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The Nashville Historic District Food and Cultural Tour uses all of your senses, including your sense of humor, to taste and explore your way through this culturally rich area of downtown Nashville. 
On This 3-Hour Guided Tour, You Can Expect to:
  • Enjoy enough food to satisfy most lunchtime appetites
  • Learn how Nashville developed from a riverside fort to the world-class city it is today
  • Get comfortable with downtown’s main sightseeing area for exploring later on your own
Bites So Scrumptious, Your Taste Buds Will Do a Do-Si-Do
Along the way, we'll be savoring bites from 5 tasting locations, which may include:
  • “Presidentially approved” New Orleans-style pralines
  • Seasonal, sophisticated culinary fare served in an eatery made up of two of city's oldest residences
  • A Southern smoked sandwhich done up right from a Nashville gem
  • Delicacies inspired from across the pond but homemade right here, along with a beer tasting
  • A sentimental journey to satisfy your childhood sweet tooth 
Visit an Icon Making a Good Impression for More Than 135 Years
In addition to tasting great food, you'll also get to experience a true treasure – one of America’s longest-working letterpress print shops. Prepare to be "impressed."
Are Your Boots Made for Walkin’?
With a moderate walking pace, this tour is suitable for all age groups and most fitness levels.

What Is Not Included?

A gratuity is not included in the ticket price, yet is graciously accepted if you feel your guide has given you an experience worthy of a little something extra. (15% is common industry standard.)

