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The Gourmet on 'K' Street Culinary Walking Tour explores both history and all things gourmet. Tour participants will be guided down Sacramento's original main street exploring the beautiful architecture with many stories dating back to the mid1800's.

Learn how Sutter selected the area along Front Street and K Street to harvest lumber for his fort and how the famed street became the premier location for department stores, theaters and hotels.

Participants enjoy a timed tour route past historical landmarks, Sacramento's largest cathedral and famed architecture. There will be up to 6 food stops along the way.

Sacramento has recently been named the "Farm to Fork Capital of the Nation" by Mayor Kevin Johnson. With that title, K Street is seeing an urban revitalization of more fine dining restaurants, along with some local dive bars that showcase locally produced ingredients on their menu.

Though subject to change, Typical tastings on our tour include:
  • Pan fried Passmore Ranch trout w/ chicory root salad
  • Special wine and cheese pairing from local venues
  • Fresh corn tortillas filled w/ Oaxaca cheese, roasted poblano peppers and sautéed onions
  • Tiramisu layered brownie with fresh cream
  • Oyster on the half shell
  • Risotto croquettes: squid ink risotto w/ spicy aoli
  • Signature Cocktail w/Fresh Watermelon, Cucumber & Taji Chile
  • Green Tea French Macaron
The Gourmet on 'K' Culinary Walking tour explores Sacramento's downtown vibrant culinary scene, guided by a trained culinary concierge.  Guide shares how historical 'K' street is very controversial today with stories from the past and present.  Participants will meet the talented and passionate local chefs that have been instrumental in revitalizing the culinary landscape all along "The Kay". 
A foodie's dream come true!

What Is Not Included?

  • All Tastings Are Included In The Price. Enough food is served that for most participants, lunch afterwards is not needed.  
  • Tour Guide Gratuity is not including in the ticket price.  If you feel your guide did a great job, tips are greatly appreicated for their service but not mandatory.  (Service industry rate is 15% to 18% - average $8 to $10 per ticket.)

Meeting Location

Hyatt Sacramento (Sacramento, CA) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)


