Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

Ground Zero Museum Workshop

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Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

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Witness the 9/11 Recovery in a powerful, interactive tour based on the work of Official Ground Zero Photographer Gary Marlon Suson.

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Rating: 5
Very moving and inspirational experience
Fri, Apr 2, 10   11:00 AM medicgivens Female 30-39 Combination Other
A wonderful opportunity to revisit 9/11 from a completely different perspective - these objects, photos and their narratives capture more than words alone could ever describe and give a true sense of what it was like being part of the recovery efforts. Highly recommend it!
Rating: 4
Thu, Mar 4, 10   1:00 PM jbieber Male 30-39 Combination Individual
The museum represents the tragedy of 9/11, but also clearly demonstrates the humanity that this event brought out in people.

Perhaps the tour could include the current state of Ground Zero, maybe even the plans of Freedom Tower....ending the tour on a positive not. After all, this is called 'Ground Zero Museum'. It's not 'FDNY Ground Zero Museum'. Anything relative to Ground Zero can be included.

Ultimately, I understand that only so much information can be included.

Lastly, the free chocolates were a nice touch...but in the restroom?
Rating: 5
Amazing photos and commentary
Sun, Jan 17, 10   12:00 PM jillya927 Female 20-29 Combination Couple on a Date
This was such an interesting/moving experience.
Rating: 5
wonderful tribute to those who gave their lives
Tue, Dec 22, 09   1:00 PM bpaige46 Female 30-39 Combination Family Without Children
Amazing place! Makes you think and think about what happened that day. For a room that is only 1000 square feet, full of information and artifacts displayed and explained in an informative way. A must see. It is informative tribute, images are moving and thought provoking. We were lucky enough to attend on a day when Gary Suson (founder and photographer) was in residence.
Rating: 5
Combine this with St. Paul's
Mon, Nov 30, 09   12:00 PM JTrusty1 Female 50-59 Combination Family With Children
The museum guides are very respectful, and set a pitch-perfect tone for the visit. In the group in the museum during our visit there was a 9/11 widow and I think she felt OK with how the visit was handled and the way in which the museum works. The background stories of the people/objects in the photos were interesting. I would recommend combining this museum visit with a visit to St. Paul's Chapel, about a block away from Ground Zero. St. Paul's provided meals, a place of refuge, and care for rescue workers for 8-9 months --- in other words, what went on with the rescue workers photographed by Gary after they left "the Pit." Seeing the two together provided a memorable morning.
Rating: 5
A must see...hands down!
Thu, Aug 27, 09   1:00 PM Kimtramutola Female 40-49 Combination Family With Children
Unlike any museum you've ever seen.

Tasteful, personal, sad, and honorable... will tug at your heart strings like nothing else.

A much needed respectful display to honor that day never to be forgotten.

Our children were quite little when 911 happened. Now, at ages 13 and 15 it was a moving experience that placed the missing pieces together for them; and us as well.

Just to give you an idea: not a big cold building but a quaint small room quiet and serene with more information and memories that you could ever imagine.

You see, you touch, and you will feel.

Although a very heavy experience, one that no true Native New-Yorker should miss.

Tips...Don't be late, a short movie is first and nothing you ever ever seen on tv.

Try to see the last tour so you can take your much to see and hear about.

Bring a camera for sure.

And if Gary is coming...wait for him...meeting him was a healing moment.

And gal pals...wear waterproof mascara if any at all. something fun afterward like wax museum.

And last but not least.....please tell Gretchen (who is wonderful) that Kim sent you.

last words....Worth every dollar and moment of our time, would do it again in a heart beat.
Rating: 5
Extremely Worthwhile!
Thu, Aug 13, 09   11:00 AM FBroidis Female 40-49 Combination Family With Children
This was, unexpectedly, the most worthwhile "tour"/museum of my most recent stay in NYC. I am a native who now lives in Florida & wanted my chiildren to be educated on this so important event. My children are 9 & 13 and both were engaged in the photos, artifacts and narratives explaining these things. A very important piece of history is tastefully documented here. Both adults and children were emotionally moved by this display of Ground Zero. Don't miss this!
Rating: 5
A powerful presentation
Mon, Aug 10, 09   2:00 PM HettyNPerl Female 50-59 Combination Other
I must admit that when I first saw a one room museum I was somewhat skeptical, but I found the visit to the Ground Zero Museum workshop to be one of the most powerful I have had at any museum in the USA or abroad. Perhaps because I remember so many of the events so clearly, it was so extraordinary. I was also quite impressed with the guides, and their sensitivity in dealing with the issues, and was honored to meet Mr. Suson, and speak to him personally.

I feel that one of the most valuable things was the lack of a commercial air about the entire situation. It was simple reporting of a catastrophic event, and bringing it to the daily human level.

I have recommended this museum to everyone I speak to, especially New Yorkers who are not even aware it exists.
Rating: 5
Honors and Respects 9/11
Sat, Jul 4, 09   11:00 AM clsbarbi Female 20-29 Combination Family Without Children
This museum is only tiny in size. The amount of emotions they evoke and memories they stir is HUGE. Your heart will weep but if you ever thought that after that tragic day you DIDN'T DO ENOUGH for the survivors, rescuers and innocents killed, spend the money to get in and know that you money is going directly to them. I would have paid 5 times as much to get in knowing that my money is going to a variety of charities established for innocent people affected by 9/11.
Rating: 5
the ground zero workshop is exactly that-
Mon, Oct 20, 08   12:00 PM sharoncarrol Female 30-39 Combination Individual
a workshop that helps one heal from the events of 9/11. i wavered back and forth when i came to visit nyc of whether or not i'd be able to even go look at ground zero or not. i heard about this workshop, and although i was still unsure, i decided i needed to try and face some of my fears of that day. i would recommend the workshop to anyone. i thank the artist for putting the small space together- it's perfect. it's intimate and safe and each person can listen to as much information as they can handle. i always felt so silly for being so affected from that day. i was living 1200 miles away (in minnesota). i always wondered why it saddened me as much as it did. i was able to work through my grief and come to terms with that day. i can now look at pictures and video of that day and still remember, but not become so overwhelmed. thank you.