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Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 834 99% 4.6 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Priced Tuesday Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour 349 100% 4.8 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
1/2 Day and Twilight Fishing Trips 221 86% 4.1 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Catamaran Adventure Cruises 53 100% 4.9 Read Reviews Info & Tickets
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour 0 0% 0.0
1/2 Priced Whale Watch (past event) 0 0% 0.0
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises 0 0% 0.0
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Rating: 5
We had a great time
Sat, Aug 21, 10   10:00 AM LucilleNelso Female 60-69 Local Family Without Children
The launch was on time. The crew was very informative and polite and made us feel welcome. They paid particular attention to our safety. We saw several blue whales and dolfins.
Rating: 5
Wonderful experience
Thu, Aug 19, 10   12:00 PM dteal1 Female 50-59 Local Family Without Children
Friendly staff, Wonderful clean and comfortable catamaran.

Very enjoyable day, will recommend this trip to others.
Rating: 5
Best 2 Hours on the water ever!
Tue, Aug 17, 10   5:00 PM theelledges Female 50-59 Local Family Without Children
Thank you Captain and crew of the Dana Pride. You were awesome!

I have lived here for over 35 years and have never done a "Whale Watch". In part; I get sea sick and the other being skeptical of others having respect of sea life.

My niece and her husband came from Philadelphia for vacation. I wanted to plan something so they could enjoy the Pacific Ocean.

Booked 8 tickets--half price--what a deal! My family is still talking about it two weeks later. From the west coast to the east coast.

Saw a school of dolphins with babies. They followed the boat as if they were playing for attention. Water was calm, sky blue, no wind. Like they came just to see us. The Captain's narration made us feel secure in that they were enjoying this as much as we were.

Then on to the search for the Blue Whale. Not one Blue Whale--but 5. Yes I said 5. There were others on the boat that said they had been on other Whale watches and had never seen a whale. Not this time!. Not only was it exciting and enjoyable to see these massive creatures of the sea, I felt appreciative of the Captain and crew's respect for these creatures and our ocean.

Best 2 hours on the ocean I have ever had. Too much fun to get sea sick.
Rating: 5
Great trip Excellent service
Sat, Aug 14, 10   12:00 PM jbaksha Male 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The Crew was great!
Rating: 5
LOVED IT! We saw a Blue Whale!
Sat, Aug 14, 10   10:00 AM AgentWiley Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
This trip is the best! In a 2 hour tour, we not only saw a superpod of dolphins with their babies, but we also saw a Blue Whale! The crew was eager to cover a lot of ground so the group could get the most out of the day. The catamaran is very comfortable, and allows for a smooth FAST cruise to all of our destinations. They were very lively and interactive. Great trip! We felt bad at the end of the trip though as they passed around a tip jar and we did not have any cash on us. The crew was worth it. Enjoy!
Rating: 5
Wonderful Experience!
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises
Tue, Aug 10, 10   2:00 PM carinh Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
We had an absolutely wonderful experience on the Catamaran Whale Watch trip. The boat was comfortable and clean, the crew were awesome and very knowledgable. We spent about 45 minutes viewing the blue whale - with our guide giving us great info about the whale. Then on the way back to the harbor, we encountered a pod of common dolphins that swan right under the catamaran and out in front of us - it was exciting to see them skim along right under the water, and leaping out of the water in front of us. Exciting and exhilerating! We would definetly do this trip again.
Rating: 5
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Sun, Aug 8, 10   5:00 PM dawnjdarnall Female 40-49 Local Family Without Children
let me get this out of the way: when my fiance exited the boat, the plate connecting the boat to the ramp kept lifting. One of the tour operators would step on the plate as each passenger exited instead of steadily standing on the thing. But his timing was less than perfect and my fiance's big toe got under the business end of this plate. Not broken it seems, but quite painful for a couple of days. If it had been a child's toe, the result would have been worse. Please fix this before someone truly gets hurt!

As for the tour itself: wonderful!

