting to see much. First thing was a humpback whale, close up to the boat showing his fluke. The staff were great in explaining the different creatures as we landed on loads of dolphins and seals. They kept circling with the whale, he was there for the duration on and off. Brilliant. Wanted to go again but holiday time is against us. Will go again with these guys in the future for sure. A great day.

Rating: 5
AMAZING Whale Watching, Dolphin watching and more
Sun, Nov 2, 14   12:00 PM LisaDalgaard Female 40-49 Combination Group of Friends
We had an amazing experience. We were able to take our international guests out in October and still see a Minke whale and a sperm whale. The captain referred to him as Mr. October because he's been hanging around all month. We saw a ton of common dolphins that swam with the boat and followed us throughout our journey. Also saw seals or sea lions. Don't recall which ones.

I live in Dana Point and had no idea we could still see this much sea life in October/November. They're also offering a discount right now on their website. We plan on bringing the next group of visitors for the holiday. The best 2 hours I've spent at sea in years!
Rating: 5
Completely relaxing and enjoyable day.
Tue, Oct 28, 14   12:00 PM phurley1166 Female 40-49 Local Individual
I needed a day to myself just to relax and Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching delivered. I have been on a lot of whale watching trips and have to admit that this trip was the best of them all. The crew was knowledgable, helpful, funny and friendly. It was a fantastic day and I will definitely be going again with friends and when I need alone time.
Rating: 4
Great Experience
Sun, Oct 19, 14   6:30 AM leestrother Female 40-49 Local Family With Children
Fun trip but the fish were not cooperating this day. It's to be expected that some days it just isn't happening.
Rating: 5
Saw whales and an entire pod of dolphins
Tue, Oct 14, 14   2:00 PM Sccook70 Unspecified 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
This was a great little trip. The crew was friendly and helpful. We saw two types of whales and an entire pod of Dolphins.
Rating: 4
Good, if pricey whale/dolphin watching excursion
Sun, Oct 12, 14   2:00 PM sowiusa Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Individual
Decent enough experience - clean boat, good overall service. The boat confidently steams out and finds a group of dolphins just off the coast, stays there for a while (dolphins are fun to watch but very common!) and then goes off for an hour or so searching for whales or anything else interesting. It's nature and of course hit and miss. Going from the observation log on their website they're pretty honest about something like one in four boats seeing any larger mammals than the dolphins. Then at some point they give up and swing about and return to port. You got to see whales - the dolphins - so what's your complaint? At the price paid I would have liked a slightly longer excursion, or some kind of organized spotting effort to increase chance of exotic encounters. But I guess for most passengers the duration is fine.
Rating: 5
No Whales this time, but worth it anyway
Sat, Oct 11, 14   2:00 PM KellyJColvin Female 40-49 Local Family With Children
The crew was so nice a helpful. We happened to be on trip where there were no whales, but the dolphins made up for that for the adults as well as the child. Because we didn't have any whale sightings, the company gave us all our tickets back so that we could come back for another tour. That is good business and made for a very happy and loyal customer. It is certainly not their fault that the whales swam somewhere else that day. I would recommend the trip to anyone.
Rating: 5
Anniversary vacation to SO Cal
Thu, Oct 9, 14   4:00 PM 20years Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
We had a great time on our whale watching cruise. We were on an anniversary holiday and wanted to keep things low-key. It was super easy to get to the venue and we saw lots of marine life. Literally hundreds of dolphins came over to 'play' with us. Seals joined in... and a whale made a special appearance.

Highly recommend. Even if the whales stay hidden, just seeing the dolphins made it well worth it.
Rating: 4
1/2 Day Fishing Trip
Sat, Sep 27, 14   6:30 AM dogcaller1 Male 40-49 Local Family Without Children
Went with my brother and (adult) nephews on a 1/2 day boat. Crew was great, fishing was good, and the price was right. Good time and good price; I'll do it again.