Meeting Location

Downtown near 2nd Avenue and Commerce Street (Nashville, TN) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)
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Rating: 5
Awesome Tour with GREAT Food!
Sat, Nov 22, 14  10:30 AM Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
My husband and I loved the Bites and Sites Tour! If you are looking for some great places to eat and explore while in Nashville this is the tour for you! We had s great time, ate excellent food and learned a lot about Nashville! We can't wait to come back and spend more time in this fun city!!!
Rating: 4
Fri, Nov 21, 14  10:30 AM Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Ellen did a great job presenting some of the Nashville culture. We had an opportunity to try some local fair, but we also got a great history lesson on Nashville.
Rating: 5
Informative and enjoyable
Fri, Nov 21, 14  10:30 AM Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Ellen did a great job of filling our heads with interesting historic facts while keeping us entertained with an assortment of sights along the way.The food stops were most enjoyable. We went back to one of the places (Pub 5) for dinner that night. Great way to start our visit to Nashville! Loved it!
Rating: 5
Fantastic i
Thu, Nov 20, 14  10:30 AM Female 50-59 Local Group of Friends
Fantastic idea to do with friends who are visiting Nashville
Rating: 5
A MUST do when you first arrive to Nashville!
Fri, Nov 14, 14  10:30 AM Female 40-49 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
This was my first visit to Nashville and I'm sooooooo happy we started with this tour! Ellen was much thought went into the planning to make it not only a yummy experience but a great education to this amazing city!!! When I come back with other friends I will have them take this tour! The stops were fantastic....information amazing....and all around it was the perfect introduction to the city. Even if you have visited several times I'd take this tour as you will learn tons and the food fantastic!!!! Thanks so much!!!!
Rating: 5
Wonderful experience!
Fri, Nov 14, 14  10:30 AM Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
This was a girls' trip to Nashville and our first time visiting there. We learned a lot and tried some yummy food. Ellen was a fantastic guide who made the trip fun, relaxed and still informative. I highly recommend this tour!
Rating: 5
Great tour!
Sat, Nov 1, 14  10:30 AM Female 40-49 Local Group of Friends
I had a great time learning about Nashville and eating some wonderful food. I highly recommend!
Rating: 5
Great Time Very Good Food
Fri, Oct 31, 14  10:30 AM Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
History of the area was very informative and the food stops were great.
Rating: 2
Not as described
Fri, Oct 31, 14  10:30 AM Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
I have taken several Zerve tours around the country....all food related with a bit of sightseeing as well. Chinatown in SF, New Orleans, North End-Boston, Brooklyn....all fabulous. This Nashville tour was not like the others. It was 90 % walking tour (which we had done a historical tour the day before so it was completely repetitive) and 10% food. AND---even when we stopped to "nosh" on something, there was NO culinary stories or education. It was just like "eat this and lets go". I wanted to learn about Nashville's rich food history....what makes their BBQ unique etc., and we got NONE of that. It was boring...and the fact that it was cold and rainy the day we toured, didn't help matters. This should be billed as a sightseeing walking tour. It had practically nothing to do with food. A waste of everyone's time!!!!
Rating: 5
Worth your. Only and time
Thu, Oct 23, 14  10:30 AM Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Ellen was excellent, very informative. The places we went were very good, I would recommend this tour to people over 40:) Pub tours for under 30:).
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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TICKETING INFORMATION • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Do I need to purchase tickets in advance? Can I pay with cash?
Tickets must be purchased in advance, either online through this site by using Visa, MasterCard or American Express, or by phone at (800) 979-3370. We cannot accept cash.
If a tour is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?
At this time, we do not offer a waiting list.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • KNOW BEFORE YOU GO • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
When should I schedule my tour?
First things first... if possible, it’s best to make our tour one of the first things you do when visiting Nashville, especially if you’ve never been here before. This way, you get the lay of the land early and will find it much easier to get around town on your own later.
How hot does it get in Nashville?
If you're not from around these parts, you should know that Nashville can be very hot (mid-90's or higher) and humid in the summer, which is why we usually begin our tours at 10:30 a.m. Even though we'll likely avoid the most intense heat of the day, please prepare accordingly so you don’t get overheated. Personally, we’re big fans of a back-up bottle of water, a hat or visor, sunglasses (the sillier the better) and lathering up with as much NASA-strength sunscreen as your skin can absorb.
Will the tour be cancelled if it rains?
Check the day's forecast and pack an umbrella if you have to, because rain or shine, our tours are still one lip-smackin' good time.
How far in advance should I buy my tickets?
Depending on the time of year or specific events going on around the city, tours dates can sell out well in advance. Make sure we get to see your smiling face on the date you prefer by booking early.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • FOOD & BEVERAGE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
How much food is served on the tour?
The food offered by the 5 tasting locations on the tour usually satisfies the lunch appetites of most participants. (Lumberjacks and linebackers might consider coming with a friend who eats like a bird or bringing a protein shake.)
What if I have a dietary restriction or food allergy?
When making your ticket purchase online or over the phone, there is an opportunity to let us know if anyone in your party has a dietary restriction or food allergy. We cannot make food substitutions in regard to allergies, but will do our best to point out samples that could affect allergies prior to each tasting. Each individual is ultimately responsible for assessing which samples they can or cannot eat.
Are there vegetarian options available on the tour?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate vegetarian substitutions at this time.
Are there any beverages, alcoholic or otherwise, served on the tour?
There are two small alcoholic beverage tastings on the tour, and water may or may not be provided at some locations. You can, however, purchase water at the beginning of the tour at the specified meeting place, if you haven’t brought your own.
What if I’m not 21 or don’t drink alcohol?
Non-alcoholic substitutions will be made for those who are not of legal drinking age or prefer not to drink alcohol. Because the substituted beverage sample is not simply water, but a non-alcoholic prepared drink soda or other beverage, there is no price difference for the tour. It is important to let us know when buying your ticket, either online or over the phone, if you or anyone else in your party is not of legal drinking age, or simply prefers to have non-alcoholic beverage samples. The legal drinking age in Tennessee is 21. Make sure you have a legal I.D. (U.S. driver's license, passport, international driver's license, etc.) with you.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • TOUR LOGISTICS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
How much walking is involved? Is it a fast-paced tour?
As far as we’re concerned, exercising while on vacation should be a federal offense. So, even though we’ll cover less than 2 miles while walking at a moderate pace, you’ll hardly notice it, because we’re going to spread it out over approximately 3 hours and stop frequently to distract you with delicious food and neat stuff to see along the way. We’ll also sit down at three of the tasting locations for a combined total of 45 minutes or so.
Where does the tour begin and end?
The exact meeting location will be provided after your ticket purchase. The end of the tour is a walk of approximately three minutes or less from the starting location.
Is parking or bus service available near the tour meeting point?
Not only are there at least six parking lots or garages within a two-block (or closer) radius of the meeting point, but there is also a bus stop directly across from it. Specific parking details are included in the meeting location directions after purchasing ticket(s).
Is the tour wheelchair/stroller accessible?
Although there are two sections of the tour that include stairs, accommodations can be made to work around them so those who cannot navigate stairs can still participate in the tour. Please note, however, that this is a historic neighborhood, and some well-worn sidewalks can be uneven in places.
Are restrooms available during the tour?
Restrooms will be available at select food-tasting locations during the tour.
Are tours only offered in English?
Yes, at this time, we only offer tours in English, but you are welcome to bring an interpreter with you. If they are not eating, they do not need to buy a ticket (although we think they will be a much better interpreter on a full stomach).
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • CHILDREN & PETS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Would children enjoy, or are they permitted on, the tour?
We love children, especially the ones we don’t have to put through college. But as a courtesy to other participants on the tour, parents should use their own judgment to determine if their child’s attention span – as well as their stamina for walking and standing – can endure a 3-hour tour. In addition, weather conditions may also dictate whether or not you deem it appropriate to bring your child on the tour. As a general guideline, though, we usually don’t recommend this tour for children younger than 6 years old.
If I am bringing an infant/toddler, do I need to purchase a ticket for them?
If you are bringing an infant or a child younger than 6 years old, who will NOT be participating in the tastings, you do not need to purchase a ticket for them. However, when you purchase your tickets, please let us know if a non-paying child will be accompanying you in the "Message to the Seller" section at check-out. All children 6 and older are required to have a full-priced ticket.
If I just want to take the tour and not eat the food, do I have to buy a ticket?
Yes, all adults, whether participating in the food tastings or not, must purchase a ticket to join the tour. Only children younger than 6 years old may attend the tour without purchasing a ticket.
Does this tour have anything to offer a Nashville native or local?
Well, does the perfect country-and-western song say anything about mama, or trains, or trucks, or prison or getting drunk? Absolutely! Whether they’re taking the tour with out-of-town visitors, a bachelorette/wedding party, as a team-building exercise with co-workers, as a unique idea for a date or just to learn more about an area of town they may not frequent, locals always get more out of the tour than they would expect. Plus, locals have the bonus of being able to come back to the restaurants on the tour at their leisure or whenever mama’s ready, whichever comes first.
May I bring my dog/pet on the tour?
Due to the policies of the various food establishments we visit, and as a courtesy to the other guests on the tour, all pets, with the exception of trained service dogs, are prohibited on the tour. Plus, the food on this tour is so good, you’re not gonna have anything left over to slip under the table to Fido anyway.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • OTHER QUERIES • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Can I make purchases during the tour?
Each tour has been coordinated in advance to ensure a fresh and on-time delivery of food samples, making it critical for the group to stay on schedule during the tour. Therefore, we ask that you refrain from shopping during the tour, but we'll provide all the information necessary for you to return to your favorite spots once the tour is over.
Will we see country music stars or celebrities on the tour?
You never know! Many entertainment celebrities make Nashville their home, and it's always a nice surprise to see one around the honky-tonks and businesses of downtown Nashville. If you see a famous face, be sure to let the rest of the tour group know. We just love a good star sighting.
Are cameras allowed on the tour?
Yes, cameras of the video or old timey click-and-shoot variety are allowed during the tour. NOTE: Tour guides look best from their left-side profile, as do most other people.
Is smoking allowed on the tour?
Smoking is absolutely, positively not permitted within the tour group. (But if you happen to disappear for a few minutes and then join up with us later without disturbing the group – c’est la vie.)
Are gratuities included in the ticket price or even accepted by the guides?
Gratuities are not included in the ticket price. While not mandatory, gratuities are graciously accepted and appreciated by the tour guides. (Industry standard is 15%.)
• • • • • • • • • • • • GIFT CERTIFICATES & PRIVATE TOURS • • • • • • • • • • • •
Are gift certificates available?
Yes, gift certificates are available for purchase on our website. To learn more about purchasing a gift certificate, please contact Music City Bites & Sites by clicking on the “Contact MscCtyBites” link on the left side of this page.
Can I book a private tour/group tour?
Yes, private tours for a few people or groups are available. To inquire about a private tour, please contact Music City Bites & Sites directly by clicking on the “Contact MscCtyBites” link on the left side of this page. To learn more about booking a private group tour, please click on the "Private Group Tour" activity on the left side of this page. All private group tours are handled directly by Music City Bites & Sites.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • UMMMM, PARDON ME, BUT • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
There sure are a lot of words on this page, yet none answer my question!
If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed in this section, please don't hesitate to click on the "Contact MscCtyBites" link on the left side of this page to connect with us via e-mail.