I'd like to say that it was a little kid who had the thrill of a lifetime seeing the blue whale surface 5 times.... but it was my fiance who had always wanted to see a blue whale and talked of little else every weekend after the recent local articles. Every year when the blue whales came to dana point, he'd want to see one. For years. This year... finally! The tour guide said it was one of the best sightings ever. I'd have been happy just with the dolphins! This weekend, our 7 year old niece wants to go. Thanks for a great tour!
Rating: 4
Great experience
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Sun, Aug 8, 10   5:00 PM mpeoples Female 50-59 Local Family Without Children
This was a very pleasant experience and having tried to book a trip at Newport Beach with all the hassles of parking and crowds - the experience at Dana Point was SO MUCH BETTER. Will not hesitate to recommend this experience to others!!
Rating: 5
The Best Whale Cruise in our Lifetime
Sat, Aug 7, 10   12:00 PM evslone Male 50-59 Local Family Without Children
At least 8 times previously we have gone on whale watching cruises for Gray Whales. But the Blue Whales were so much more exciting, so much bigger, so much more active in hunting.

A lot of what makes a whale cruise successful is luck. We were lucky, but also our captain scouted out the whales beforehand and the result was a whale experience we will always remember. Awesome wildlife, mere miles off Dana Point.
Rating: 5
Sun, Aug 1, 10   2:00 PM lbradford008 Female Unspecified Local Family Without Children
The scenario: we were on the afternoon cruise. During the morning cruise, several whales had been spotted and stressed out by the hordes of boats that descended upon them. The captain made a conscious choice to cruise in the opposite direction to avoid further stress to those magnificent creatures. He was fairly certain he'd find other whales; but, then again ... maybe not. He explained it all at the start of the cruise. I totally applauded his decision. And yes!! we did find whales. We and only two other boats. Made for a marvelous trip. Will definitely choose Catamaran Adventures again.
Rating: 4
OK, but you had to be in the front of the boat
Sun, Aug 1, 10   2:00 PM rerowe57 Male 50-59 Local Family Without Children
Crew went to a lot of trouble to find us a whale; however, the front of the boat was not big enough for everyone to have a spot at the rail. For those of us on the side or back of the boat there wasn't a whole lot to see since every time a whale was signted, they always turned the boat so that only those in front could really see it. It would have been nice if they occasionally positioned the boat so that others could see the whales better, rather than just those lucky enough to find a place at the front.
Rating: 1
Reel Fun Was Not Fun
Sun, Jul 25, 10   12:45 PM gcram399 Male 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Went out on the Clemente in past years and actually caught a few fish each time. Ther Clemente captain always kept a close eye on the action and even interacted with the passengers.

Our captain Dan on the Reel Fun stayed out of sight and not only didn't find any fish, (40 rods x 4 hours = only 5 keepers) I was surprised he could even find the Pacific Ocean.

Besides the wasted time the trip cost my wife and I over $120.00 with the non residence 1 day license and all we came home with was a sun burn. To have the boat sit in 1 (very dead) spot for over an hour with no one catching anything or even getting a nibble before moving to try another spot was absolutely rediculous. I felt sorry for his crew (no fish, no tips).

One wasted day in my vacation to southern California.
Rating: 5
An excellent trip
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Wed, Jul 21, 10   5:00 PM TomNeubauer Male 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Witness a pod of dolphins feeding on a school of sardines. I have never seen that before
Rating: 4
Crew was very helpful!
Sat, Jul 17, 10   6:30 AM jschafer Male 50-59 Local Family Without Children
fishing stunk but crew was exceptional.
Rating: 4
1/2 Priced Catamaran Adventure Whale Watch Cruises
Tue, Jul 13, 10   12:00 PM Leonard3 Female 60-69 Combination Family Without Children
THe weather was beautiful and the boat was comfortable. We were slightly dissapointed we did not see any whales and only 1 pod of dolphins. I kept bragging about seeing whales in March when we came and our honeymooners were looking forward to seeing some. I realize you can't predict where they are, but more sea life would have made the memories sweeter.