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Central Park TV & Movie Sites

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Walk through New York's most famous backdrop, taking in the sites from your favorite movies - Home Alone II, Serendipity and tons more!

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Rating: 5
Great tour and guide!
Fri, Nov 28, 08   3:00 PM cassaundra99 Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I, the movie buff, forced my husband to join me on this tour. I argued it would be great way to also see and learn about Central Park. We both had a great time and appreciated the knowledge of our tour guide. I would recommend the tour again.
Rating: 5
Fun and Interesting tour
Sat, Nov 8, 08   12:00 PM voorhees1968 Female 40-49 Local Family Without Children
This tour was fun, interesting and enjoyable despite rainy weather. Our tour guide was very informative and nice. Central Park is so big and intimidating to a pair of NYC novices and this tour was a great way to safely explore it. Well worth the price.
Rating: 4
Great introduction to Central Park for first timer
Sat, Oct 4, 08   12:00 PM fionakpy Female 30-39 International Tourist(s) Family Without Children
It was an informative tour of the park. It would be even better if the geography of the tour could be enlarged to cover the northern part of the park as well.
Rating: 5
Lovely fun tour
Sat, Sep 13, 08   12:00 PM GabbyandMike Female 50-59 International Tourist(s) Family Without Children
My husband and I decided to take this tour because it sounded like it would be a fun thing to do for an afternoon. It turned out to be all that we expected and more, the tour guide, Kimberley was wonderful and funny, plus as a bonus she pointed out where some of the local celebrities live around the park. We saw a lot of the places where famous and some not so famous movies were filmed plus we got some exercise, and for $2.00 we rode the famous merry-go-round. All in all it was a great way to spend an afternoon, when we return to NYC we will be sure to book another tour with these great folks.
Rating: 1
Fri, Aug 22, 08   3:00 PM FayeFletcher Female 60-69 International Tourist(s) Family Without Children
This is the only tour we did not enjoy. We felt like we were running a marathon. I am sure our guide must have had a hot date waiting. Didn't have time to take pictures because she was in very much of a hurry (she told us she had some place to be in 2 hours and she wasn't a minute over the 2 hours) and most of us had a hard time keeping up with her. By the time the whole group was together, she was off again and the ones that didn't keep up with her missed out on her talking because she would not wait for everyone. I would not recommend this tour to anyone who hasn't had cross country marathon training. This tour should be advertised as not recommended for anyone over 40. Then, in all fairness, maybe we just didn't have a very good tour guide.
Rating: 4
Great guide; great coverage of a large area
Sat, Aug 16, 08   12:00 PM Mgilmore1 Female 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
My husband and I enjoyed the tour, but I in particular wished that more of the sites where older movies have been filmed had been pointed out. In particular, I was looking forward to seeing the parts of Central Park that were used in Woody Allen movies. I asked but was told that the particular portion of the park we were visiting didn't really have many of the sites Woody Allen used. There were a lot of recent movies mentioned, in particular Ella Enchanted, and since it seemed as if there were a lot of baby boomers in the group, covering more of the old movies would have been a good idea.

Thank you though - we had a great time.
Rating: 5
Well worth the time and money!
Sat, Aug 16, 08   12:00 PM cytate Female 50-59 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Our family of four went on the tour Sat, Aug 16, 2008 and thought it was wonderful. Central Park is huge and having a guided tour through half the Park enabled us to take in its magnificence and charm without being frustratingly shackled to a map to get our bearings. We just put our brains in neutral and enjoyed our surroundings! Ironically, having the movie sites pointed out was a secondary bonus and made each location come alive for us. Jessica was our guide and she enhanced the tour further by sharing history tidbits along with the movie site information. Also included on the tour is the Dakota Building and Strawberry Fields which is the tribute to John Lennon. Central Park is far lovelier and more enchanting than we ever imagined. I strongly recommend this tour and I give it six stars if movie buffs are in your party!
Rating: 4
i would recommend
Fri, Aug 8, 08   3:00 PM KKuboski Female 20-29 Local Family Without Children
Unfortunately it rained at the end of our tour, but I still thought the tourguide was great and loved all the places we saw.
Rating: 5
A fun way to see Central Park!
Fri, Jul 18, 08   3:00 PM alodick Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
My husband and I truly enjoyed our trip through Central Park! We were able to see many cool movie sites from the silverscreen that have brought many smiles to our faces! Some of our favorites were scenes from the movies "Elf", "When Harry Met Sally..." , "Serendipity", and "Home Alone 2". There was about 2.5 miles of walking, which wasn't bad except for the temperature hitting 95 degrees! The tourguide was very friendly and knowledgeable. She was courteous and answered any questions we had. We enjoyed it very much and viewed it as a very safe and fun way to see New York's famous Central Park!

:) Annmarie Lodick

Niagara Falls, NY
Rating: 1
Unenjoyable marathon run through Central Park
Sat, Jul 5, 08   12:00 PM WG92040 Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I was very displeased with the Central Park walking tour on Saturday, July 5 with Jessica. From the moment we all arrived in the group Jessica mentioned that because of the rain we would be moving at a faster pace and try to get done in less than 2 hours. Well in our party we had someone that was unable to keep up the pace. At the first "stop" we explained to Jessica that my mother had 2 replaced hips and was unable to walk at her pace and she simply told us to "keep up." When we were able to catch up and listen to the tidbits she had to say she spoke so quickly it was very difficult to understand her. She spoke English and I speak English but she did not enunciate and when questions were asked she quickly sped through and kept on going. My father attempted to keep up with the tour while I stayed behind with my mother and he even had a hard time keeping her pace and he is in shape and walks everyday. I feel that the tour guides' lack of compassion, rudeness and clear attitude with having to do her job was unacceptable. We paid good money for a TWO hour tour and ended up leaving the tour early and walking around Central Park on our own with no explanation of movies and TV Shows.

I would NOT recommend this tour to anyone, instead walk around and then get a 40 minute ride on the Horse and Buggy as the driver tells you information along the way and keeps you entertained.