Do I have to purchase tickets in advance? Can I pay cash?
Yes, advance ticket purchase is required. Tours typically sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance. CASH is not accepted. To purchase tickets by phone please call our home office at: 1-800-979-3370
My food tour ticket includes what?
The tour includes all food and drink tastings from about 6 stops, a Local Roots Food Tours Tasting Guide and a trained food tour concierge leading the tour route. The tour ticket DOES NOT INCLUDE gratuity for your trained guide. Tips are not mandatory but greatly appreciated if you feel your guide did a great job.
Do you allow refunds if I can’t make the tour?
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed on the tour. Our tours often sell out. No partial credits or rescheduling is allowed for partial attendance, no shows, or late arrivals. It is your responsibility to show up at the right location, on time. The tours depart promptly at scheduled tour time.
Do I still come if it is pouring down rain outside?
Due to our dynamic climate, weather can suddenly impact our ability to hold a tour. We will continue a tour in light precipitation, however, if conditions are too poor to hold a tour, the owner will notify participants of cancellation and opportunity to reschedule.
Do you offer price breaks for children, seniors or special groups?
Yes we do. When purchasing your tickets, you will see that we offer a few different reduced priced tickets. We support and are very grateful for all the men and women who serve our country. As a token of our appreciation we offer all active duty and reservist military members a discount on their food tour ticket. We offer children and senior discounts as well.
When is a child required to have a purchased ticket on your tour?
If your child is 7 years of age or older, you will need to purchase a discounted ticket for him or her, regardless of whether or not he or she will be participating in the tastings. Children younger than 7 who are able to walk may not fare well on a 3 1/2 hour, 2 mile walking tour. We love babies and if your child will remain in your arms or stroller/front pack during the tour, we do not require a ticket. We might want to pinch a cheek or two, however!
Can one be too young or too old to participate in a tour?
Children are welcome on the tours, but please bear in mind that some children have a limited attention span and therefore a 3 1/2 hour tour may not be appropriate for them. Parents know their children best and should assess the situation individually. Since there is a lot of standing and walking, please consider this when deciding whether the tours are appropriate for your child. If your child is 2 years of age or younger and will not be eating, you will not need to purchase a ticket for him or her. If your child is 5 years of age or older, you will need to purchase a discounted ticket for him or her, regardless of whether or not he or she will be eating. Also, the tours require a certain level of physical stamina. We walk nearly 2 miles at a leisurely pace in Sacramento.The Gourmet on 'K' Culinary Tour is flat with wheelchair accessibility.
How much walking is involved? Is it a fast-paced tour?
Our Gourmet on 'K' Culinary Walking tour is about a 2 mile walk. We do offer sitting at the majority of our food stops on each tour route. If you just had knee replacement surgery or suffered a foot injury you might hold off coming on our walking food tours and look to join us on one of our culinary farm bus tours where walking is minimized.
Do I have to be an athlete to complete your walking tour route?
No! You should be able to walk a total of 2 miles at a leisurely pace. Our frequent stops allow time to sit while enjoying the food.
Is the tour route wheelchair and stroller friendly?
Yes, this follow a wheelchair/stroller accessible flat path for most areas. We can accommodate those requiring a wheelchair or bringing a stroller. Please keep in mind, that our walking path will take us on an approximately 2 mile route with limited access to bathrooms in many areas. If you need wheelchair or stroller accommodations, please leave a “Message to the Seller” during your ticket purchase, so that we can prepare.
Where does the tour finish?
We understand our tour participants walk approximately 2 miles on our tour routes so we try to end each of our tours only several blocks away from the starting point of the tour. In your confirmation email we will give you options to park closer to the starting point of the tour as well as the ending point of the tour and walk your way to the start.
How do I know what restaurants will be on the tour?
You bought a ticket for a food tour adventure....at the beginning of each tour we give each food tour participant the listing of what restaurants will be on that day's tour route. We pride ourselves in choosing food stops that focus on fresh local ingredients; many known locally as a farm to table establishment. You will never find a food chain type of restaurant on our tour routes...we promise!
Do we tip each restaurant that we stop at? How about our tour guide?
Gratuities at our restaurant stops are included with your ticket price. Our tour guides greatly appreciate gratuities given for excellent service. The standard tip amount in the service industry is 15% to 18%; however this is optional. Typical tip amount is $8 to $10 per person.
What types of food can I expect on the tour?
On all of tours you will be tasting fresh, local-ingredient signature dishes made especially for our tour groups. We try to map out different types of tastings; one savory, one spicy, one sweet….so that your palate will be experiencing a whole gastronomic experience…you can think of the tour as a progressive dining experience. Our beverage selection could be a fresh fruit infused drink, a wine from a local vineyard or just refreshing ice water. For specific details on what is sampled, visit our tour-specific pages. Please note: Food tastings are subject to change without notice.
Is alcohol served on the tour?
Yes. Every walking food tour we offer has an alcohol tasting; whether it be a cocktail or a wine sample. Northern California has a reputation for its local wines. We wouldn't want you to miss out. If you are a non-alcoholic drinker or under aged, we will make accommodations to offer you a substitute if we know in advance of your wishes. Ice water is provided at our sit down stops on every tour we offer.
Is it common to eat a meal prior to arriving?
One of our mottos is, “Come Hungry!” This tour includes about 6 tastings of generous samples along the way. We don’t want you to walk away feeling stuffed, merely pleasurably satisfied. A light breakfast should hold you over until the food tour launches and our eating fun begins!
Are the samples similar to the size of a grocery store sample (small)?
We take pride in our sample sizes on our tours. We feel it sets us apart from other food tour offerings. You won’t find 1 oz. souffle cups or a sample so small you are not sure what you just put in your mouth! Our chefs are passionate about what they make for our tour groups and if anything, we have to keep telling them to cut back on the amount they share with our participants! You will typically find 3 to 4 oz. portion size samples.
Will there be bathroom break opportunities?
