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  • Enjoy an unforgettable day fishing for Blackfish aboard the Island Current Fleet in the plentiful waters of the Long Island Sound.

  • Join us for a full day of Black Fish and Porgy fishing aboard the high quality Island Current Fleet in the hidden gem of City Island.

  • Join us for an all-day angling adventure fishing for porgies, a delicious and plentiful fish in the coastal Atlantic region.

  • Head into the Atlantic Ocean or Long Island Sound for a fun-filled day of fishing for Goliath porgies and Humpback sea bass.

The season for Flounder Fishing will begin on April 1. Please check back soon for the upcoming calendar!

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Come aboard the Island Current Fleet during April and May for a unique, quality fishing experience off the East Coast. Traditionally the East Coast, including our own Long Island Sound is the best place to hunt for Jumbo Winter Flounder during the heart of the spring season!

On this 8-hour trip you will:
  • Enjoy superior service and instruction from an expert crew that will guide you to a successful fishing experience.
  • Catch these shallow water flatfish, which are known to be one of the tastiest breeds in the water with meat that's firm, flaky and lean.
  • Learn all kinds of fishing techniques, tackle rigging, bait selection, netting or gaffing, and even top-of-the-line fish cleaning.
Come one, come all - all ages and levels of experience are welcome aboard the Island Current Fleet. You don't want to miss this one-of-a-kind day of fun!

Rods, reels, bait and tackle are included in the ticket price.

What Is Not Included?

Food and beverages are not included in the ticket price. Please feel free to bring your own food and beverages in a plastic cooler no larger than 48 quarts. 

Meeting Location

City Island (Bronx, NY) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)


