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Rating: 1
Disapointed participant
Thu, Aug 6, 09   1:00 PM Doris1 Male 60-69 Local Family Without Children
The day was very nice with a medium breeze that made it very comfortable. When we departed the seas were a bit choppy and as we went further out it became stronger. One of the children of a larger group was on the bow and threw up his breakfast. Bad enough but the crew after some time came forward briefly looked at it and then proceeded to throw a small bar towel over it . This did not cover the mess and for the next hour and a half everyone was forced to observe this and worse yet smell it. This ruined the entire cruise for many and made many of the passengers get very queezy. I would suggest that perhaps your company should invest in a bucket to clean up such accidents or at least inform your customers what they should do if they start to feel badly. This was absolutely the worst sailing experience I have had and I would not recommend your trip to anyone

Ron and Doris Cormack
Rating: 5
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Tue, Aug 4, 09   5:00 PM JAndreassi Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I booked this adventure fully realizing that guarantees are not possible when it comes to wild nature! The evening cruise was great, weather was perfect! There was plenty of room to watch from any angle and walk about the boat. And then we spotted dolphins! I would have been happy with that but we kept going out with reports of whales just ahead! And we saw! Whales, spouts, birds, dolphin,and seals(or sea lions)! I honestly believe our Captain was more excited with all we saw than some of the passengers.

I was amazed with the whole trip.....and would hope that everyone could experience the nature that we did!
Rating: 5
Couldn't Have Asked For a Better Time
Fri, Jul 31, 09   1:00 PM chuckmartine Male 40-49 Local Family Without Children
My wife and I went on a three day mini vacation to Laguna for our ten year anniversary. We scheduled the Whale watching for our last day. This two hour trip ended our vacation as it started {Completely Awesome}. We were fortunate to have a great Captain and extremely fortunate to see 4 blues and 2 Fin whales, not to mention the huge school of common Dolphin that were very playful. We spoke with others on board and found out that some had ventured out numerous times but never saw any whales, which is why we considered ourselves extremely fortunate to witness these gigantic mammals. It was the perfect whale watching trip to end a perfect 3 day vacation. Thank you Dana Wharf.
Rating: 5
Highly Recomended!
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Sun, Jul 26, 09   5:00 PM heater Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
We had a great time! I have never seen so many dolphins in one place! Our captain really made an effort to find some dolphins and whales. Very nice and professional. I didn't even get sea sick!
Rating: 3
Crew member was drinking and smoking
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Sun, Jul 26, 09   5:00 PM johngetz1 Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The captain did a good job but the two deck hands weren't with the program. One was busy spending time with his girlfriend and the other was drinking beer and smoking. We had to ask him to remove himself and his smoke from the passenger area. If the deck hands had spent more time looking for whales, we might have seen one.
Rating: 2
Mediocre Effort
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Thu, Jul 23, 09   5:30 PM pkwatts Male 30-39 Local Family Without Children
There are several dolphin and whale watching cruises around. Haven't tried them, but I imagine they're probably better than Dana Wharf. Although the cruise was cheap, I wasn't particularly impressed by the knowledge of the crew, the organization of the enterprise (use a lot of inexpensive, young labor), or what we saw that evening -- the captain spent way too much time with a small pod of dolphins instead of at least trying to make a decent effort to find other marine mammals (i.e., whales). They would have been a bit more interesting. When I do this again, I'll use another company that goes out on the 5-hour cruises. It's more expensive, but you pay for what you get.
Rating: 5
Very enjoyable
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Tue, Jul 21, 09   5:00 PM vstuart84 Female 50-59 Local Family Without Children
The whale watching adventure was a huge success - we saw dolphins, sea lions, a sun fish and yes, a whale. I especially appreciated the captain's knowledge of the sea life. I will recommend this to my friends. Thank you for such a great time.
Rating: 4
Great Trip Just to Get On The Water
Tue, Jul 21, 09   1:00 PM werknman Unspecified 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
We enjoyed our trip on the Catamaran. I believe the boat is fairly new and it showed. The guys running the tour were nice and made every effort to make the trip worthwhile. A whale had been spotted in the area, but it did not show itself on our trip. We did see plenty of dolphins, which were quite entertaining. We went with the expectation of only seeing water, so spotting anything was a bonus. We happened to be passing through on half price Tuesday, and it was definitely worth that. I would probably hesitate at the full price, but there are not many opportunities to get on the ocean in central Illinois!
Rating: 2
Sum Fun is NO Fun!
Wed, Jul 15, 09   10:00 AM rr2132 Male 30-39 Local Family Without Children
Honestly, I would have to say that the 1/2 day trip on the SUM FUN was NO FUN! I go out quite a bit but mainly out of San Diego. This was my first trip out of Dana. Maybe I have been spoiled by the excellent service recieved from Point Loma, and H&M Landing, but the boat "SUM FUN" out of Dana was terrible. The deck hands were awful, sure I cought fish, but again the service from the hands was horrible. I would not reccomend this trip at all. The main problem was the crew, they were not good at all.
Rating: 4
Nice trip to see marine mammals on the ocean
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Tue, Jul 14, 09   5:00 PM bamurray1950 Male 50-59 Local Family Without Children
We didn't see blue whales, but that's really a function of the whales, not of the boat operator. We saw several groups of dolphins. Boat was great and clean, commentary was useful, overall an enjoyable evening.
Rating: 4
Great time!
Fri, Jul 10, 09   1:00 PM tshadof Female 30-39 Local Family Without Children
Although we didn't see any whales, we did see two species of dolphins and some sea lions. It was a great time!
Rating: 5
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Tue, Jul 7, 09   5:00 PM SMSTEINBE Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The Blue Whale watching cruise far exceeded our expectations. The staff was friendly and knowledgable and imparted just the right info at just the right time. The boat was clean and comfortable, the weather was fantastic, the wildlife cooperated as if trained to do so. The Common Dolphins were there to see in incredible #'s and swam with the boat, performing for us as if trained to do so.

Then the HIGHLIGHT of our cruise appeared, A couple of Blue Whales , which we sighted numerous times as they surfaced , swam and dove and reappeared several times to our surprise and enjoyment.


Scott & Danielle Steinberg.
Rating: 4
Very nice and must do thing!!!
Tue, Jul 7, 09   1:00 PM Meetshems Male 30-39 Local Family Without Children
I am local to Dana Point area and have been thinking about visiting the whale watch cruise for quite sometime, until recently. My in-laws were visiting us from abroad and I decided this trip would be cool one. Yes in deed, it turned out to be very nice trip after all. Since we went on weekday, there wasn't much crowd in the boat(at 15-20). The captain took us to the area where whale sightings have been reported that day. On the way there, we saw thousands of dolphins and its really cool to watch them show-off their skills in front of the crusie. Captain was very well knowledgeble on the whale location and was quick in turning the boat around to get closer to the whales. We spotted about 6 whales that dy in a span 0f 45 minutes.

Great time and very relaxed atmosphere. Will surely take my brother and family from the east coase, again in August.
Rating: 5
Great time Whale watching.
Whale and Dolphin Watching Adventure Tour
Mon, Jul 6, 09   5:00 PM dbart9 Male 30-39 Local Family Without Children
The staff was super friendly and knowledgable. The captain gave us a great tour and provided us with grerat info about where we were and what we may see. Although we didn't see any whales, we'd do it again and highly recommend it to others.
Rating: 4
Crew was very helpful.
Mon, Jul 6, 09   10:00 AM fisherwest Male 70+ Local Family Without Children
The crew made the trip an enjoyable fishing experience. They were quickly on the spot to help you bring the fish aboard and take it off your hook.