Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

Ground Zero Museum Workshop

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Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

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Witness the 9/11 Recovery in a powerful, interactive tour based on the work of Official Ground Zero Photographer Gary Marlon Suson.

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Rating: 5
Extremely Moving
Sat, May 12, 07   1:00 PM Jillyank Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
Mother's Day Weekend - Mother & daughter from Vermont

Our trip to the 9/11 museum was just outstanding. We've both experienced several museums in NYC, but have never been moved quite like our visit to the 9/11 museum. Both my mother and I enjoy learning about history but more importantly, learning about the symbolism of history and that is what this museum was all about for us. The 9/11 museum might be small in space, but not with information. We learned so much more about that day and the many days that followed the 9/11 attacks. Gary Suson's ability to capture history, the event, and symbolism of that day and after is just amazing. The old saying of "You get out of it what you put into it" is how I can best describe this museum. If you want to learn more about that day and the impact of that day on the many people involved, go to this museum. You just won't believe some of the things you hear and learn - just amazing! Worth every penny.

Thanks so much!

802 :-)
Rating: 5
Reverently beautiful
Fri, May 25, 07   11:30 AM kitykat1074 Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
Gary Suson has captured the emotion of the Ground Zero recovery efforts in this museum. From the time I entered the door, I felt the reverence and emotion he put into both his photographs and his museum. All of the artifacts and photos truly reach out and allow the person to feel the emotion of the "brotherhood". The museum tour was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Thank you Gary Suson for being devoted to this cause.
Rating: 5
An emotional experience
Mon, May 28, 07   12:00 PM kborgers Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Family With Children
An absolute must (better to go before visiting Ground Zero!). The room is small but strangely comforting. I should point out that the taxi driver who took us was in doubt that we were in the right place and was actually reticent about dropping us off as the street was somewhat deserted and had a derelict look about it. There was an uncomfortable air about the location. It did cross my mind how many people had a similar experience and decided not to stay! However, we soon discovered that this is one of the safest districts in town and when you get there you will see opposite, a (the?) Stella McCartney shop. When we left via the other end of the street in which we arrived we saw some very up market shops, houses and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Gary Suson is a quite remarkable individual. The event commences with an introduction to explain what the workshop is about, how it came about and some histrionics of Gary's experiences at Ground Zero. This is followed by a short video and a re-run of an interview that Gary gave to one of the main stream US news channel (CNN?). The videos are highly emotionally charged and reduced my daughter (aged 21) to tears. I certainly had a lump in my throat.

After the video, each of us received a portable electronic ‘story teller’ where one can select a number that corresponds with the numbered photos and artifacts that are displayed around the room. The photos are extraordinary and the artifacts will move you. I have no wish to spoil the experience of anyone wishing to visit by going into detail. The only thing I need to say is please go – it’s an emotional, eye opening and mind provoking experience that will live with you forever.

Thanks Gary – we will never forget!

