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These tours run periodically throughout the year, so please check back soon for our updated schedule!

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Visitors can walk every street in the City without seeing some of New York’s greatest sights, the ones hidden away inside. Your guidebook probably says a few words about some of them, but not enough that you can truly appreciate what you’re seeing. For this you need an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Worse, many of the most beautiful interiors are hidden inside anonymous buildings that never make any book, so you’ll walk right past some of the world’s great spaces without knowing what you’re missing. Some of the places we'll visit on this tour include:
  • Rockefeller Center: Great art and ground-breaking architecture couldn’t prevent years of failure at what’s now the world’s most successful shopping-and-retail complex.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral: New Yorkers thought the Catholics were crazy to build their cathedral at such a remote location. Who’s laughing now?
  • Villard Houses: Now hidden inside a massive hotel, these pioneering homes may be the City’s best examples of Gilded Age luxury.
  • Grand Central Terminal: Burrow down into the nooks and crannies of one of the world’s great structures and learn how a single building can illustrate an entire city’s history.
Great buildings like these always repay your visit, particularly when bad weather strikes. We give this tour more in the dead of winter and the dog days of summer, so you can enjoy your visit no matter what the weather is like outside.

What Is Not Included?

This tour does not include any food or drink.

Meeting Location

Near Radio City Music Hall (New York, NY) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)


Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Tickets must be purchased in advance and tours often sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance. Tickets can be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
Does this tour run in all weather?
Yes, tours run in all weather including rain, snow and extreme temperatures. Of course in the case of any extreme weather events that could shut down public transit, we may need to cancel.
How long do tours last?
Tours are approximately two hours long.
Do I need to purchase tickets for young children?
Children 6 years old and under do not need a ticket as they are too young to really understand the subject matter. However, if you are bringing young children, please let us know when purchasing your tickets.
How much walking is involved?
On this tour we cover about 1.5 miles over mostly flat ground.
Where does the tour end?
The tour ends at the New York Public Library, just over half a mile from where it starts.
Does the entire tour take place inside?
No. It's only a "mostly" indoor tour. Walkers will have to venture outside between most of the stops, but most of the connections are less than two blocks long and none is more than four blocks long.
Is the tour accessible by wheelchair or stroller?
No. There are stairs that cannot be avoided at several points on the walk.
Are there bathrooms along the way?
There are no scheduled restroom stops on the tour, but we can generally find facilities if the need arises.
Will I be able to shop and buy souvenirs along the way?
No, unfortunately there is no time for shopping on this tour as we'll need to keep on schedule.
Are cameras allowed on the tour?
Yes, cameras are allowed and encouraged as there will be multiple photo opportunities.
Is there parking available near the meeting spot?
Parking can be difficult in New York City and therefore we encourage people to use mass transportation. If you are driving, we suggest parking in a nearby parking garage. Several parking options will be provided after purchasing your tickets. Please keep in mind that the tour ends a little more than a half a mile away from the meeting spot.
Are tours offered in any language but English?
No. Being Americans, we are all monolingual, but we are cosmopolitan enough to be embarrassed by this shortcoming.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes. If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate, please click on the "Contact MetroWalks" link on the left side of the page for more information.
Are private tours available?
Certainly. We can do private versions of any tour we offer — or entirely customized tours — at any time on any day of the week. Please click on the "Contact MetroWalks" link to email us with your request.


Metropolitan Walks

Andrew Smith, the founder of Metropolitan Walks, fell in love with New York when he was a small child and has been walking its streets and studying its quirks ever since.

When designing tours, he tries to use quirky individual stories to illustrate broad and important points about how the City operates. Walkers spend most of their time laughing at improbable tales and only later realize that they've been tricked into learning stuff.
His tour repertoire covers everything from Dutch history to today's headlines, touching on architecture, city politics, pop culture, financial shenanigans, and much more. He combines all these individually interesting topics to leave walkers with a sum that is greater than its parts: a sense of what makes New York unique and how it got to be this way.
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