Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

Ground Zero Museum Workshop

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Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour

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Witness the 9/11 Recovery in a powerful, interactive tour based on the work of Official Ground Zero Photographer Gary Marlon Suson.

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Rating: 5
A heart touching experience
Sat, Jun 25, 11   5:00 PM york899 Male 20-29 Local Other
My uncle, firefighter Raymond R. York was one of the 343 to respond to the WTC and lose his life saving people on 9/11/01. I was 12 years old when it happened and watched as the towers burned from my classroom window. Fear was driven into me at this young age and sorrow overwelmed me. I've always felt surrounded by the aftermath of 9/11. I havnt gone a day without something atleast in some relation to that day affecting me. But I choose not to forget about it and ignore those feelings. Instead, I choose to learn more about the good acts that came from that terrible day. My uncle was a hero and I honor that. I visit ground zero frequently and leave a picture of him at memorials. It was'nt until last week that I discovered their was a ground zero museum. When i found out, i made an apointment instintly. I find other peoples experience's and thoughts helpful. Most politics about 9/11 on TV anger me, but when I met or hear the veiws of another who lost someone, It relaxes me. Every person that died that day joined a family of almost 3000. This museum showed peoples emotions and gave details on what really happened down there. Im glad to hear the facts and see these images and artifacts with my own eyes. Its real and leaves me assured, that my uncle did'nt die for no reason. I know this because of the stories that are told here. The photographer Gary Suson did his job well. I only wish I could have heard more. The words he speaks about the open up my eyes. I thought I knew a lot about that day because of the people who I've spoke with that were down there. But when he speaks with the pictures in front of your eyes, it brings a whole knew sence of reality I can assure myself is fact. Thank you Gary and I highly reccomend anyone who has intrest of 9/11 to go to this museum.
Rating: 5
Sun, Aug 31, 08   12:00 PM yoda2008 Female 20-29 Local Family Without Children
What an amazing museum! I was impressed by the fact that the museum was able to take such a tramatic event and display memories of that horrible day in a tasteful way. As a person who witnessed the events first hand, I was reluctant to go to the museum. But I am so glad that I did. The setting is peaceful and lets individuals come to terms with 9/11 at their own pace.
Rating: 4
A unique Museum/Memorial
Tue, Nov 29, 11   11:00 AM yhctim Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
As our guide mentioned this is the littlest, biggest museum.

It is packed with 9/11 site artefacts that you can touch (some) and see close up.

By using the audio equipment you can access information on all items, depicted scenes etc.

A good place and one I'm glad to have visited.
Rating: 4
Excellent photographs with explicit commentaries
Sun, Aug 24, 08   12:00 PM yelah20 Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The museum was smaller than I expected but the photography was excellent and the comments by Mr. Suson really gave you a feel for the gravity of the experience. It is artfully presented and respectfully done.

I did feel the tour was a bit pricey at $25 per person. It was mentioned that a portion of the proceeds go to the families of 9-11 but it was never clarified as to how much.
Rating: 4
Interesting and moving
Sun, Jul 27, 08   12:00 PM XidiaUK Female 20-29 International Tourist(s) Individual
Rating: 5
Its very Shocking
Thu, Jun 26, 14   11:00 AM XavierCuris Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Family With Children
undoubtedly the greatest feeling more in NY but little museum and emotions
Rating: 5
Must See, Moving Exhibit. Very Worthwhile
Sun, Mar 25, 12   2:00 PM Xavier3 Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
I visited the museum with my spouse and my 21 year-old daughter, on March 25, 2012. The museum has been called the biggest, little museum in New York City. For good reason. It is a hand-on place that let's you connect with the massive effort to recover from the tragedy of 9/11 in New York City.

Tastefully done, but very emotional. There is nothing in the museum workshop that I could not bring a 6 year old to. The museum is not physically taxing at all, and is a comfortable, protective place. The staff / tour guides are professional, helpful and friendly. They strongly believe in the mission of the museum.

Cameras are allowed, although the staff requests that no videos be taken. Proceeds from the museum sales directly benefit six charities. Tours are two hours long, and advanced ticket purchases are required. Very fine job. Well worth your time, in my opinion.
Rating: 4
A must for a detailed insight into Ground Zero
Fri, Apr 8, 11   11:00 AM wynlloyd Female 50-59 International Tourist(s) Other
My husband and I thought the museum was a very fitting memorial to all the people who lost their lives on 911, the exhibition was very detailed and very moving. We would definately recommend the Museum to our friends and family if they decide to visit New York. It was wonderful that we were able to walk the High Line to get to the meat packing district where the Museum was. Also the area where the Museum is situated is ideal for tourists who then want to visit Greenwich Village and Soho.
Rating: 5
Inform from a different perspective
Thu, Jul 19, 12   1:00 PM wvernon Male 50-59 International Tourist(s) Family With Children
As a family we were expecting a different kind of tour, but we had not read the brief before attending. On entering the tour we were introduced to the owner and actual photograph which gave the whole experience a completely different view.

In short this was a very moving experience for us all bring together the actual experiences of those who had the task of recovering the victimise from Ground Zore. (as a family we spent 6 days in New York and we all agreed this was one experience we would strongly recommend to anyone visiting NYC)

The quote we walked away with was "two bullets entered, but only love came out"
Rating: 5
Learn more about that fateful day
Sat, Jun 2, 07   11:30 AM WTC8461028 Male 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
Much has been written about September 11th. We've all read the accounts of what occured that day and we've seen pictures that have shocked us. That being said, there are stories (and images) within the story of September 11th, things that were not reported/seen in any media formats. Why? Because the media was not allowed on-site access to the World Trade Center site. However, that changed in November 2001 when Gary Marlon Suson, a New York photographer, was gained unlimited access to the site. He soon gained the trust of the police and firefighters who were involved in the cleanup/recovery. Suson's museum includes many artifacts that he was allowed to remove from the actual site. You can even hold an actual piece of World Trade Center steel, which has been shaped into a cross. The images really convey a powerful message. They show frustration, exaustion, and sadness. Every artifact and image is presented with the utmost respect and dignity. These are the accounts of a man who was there, day in and day out, right alongside the firefighters as they searched for their fallen brothers. A visit to the Ground Zero Museum Workshop will allow you to become more informed about September 11th and it's aftermath. Even more importantly, the images will provide a window to the soul of many recovery workers who gave all they had for nine months, helping to heal a strong yet bruised nation.