-------------------------------FISHING DETAILS-----------------------------------
What has the catch been like lately?
4/8/13 The Flounder season has officially started, the fishing has been getting better as the water temperatures have been rising. On Sunday, we fished in about 10-12 ft. of water, with the keepers around 1.5 pounds. The "high hook" was 5 keepers (ORL). Heavy chumming with bank mussels and sandworms getting the best results, 2-3 oz. sinkers are plenty to get the job done. The warming waters will make the flounder even more active in the coming week. The minimum size is 12 inches. The Blackfish season wraps up on April 30th, so we'll be targeting them for at least a few hours on most trips. Tight Lines, Capt. Chris ISLAND CURRENT FLEET
I have never been fishing before. Is that okay?
Yes! We encourage all different experience levels to come fishing with us. We will help you learn all the necessary techniques to begin.
What are the differences between your trips?
The Jumbo Flounder trip focuses less on an angler's greatest fight with his fish, and more on catching some of the tastiest fish around. The Ocean Monster Blackfish trip is the only one that heads out to the Atlantic Ocean to find monster sized blackfish. The East End Blackfish Wreckathon stays in the Sound and fishes unexplored territories further out than the day trips go. Goliath Porgies and Humpback Sea Bass trips also go further out into the Sound and fish over rocky bottoms and reefs for tasty delicacy fish. Our 50/50 trips are limited group size blackfishing trips with a prize for the largest catch. The night trip targets striped bass and blues, great game fish that put up a fight, with a nighttime chunk baiting method. The day trip provides a great jig fishing alternative. The day trip for porgies and blackfish targets fish both yummy and fun to catch. Day blackfish trips focus entirely on the feisty blackfish, challenging to catch but delicious to eat!
How many fish can I keep?
Captain Chris and his crew are up to date with the most recent limit details, and will inform you of these at the start of the trip. Regulations will also vary depending on the season and what we are fishing for on a particular day.
What depth will we be fishing?
Flounder fishing is generally done in very shallow water generally ranging anywhere from 10 - 30 ft.
What's the limit for a child?
Limits are the same for everyone who comes fishing with us. Limit regulations will be explained by your captain and his crew at the start of the trip.
How long will the fishing trip be?
The trip will last around 8 hours, starting at 8 AM and returning back at approximately 4 PM.
How long is it until we start fishing?
It will be anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour after we leave the marina before we start fishing.
Can I sell the fish I catch?
No - it is illegal to sell any fish you catch on board.
Do you guarantee that fish will be caught?
We can't guarantee that you will catch fish, but we do guarantee that we will try our hardest to help you catch fish.
What can I do with the fish that I catch?
We recommend that you have the fish cleaned by our expert mates. They can clean the fish on the way back to the marina. The cleaning service falls within our recommended gratuity of 15% for the mates that work so hard for you! Also, Flounders can be filleted both on the top side and the bottom, and they are delicious once cooked!
How big are the fish we'll be catching?
Winter flounder can range in weight from about 1lb to 3lbs, or even slightly heavier. Please keep in mind flounder normally have to be 12in in order for you to keep them.
Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Advance purchase is strongly recommended, and trips often sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please buy your tickets well in advance. Tickets can only be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
What happens if the trip gets cancelled?
Generally, for any cancellations that are weather related, customers will receive a call the night before the trip, sometime after 7 PM. In the rare case of inclement weather on the morning of the trip, the Captain has the right to cancel or modify any trip. If the trip is cancelled as a result of a private charter booking the client will be notified ASAP. In all of the above mentioned cases, ZERVE bookings will be refunded 100% or you will be able to reschedule for another trip.
What happens if it rains?
We will go out rain or shine. In the case of severe weather, we may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time, in which case you will be allowed to reschedule (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event.
If the trip is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?
Unfortunately we do not have waiting lists for our trips. While cancellations are rare, you may try to purchase tickets at the start of the trip. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be any room left! To maximize your chance of getting the day and time of your preferred trip, please buy tickets in advance.
Can I still go on the trip if I don't want to fish?
Yes! If you don't want to fish, you can purchase a Ride Along ticket. Keep in mind that if you purchase that ticket, you will not be allowed to fish on the trip!
Are children allowed?
Yes! We love children. Children are allowed on board, but keep in mind that the trip might be less enjoyable for a child under 5 years of age. If you are planning on bringing an infant, please click on "Contact ICFleet" to find out if the baby can be accommodated on a particular trip.
Is my child too young to go fishing?
We think the best age to start fishing is 5 - 6 years old. Of course, you know your child best, but keep in mind that the trip is 8 hours long and will require some level of concentration!
Is this cruise suitable for pregnant women?
Though we put no limitations on who may or may not attend, pregnant women should consult with their doctors before participating in active activities.
How early should I arrive to check in before the trip?
Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before the trip departs. If you have a preferred rail space for fishing, early arrival is wise.
--------------------------WHAT SHOULD I BRING-----------------------------
Can I bring an ice chest?
PLASTIC personal coolers under 48 quarts are allowed, but no metal coolers are allowed on board.
Can I bring my own food and/or beverages?
Yes! Please feel free to bring your own food and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.
Can I purchase souvenirs?
If you plan on buying any souvenirs, please bring around $25 with you. T-Shirts, Hats, & Sweatshirts are available.
------------------FISHING EQUIPMENT/LICENSES-------------------------
Will I need a license to go fishing?
No - in New York State no one is required to have a license to go on our day fishing trip.
Can you provide me with fishing gear, bait, and tackle?
Everything you need for a fun day of fishing is included in the price of your ticket. We will provide all the necessary equipment for the day.
What type of gear do I need?
We will provide you with all the gear you will need. If you want to bring your own, inshore species like flounder require a light saltwater outfit, like 15 -25 class tackle.
What bait will be using?
The bait of choice on our flounder trips are sandworms and bank mussels. These are provided free on all trips.
----------------------------QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BOAT-------------------------
Which boat will we be going on?
Because of private charters, variations in demand for different trips, and unforeseen repairs, no particular boat is guaranteed for any trip. Our fleet consists of the 42' Island Current (up to 21 passengers), the 50' Island Current II (up to 49 passengers), the 76' Island Current III (up to 110 passengers), and the 65' Island Current IV (up to 75 passengers).
Is smoking allowed on the boat?
Yes, smoking is allowed in designated areas. This rule applies to all open boat trips to the general public. Private charters: Arrangements can be made to suit the needs of your specific group.
Will there be room on the boat to stow my belongings?
There are two overhead luggage racks on the port and starboard and space under the seats where you can store your belongings. However, please only bring what you will need for the day!
Are there restrooms on board?
We do have restroom accommodations on board our boats.
Are the boats wheelchair accessible?
Our boats are all wheelchair accessible. Please click on "Contact ICFleet" and we will accommodate you!
Are the boats safe?
Absolutely. Our boats are United States Coast Guard certified, and each year they are re-inspected to insure passenger safety and comfort.
Do I have to wear a life jacket?
No, although we do have life jackets on board, you are not required to wear one.
Are there life jackets on the boats?
Yes, our boats are compliant with the rules and regulations of the state and are fully outfitted with safety equipment. However, you are not required to wear life jackets during the trip.
Is there any shade on the boats?
Yes! All of our boats have an overhang around the exterior of the cabin, which allows you to sit outside while still shielded from the sun. All boats also have limited indoor seating.
Will I get seasick?
While our vessels are extremely safe, we will be on the water and there will be some movement. If you are prone to motion sickness, consider taking preventative measures beforehand.
Can I bring my dog or other small pet on board the boat?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on board our fishing trips.
Can I book a private fishing trip?
Yes! Island Current Fleet can accommodate almost all of your special requests. ISLAND CURRENT FLEET is the Ultimate in Party / Charter fishing. Please click on the "Contact ICFleet" link for more information about private charters.
Are gift certificates available?
YES! If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate, please click the "Contact ICFleet" link.


Island Current Fleet

Captain Chris, owner of Island Current Fleet, has been fishing the waters of the Long Island Sound for 24 years. He and his knowledgeable crew will take you on an extraordinary daytime fishing trip that will show you New York City from a completely different angle. Enjoy their top of the line equipment and expert advice on fishing techniques.

Island Current Fleet offers a variety of different fishing experiences, from open party daytime fishing trips, to nighttime blue fishing, and special events. Come spend an unforgettable time with Island Current Fleet!
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