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Local Roots Food Tours was established in 2010 to showcase Northern California's cornucopia of fresh local ingredients with tours offered to local farms, vineyards and popular local restaurants.  We like to discover "hidden gems" throughout Northern California. Our passion for supporting our local agriculture, local chefs, shop owners and all of their surrounding communities gives us the drive to continue exploring roads less traveled for any foodie.

Local Roots Food Tours has been featured in SacTown Magazine, Sacramento Magazine, Group Tours, and many more publications.

Local Roots Food Tours proudly offers our award winning food, wine and cultural walking tours through historic neighborhoods in Sacramento (Farm to Fork Capital of America) and quaint mining towns in the Sierra Foothills. We take our participants on a culinary adventure to meet farmers, chefs, mom and pop eateries and artisan shop owners.  Keeping it local is our vision.

The staff at Local Roots Food Tours is proud to share our knowledge and discoveries with you. Let us take you on a journey that introduces you to the best of the best, opening up a whole new world just waiting to be explored.

Our goal is for each participant to SAVOR the food we share on all our tours, LEARN about the city's roots and where ingredients are locally sourced, EXPLORE those "unbeaten paths" along the way and most importantly, CONNECT to the community we are journeying through on one of our 3.5 hour tours.