Refund/Rescheduling Policy

Non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event.

Weather Policy

Activity takes place rain or shine.
The activity runs regardless of weather conditions. In the rare situation where the seller is forced to cancel the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule to another time (subject to availability).

Other Policies

Guests must be 21 or older with valid I.D to participate in any alcohol tastings.
Guests wishing to participate in the alcohol tasting must be age 21 or older and have proper government-issued photo I.D. (U.S. or international driver's licenses, passports or other government-issued I.D.)

Music City Bites & Sites

There may be several different ways to go sightseeing in downtown Nashville, but none quite like this. Music City Bites & Sites was started by Ellen Sevier, a Nashville native with family roots so deep, they reach back to General John Sevier – the Revolutionary War hero, who became the first governor of the great state of Tennessee.
After decades of living in different parts of the country and traveling to many parts of the world, Ellen moved back to Nashville and became enamored with rediscovering her hometown again. Not one to keep a good thing to herself, she started this food and cultural tour in the hopes of sharing the city she loves with anyone who'll listen.  
If there's one thing you need to know about this tour and its guides, it's this: even though we're serious about making sure you get your money's worth in food samples and a professionally guided tour experience, we don't take ourselves too seriously. And we're serious about that. Seriously.
Never stuffy, our unique "appetite adventures" create lasting memories for you and your group. Whether guiding first-time visitors or long-time locals, our goal is to make sure everyone walks away from one of our tours with a smile on their face, a blissfully satisfied belly and a warm spot in their heart for Music City, USA.  
So find a tour date that works for you, and then start warming up those taste buds, because experiencing a walking food and cultural tour with Music City Bites & Sites is nothing short of one lip-smackin' good time.
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