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Rating: 4
Hundreds of dolphins - 6 grey whales
Tue, Mar 25, 08   4:00 PM Nelnard99 Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Wednesday, March 25th, 4pm cruise

Didn't look good when we left port last Wednesday...but we ran into a HUGE pod of common dolphins. There were several hundred of them. On our way back to port we saw six grey whales and the ship captain let us stay out later than our designated time so that everyone would have a good chance of getting a picture.

THANKS Dana wharf whale watching crew!!
Rating: 5
Amazing whale watching we ever have
Tue, Mar 25, 08   4:00 PM loansongbird Female 50-59 Combination Family With Children
My 13 year old daughter and I will cary this experience throughout our lives , it was such an amazing trip , I did it before but that trip was nothing compared to this trip , the captain and the crew were very nice , friendly , educational. very professional , made us feel safe and we enjoyed it very much , we was relax and excited in same time.

We've never seen something like it in our lives , 400 to 500 dolphins jumping up and down , cruising a around ,we there with those dolphins for almost one hour then the captain took us looking for whales , we found about 7 of them , GOD blessed us in this trip , even the Captain said, short trip for 2 hours but it was incredible!!
Rating: 5
Tue, Mar 25, 08   4:00 PM LauraGarner Female 30-39 Combination Family With Children
We ended up seeing a mega-pod of dolphins (over 500 dolphins there). It was incredible. I could have stayed there all day watching them. We also saw a pod of 6 gray whales, which I guess is fairly uncommon (so many together). The guys said it was one of the best trips of the year. The downside to whale watching is that you never know what you're going to see. Sometimes, that's also the upside! They were knowledgeable, helpful, polite, and generally great. The boat was cleaned and appeared to be in good repair. I highly recommend it.
Rating: 5
Very enjoyable trip
Tue, Mar 25, 08   2:00 PM Scholfield Female Unspecified Local Group of Friends
A good value.
Rating: 5
great trip/very well run
Tue, Mar 25, 08   2:00 PM canadarad Female 40-49 Local Family Without Children
Buying tickets was very easy.

Trip was worth the $ agency well run.
Rating: 4
Beautiful day on the ocean!
Tue, Mar 25, 08   2:00 PM AuntieSasa Female 30-39 Local Family Without Children
We had a great time! We brought sack lunches and sat at the tables on the top deck...thought we'd have a great view of the whales and dolphins, but the captain always kept the ship pointed at them, so we had to strain to see through the captain's windows. I'd recommend getting a spot in the front of the boat if you want the best views. I heard several people down there complain that they couldn't see over everyone else, so be sure to secure a spot on the railing. We saw 4 grey whales and a huge pod of dolphins. The captain was able to entice the dolphins to play, and they surfed in the ship's wake...sailing through the air, jumping and flopping on their sides. It was definitely the highlight of the afternoon!
Rating: 5
Doesn't get any better than that
Tue, Mar 25, 08   12:00 PM NinaAB Female 40-49 Combination Family With Children
The whale watching was more that we hoped for! It was a beautiful calm day and we saw hundreds of Dolphins and six whales. We were able to watch both for 45 min. plus. The captain seemed very knowledgeable and overall it was a great experience. My only complaint is the boat was pretty crowded and my small children had difficulty seeing the whales because of needing to be lifted up above the many people. So get in line early and head for the bow of the boat!
Rating: 5
Great way to spend the afternoon.
Tue, Mar 25, 08   12:00 PM rknight Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I have lived in Orange County for more than two years, and I wish that I had done this before. My cousin and grandmother came to visit from out of state, and I booked the the tour/cruise for the three of us. The weather was beautiful, the view of Dana Point from the ocean looked like a painting, and the dolphins and whales did not disappoint. We saw 4-6 gray whales and a huge pod of common dolphins. The crew/staff were very friendly and knowledgable. Also, the cruise does not interfere with the animals travel patterns or harass nature just for a photo-op.
Rating: 5
Awesome Experience
Tue, Mar 25, 08   12:00 PM CourtneyD Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We saw over six whales, including a Mother and Calf!!! There were over a thousand dolphins swimming around the boat, and we got great photos. We also got an amazing close up of a sea lion who flopped out of the water right next to us. The captain gave us great information and we really enjoyed ourselves.
Rating: 5
It was fantastic!
Tue, Mar 25, 08   12:00 PM yolioli Female 50-59 Combination Family Without Children
It was a perfect day, 4 or 5 whales, thousands of dolphins, a friendly and polite crew, we couldn't ask for anything better and the price was outstanding!!!!!
Rating: 4
nice afternoon
Sun, Mar 23, 08   2:00 PM Sharonbarger Female 50-59 Local Family With Children
We spent a nice afternoon following 4 whales!
Rating: 4
Hundreds Dolphins, no whales
Sun, Mar 23, 08   10:00 AM irenersx Female 20-29 Local Group of Friends
We took the 10:00 am group on 3/23, it was a sunny day but no whales were spotted.

I read the review and heard that the crew was funny.

I personally didn’t think they were that fun. They didn’t give us much of a briefing as to what we would see for the trip.

The boat and ppl on it were quiet for the first hour, and the captain kept searching for the whales.

I hoped that he could give us some introduction in the beginning.

After around an hour and a half later, we saw a lot of common dolphins. Hundreds of them were swimming next to the boat.

The captain did a good job of explaining the dolphins, and overall it was a pleasant experience.

I will consider coming back in October, and hopefully I won’t be disappointed again.

I will be looking forward to the Blue Whale then
Rating: 4
Very Enjoyable and Memorable
Sat, Mar 22, 08   2:00 PM slatergirlz Female 30-39 Local Family With Children
We saw one Gray Whale with her calf and followed them for about 20 minutes. We really had to strain to get a good look (there are laws that keep the boats from getting too close?). Very educational but not too much blah-blah. The ride was great...spectacular views and relaxing! Take dramamine 1 hour before to ensure enjoyment. Awesome staff and reasonably priced yummy snacks.
Rating: 5
It was awesome!
Sat, Mar 22, 08   12:00 PM cindydchang Female 30-39 Local Family Without Children
That was more than we expected. We saw hundreds of Dophins and two grey Whales.
Rating: 5
Sat, Mar 22, 08   10:00 AM wanrnanr Female 50-59 Local Other
My husband and I had a fun time on our cruise. the captain took us and the rest of the crew out to where dolphins were feeding, there were alot of dolphins. It was alot of fun watching them swim and jump and cross paths with each other. It made for a very satisfied time. Great job!!!! Thank you so much. We intend to bring our granddaughters out on a whale watching cruise this summer. Hopefully we will see dolphins again in those numbers. (We did see whales too!! Very close up).