Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

Ground Zero Museum Workshop

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Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

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Witness the 9/11 Recovery in a powerful, interactive tour based on the work of Official Ground Zero Photographer Gary Marlon Suson.

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Rating: 4
Displays very organized.
Thu, Aug 26, 10   11:00 AM JeanHowell Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Film was good and informative. A good experience.

Thank you.

Rating: 3
I live here and didn't need a review of 9/11.
Sat, Aug 14, 10   11:00 AM captain1072 Male 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
I went with family from out of town. Pictures are magnificent but I have seen them all and been through the emotion of losing acquaintances. The room is small and not comfortable for older people. There is only one chair that is more than two feet off the floor and would require a push off from the floor to stand. I don't need the "never forget" routine. Thank you.
Rating: 5
Very worthwhile.
Thu, Jun 10, 10   11:00 AM danmca Male 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Suson's photos, and especially the commentary he supplies with each one, provide a very meaningful sense of what it was like for the firemen and police officers who participated in the Ground Zero cleanup. Nothing like this is available elsewhere. Go see this museum.
Rating: 5
Audio was good
Sat, May 1, 10   3:00 PM KentTucker Male 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Since I was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing as President of American Red Cross and have been to that museum several times. I have had the Exc. Dir speak at our Kiwanis club, would sugest to visit that or one or your board of directors for ideas and to enlarge. I visited the Russian Teardrop in New Jersey and it was the only memorial I could find for 9/11. You need to see this 50 ft teardrop if you have not.

It is outstanding with all the names that were killed at the bottom.

Have they made a decision on our Memorial.

Kent Tucker

Ardmore, Oklahoma
Rating: 5
A Return To The Real 9-11-01
Mon, Apr 26, 10   2:00 PM LouOberman Male 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
A reminder of the devastation of the events and horror of the day and beyond. Great photos with stories of the destruction and the people who were involved is something as Americans we shall never forget. I learned many things from the depictions, but, the that really hit home, was the wall holding back the Hudson River and what could have happened had it been totally breached. Everyone should see your museum and especially children in the NYC school system. The museum is well done and the proceed for a good cause. Your young lady docent did a fabulous job.
Rating: 4
Visit to the museum an emotional experience
Sat, Feb 20, 10   1:00 PM NancyLawrenc Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Other
My husband, our grandson and I visited the museum and discovered that reminders of 9/11 can still bring us to tears. We think that taking time to visit to the museum while in New York elicits a renewed appreciation for the courageous individuals who responded to the rescue efforts.
Rating: 5
Excellent, but lacks visit to Ground Zero
Mon, Dec 28, 09   4:00 PM GeorgMalloy Male 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
Excellent little museum with audio tour of photographs and artifacts of 9/11 plus personal intro to the photos by the photographer. Grandchildren also very moved by this program as well. I believe that this experience must be coupled with a direct visit to Ground Zero, which is not provided by this venue. You can get an excellent view of Ground Zero from the second floor of the stunningly beautiful and serene Wintergarden at the end of Vesy Street, along the Hudson River, no entrance fee, and can also visit , also free of charge, the small church at the east edge of the Ground Zero site which miraculously survived the collapse of the adjacent towers entirely intact (even though the collapse brought down other adjacent smaller but still huge office towers) and which was used as a respite, staffed by dedicated volunteers, for the 9/11 recovery team for over a year. It includes many letters, photos, and other artifacts relating to the immediate afermath - search for missing loved-ones, for example, in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the towers. Very moving! The promo material for the "Ground Zero Workshop Tour" needs to be more clear and up-front that it does not include a tour of Ground Zero , and that it is not located close to Ground Zero.. I did not realize this until I had booked my ticket. This venue should, unsolicited, suggest to those booking tickets, that they should also consider planning a visit to Ground Zero like that I have mentioned, and provide directions to get there.
Rating: 5
Excellent; tasteful; respectful; sad; historic.
Tue, Oct 20, 09   1:00 PM gail437 Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
I would highly recommend the tour of this museum to every American and decent person on the face of this earth. This was a sad day in our history and one that we will never forget. It also affects people of all faiths and nationalities. We need to stand strong as members of the human race to insure the safety of people everywhere in order to keep a handful of menacing, suicidal, demons from ever allowing this to happen anywhere ever again. The Ground Zero Museum is a must for anyone visiting NYC. While it will bring tears to your eyes and leave a huge lump in your throat, you will also leave saying, "How dare they!!!"

Whatever it takes, Osama bin Laden and his coherts MUST be stopped and pay for all the heartbreak and damage they have caused.....NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!!!
Rating: 5
A must - Never forget!
Sun, Oct 18, 09   12:00 PM SallyTemple Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
Such a wonderful tribute to all that happened at ground zero.
Rating: 5
Prepare to be touched and moved.
Sat, Oct 17, 09   11:00 AM carloscuadra Female 70+ Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
My husband and I found the display of photos and artifacts very affecting. I'll always remember the clock on display that stopped at the very moment the plane hit the tower.

The small quarters of the museum enhanced the reality of what we were seeing. It also made us feel privileged to be there.

Thank you for leaving boxes of Kleenex around.