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Diver Ed's Dive-in Theater Boat Cruise is an underwater extravaganza the whole family will love!

After his first breath underwater at the age of 16, Ed knew he would be a diver. Since then he has logged over 35,000 hours diving for fun, commercially, conducting research, and hand-harvesting scallops.

Diver Ed attended College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor, where he studied marine sciences. After graduating Ed worked as a fisherman, marine ecologist for the Smithsonian Institution, Harbormaster for the Town of Bar Harbor, and founded the League of Underwater Superheroes.

In 2000 Ed took his passion for the undersea world and started the Dive-in Theater. Ed's wife, Evil Edna, is the boat's captain. Their Newfoundland dogs accompany them on every cruise.

"Diver Ed is...a wild-haired cross between John Belushi and Jacques Cousteau whose idea of fun is kissing live sea creatures and over-inflating his scuba suit so amusing noises blow out the neck hole." -- Family Fun Magazine