Yes, bathrooms are available throughout our tour routes and our guides allow time for breaks as needed.
What if I have dietary restrictions?
For all tours, please be sure and let us know if you (or anyone in your group) has a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, nut allergy, lactose intolerant, etc.) or is pregnant (e.g. can’t drink alcohol, not comfortable with cheese or seafood, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. We provide a pre-arrival questionnaire after your ticket purchase to let us know what dietary restrictions you have. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. We can substitute age-appropriate non-alcoholic beverages, and accommodate vegetarians. We do not offer special tastings for Vegans, gluten free or lactose free dietary restrictions.
How will I keep hydrated on the tour?
Since we walk approximately 2 miles for this tours, hydration is important. The majority of our sit down food stops will offer ice water to each participant. We recommend bringing along a water bottle so you can quench your thirst during route……mouths can get pretty dry with all the talking and laughing!
Are there vegetarian options on the tour?
Yes, there are vegetarian options served on each of our different tours. As long as we know well in advance we can notify the chef to prepare a vegetarian tasting. Please specify if you will eat seafood. If we do not find out about the special needs until the day of the tour, it is difficult for us to adjust in time to accommodate your dietary needs.
Do you ever change the food sample selection on your tours?
In order for our restaurants and shops to serve fresh ingredient menus, the dishes change seasonally and sometimes week to week. We leave the selection up to our partnering chefs. Repeat customers can come on our tours again and again and not have the same item twice!
Do we do anything else but eat on the food tour?
Our agenda is simple but strictly enforced: EAT, WALK, TALK. We repeat the process until we have finished our route. You will not only taste locally made foods and beverages that will awaken your palate, but you will also learn about our locale with some fascinating history, cultural trivia and beautiful architecture in our historical neighborhood districts. We even surprise our locals with hidden spots and stories even they didn’t know about!
Do the tours have anything to offer a native Sacramentan?
Definitely! Many of our attendees live right here in Sacramento. Locals often join us to learn about the great food finds in our beautiful historical neighborhoods and mining towns that have been under their noses the entire time! The Sacramento region is brimming with lively tales and history that is sure to enlighten just about anyone. This tour is a fantastic way to rediscover your own city and state!
Can we bring our pet Fido with us?
Sorry, Fido will have to stay home on this walking food tour. We do visit some wonderful dog friendly restaurants for your future return. Our policy is no pets of any kind on any type of tour we offer.
Would I be bored if I took another one of your food tours?
Each of the tours we offer are special and different in many aspects; not just the food, but the historical perspectives, architecture, and culture all vary widely from tour to tour. We cater to repeat customers who want multiple tour choices, each with its own distinct theme and personality.
How do I dress for a food tour?
The words are casual and comfortable. Please wear shoes that will be comfortable to walk in, so you can enjoy your food! Jeans and sneakers are just fine. You will be outside for most of the tour, so you may want to bring a jacket or sweater. Be prepared for incremental winter weather in Northern California - rain and Delta breezes may be in the forecast so be ready!
Where would I park if I were coming by car?
Our meeting locations have several public parking options as well as metered parking available. Free parking is located a block from the meeting point between Mon-Fri. Once your food tour ticketing is purchased you will receive a confirmation email, with the exact parking options and their locations.
Can I take photos to capture my food tour experience? How about video?
Yes! We encourage participants to take photos during the tour and our guides love to be included in a group photo (our local chefs as well!). Posting your photos instantaneously is highly encouraged onto Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! Video recording of more than a few short segments of the tour is not permitted. If you plan to record part of a tour on video, kindly notify the tour guide in advance. Voice recording of tour guide on entire route is strictly prohibited.
Do you allow tweeting and sharing on Facebook during the tour?
Yes – we encourage it! We are all about social networking and love it when we have live-action tweeting and posting going on. Many fans post photos of the food and people they are interacting with as it happens. Like us on our Facebook page and post away!
Are private tours an option? How do I book a private group tour?
Yes, private tours are available. We offer many different types of private tour options, depending on your group’s needs. Please click "Contact LocalRoots" to the left of the page to inquire about setting up a private tour. We recommend booking your private group tour well in advance to make sure the date you are requesting is available.
Are gift certificates available?
Yes, Local Roots Food Tours does offer Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates make wonderful appreciation, birthday, anniversary and “just because” gifts. They are unique and very tasteful if we don’t mind saying so ourselves! To purchase a gift certificate for this tour, please click on the "Gift certificates: Purchase" link in the box above.


Local Roots Food Tours

Local Roots Food Tours was established in 2010 to showcase Northern California's cornucopia of fresh local ingredients with tours offered to local farms, vineyards and popular local restaurants.  We like to discover "hidden gems" throughout Northern California. Our passion for supporting our local agriculture, local chefs, shop owners and all of their surrounding communities gives us the drive to continue exploring roads less traveled for any foodie.

Local Roots Food Tours has been featured in SacTown Magazine, Sacramento Magazine, Group Tours, and many more publications.

Local Roots Food Tours proudly offers our award winning food, wine and cultural walking tours through historic neighborhoods in Sacramento (Farm to Fork Capital of America) and quaint mining towns in the Sierra Foothills. We take our participants on a culinary adventure to meet farmers, chefs, mom and pop eateries and artisan shop owners.  Keeping it local is our vision.

The staff at Local Roots Food Tours is proud to share our knowledge and discoveries with you. Let us take you on a journey that introduces you to the best of the best, opening up a whole new world just waiting to be explored.

Our goal is for each participant to SAVOR the food we share on all our tours, LEARN about the city's roots and where ingredients are locally sourced, EXPLORE those "unbeaten paths" along the way and most importantly CONNECT to the community we are journeying through on one of our 3.5 hour tours.
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