Rating: 5
Learn more about that fateful day
Sat, Jun 2, 07   11:30 AM WTC8461028 Male 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
Much has been written about September 11th. We've all read the accounts of what occured that day and we've seen pictures that have shocked us. That being said, there are stories (and images) within the story of September 11th, things that were not reported/seen in any media formats. Why? Because the media was not allowed on-site access to the World Trade Center site. However, that changed in November 2001 when Gary Marlon Suson, a New York photographer, was gained unlimited access to the site. He soon gained the trust of the police and firefighters who were involved in the cleanup/recovery. Suson's museum includes many artifacts that he was allowed to remove from the actual site. You can even hold an actual piece of World Trade Center steel, which has been shaped into a cross. The images really convey a powerful message. They show frustration, exaustion, and sadness. Every artifact and image is presented with the utmost respect and dignity. These are the accounts of a man who was there, day in and day out, right alongside the firefighters as they searched for their fallen brothers. A visit to the Ground Zero Museum Workshop will allow you to become more informed about September 11th and it's aftermath. Even more importantly, the images will provide a window to the soul of many recovery workers who gave all they had for nine months, helping to heal a strong yet bruised nation.
Rating: 5
worth it all to see these stunning photographs!
Sun, Jun 3, 07   1:45 PM marcyt Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
We were moved by the very personal images, the recovered artifacts, and the personal stories of sacrifice, heroism, and patriotism. Everyone should see this display, so that we will never forget!
Rating: 4
Bittersweet, touching and important
Mon, Jun 4, 07   12:00 PM crysjohn Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
The photos and artifacts of the museum are amazing .. and the stories that go along with them are not to be missed. Reminds us that WE MUST NOT FORGET. We had two young teens (13 and 15) with us and they were just as interested as the adults. Reminds them, too, without gore, of the impact and import of 9/11. We had the extra special opportunity to be led through the museum by the "9/11 Photographer" who took the photos and gathered many of the artifacts. Very personable and obviously respectful of the material.
Rating: 5
Unbelievably touching, tasteful and beautiful...
Sat, Jun 9, 07   1:00 PM bigdkat Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
I recently visited NYC with a friend that had never been to the city before. I had agreed to be the "tour guide" for the weekend since I visit quite often. She found the museum on the internet and wanted to attend. I must admit I was very reluctant but agreed since it was something she really wanted to do while we were there. We arrived at the museum and the minute I walked in my first reaction was "This is so small and doesn't seem to be much. How can we possibly need to spend 1 1/2 hours here and for what? I sure hope it is worth the time and money." We were introduced to a man by the name of Marlon who was to be our "guide" for the tour. He gave us a brief overview of what we would see/hear while there and I quickly realized that "Marlon" was the photographer himself...Gary Marlon Suson. I was amazed at how nice, polite and down to earth he was. I was even more impressed when I realized how much he had seen during the shooting of the photos and what a deeply emotional time it must have been for him and in awe that he was willing to put himself out there with that raw emotion for all to see. He's a great photographer but even more, he's an incredibly humble and selfless person that I had the honor of meeting and spending some time with. The pictures themselves tell silent stories of that time spent at Ground Zero duing the recovery but Mr. Suson has taken it a step further and provided stories about each picture and the emotions he was feeling/experiencing while capturing them on film. Additonally there are some incredible artifacts that came from the recovery that siginify the magnitude of the events that took place on 9/11. This is the most incredibly sensative, tastefully done museum and before I realized it my 1 1/2 hours were up. Of all my trips to the city this was the most moving and beautiful thing that I have seen and all at a very small price to pay compared to the labor of love Mr. Susson gave recording this time for the FDNY. Awsome expierence. I will visit again on my next trip and have recommended it highly to friends planning on a visit to the city in the future. Thank you Mr. Susson for opening your heart and your selflessness for sharing this with us. It was an expierence I will never forget.
Rating: 5
It was emotional.
Sat, Jun 9, 07   2:30 PM domesticvs Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Before 9/11, I didn't know the world trade center existed until it was coming down. Now I love the world trade center and Ground Zero. My fiancee and I went to this museum to find out what they found at Ground Zero and to feel closer to the tragic event and it's victims. It was very emotional. We seen part of the steam from the world trade center and rare pieces of glass from it. We also seen a piece of the first airplane that hit the towers. I was standing close to it when our tour guide told us what it was, then I jumped behind my fiancee away from it and started crying. I think it's tragic that 9/11 happened and I just want the victims and the world to know that they have my support. It was amazing. Well worth it!
Rating: 4
Mon, Jun 11, 07   12:00 PM Karmel Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
It was truly amazing museum.

Be prepare to cry.

Very real and moving experience
Rating: 5
Individualized and heart felt.
Thu, Jun 14, 07   11:30 AM Ericstone Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
The small group setting and comfortable atmosphere was a great relief from the outdoor noise and traffic. The introduction, presentation and flexibility of the museum workshop ranked #1. I enjoyed the museum, especially talking to the guide and what he mentally went through during his photo sessions of 911. His description and pictures gave me just enough information for me to place myself at the sight. I know my family will always remember that experience.