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Captain Brooks Mitchell was born and raised in New England. He spent his summers on the coast of Maine with his family at their summer home in Small Point. His boating experience started at a very young age, fishing with his father in Casco Bay. At the age of thirteen, Brooks and his father boated a 726 lb. Bluefin Tuna in a 22 foot Aquasport fishing boat.

Brooks began taking people fishing and sightseeing at age fifteen in and around his summer community in Maine. Brooks was hired by the Hollywood industry on two different movies filmed in Maine. His job was to shuttle the actors and crew around by water during the filming of "Head Above Water" with Cameron Diaz and "Message in a Bottle" with Kevin Costner. In the summer of 2011, Brooks was the Captain for the passenger vessel RUTH owned by Sebasco Harbor Resort. The RUTH is the oldest continuous operating passenger vessel in the State of Maine. She was built in 1935 and has been in service ever since.

Brooks has been an independent insurance agent for over twenty-five years. He has specialized in medical and life insurance both in Florida and Maine. Brooks and his wife Olga moved to Jacksonville in 2006. After living in Jacksonville over the past six years, Brooks has realized he really belongs back on the water as he did in Maine for so many years.