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Sex and the City Hotspots

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Follow in the footsteps of Carrie & Co.: drink where they drink, shop where they shop and enjoy behind-the-scenes info!

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Rating: 5
Fabulous for Fantatics of the Show!
Sun, Sep 21, 08   11:00 AM wlschutte Male 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
I truly, sincerely enjoyed this tour. As a life-long gay male fan of the show, I did not know if I would feel weird being on the tour, thinking it would be primarily women on there. It turns out, that even though I was the only single guy there (there were women with boyfriends and husbands), I did not feel weird at all.

Our tour guide was fun, funny, and informative. She showed us lots of great spots that the tour highlights (scenes from the show and the movie) and she also provided us with insider tidbits (such as that Carrie's apartment would have cost around 3500 a month, a lot for someone who probably made around 55000 a year). It was fun, funny and informative.

I enjoyed visiting the Pleasure Chest, having a delicious Magnolia Cupcake, and a Cosmo at "Scout". Other reviewers have pointed out that you have a small amount of time there, and yes,you do, but the tour has to cover a lot in a fairly short amount of time. I am so glad they dropped us off at the HBO store so I could buy some discounted SATC souvenirs (10% off if you take the tour). I would definitely take this tour again.

This tour is NOT for those who are offended by racy language or talk about sex...but then again, if you are on this tour, and offended by that, you probably got on the wrong bus. Long Live Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte!
Rating: 4
Good Fun !
Tue, Oct 21, 08   3:00 PM WKrings Male 50-59 International Tourist(s) Family Without Children
This was really good fun, specially for me . Unfortunately my wife's English is a bit limited and she could not follow all the conversation and it was too much to translate.

We enjoyed the tour !
Rating: 5
It was really great!
Thu, May 24, 07   11:00 AM wkremer Female 30-39 International Tourist(s) Other
I joined the tour with a friend and we really enjoyed it! Our host Lisa was fantastic and she made the tour even more fun. I will really recommend this tour to others!

One word: FANTASTIC!
Rating: 5
IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sat, Nov 8, 08   10:00 AM wknispel Female 30-39 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We had a great guide. She was very enthusiastic and used humour throughout the tour. Not once did i want it to end, in fact, i wished that it could have been longer. Stacey (I believe her name is) kept us very entertained and went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. I have been on many site seeing excursions, and this one exceeded all of them.

Hats off to you and your guide. It was a great trip!
Rating: 2
Did not attend
Sat, Mar 7, 09   11:00 AM wjwaite Female 30-39 Local Other
Not sure I'd consider the tour again due to the strict cancel policy. My friend's travel to NYC was delayed and we could not make the tour's time slot. I would have been happy to switch to another day, but was told, "no returns, no refunds". Even a choice of offering tickets to someone on a waiting list would have been a nice option. I wasted 84.
Rating: 5
Great Time
Tue, Nov 1, 11   11:00 AM WJBJGoo Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
Highly suggest tour. Great way to see the city while enjoying a lot of your favorite memories from Sex and the City. Only thing is I wish we would have gone to one of the brownstowns that they used as Carries apartment front. Other than that I was very satisfied and really enjoyed myself.
Rating: 5
Sat, Jul 3, 10   10:00 AM wjaye918 Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
We loved everything about the tour. Even if you are not a fan of the show, you get a great tour of the city. Our guide, Staci, was fabulous! She was funny, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic!
Rating: 4
Good times
Sun, Oct 8, 06   3:00 PM wjai99 Female 20-29 Local Group of Friends
It was a little disorganized, but overall the it was good. the tour guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgable.
Rating: 2
Make you own!!!
Tue, Dec 30, 08   2:00 PM wj1985 Female 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
You will be sitting on a bus unable to take picture of one of the most beautiful cities you'll ever see. Watching clips of Sex in the City a great show which we all have seen and love cause we're taking the tour. So why do I want to watch the show on a bus for 3 and a half hours when I have the seasons on DVD at home and that would be free . . . . in other words when your not watching the t.v. look out the window cause the sites are the only great thing about the tour. Here's what I would do catch up on your favorite season pick the places you like the most map it out and go with your girl friends. Heads up the cafe isn't really and the cupcake place will have line around the corner and they aren't that good. Make sure you check out the Village and the Meat Packing District the sites are breath taking and the bars are good too. This will most likely take all day so wear good shoes, pick out the hotspots for your ladies night out and have enough time to head back to the hotel for change. Happy and Safe travels ladies!!!!! "W"
Rating: 3
Cute Corny Activity
Fri, Jul 18, 08   11:00 AM wiznit Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Individual
Nice comfortable bus. Enjoyed the little clips to give us a frame of reference. The stop at Pleasure Chest is a complete waste of time and pure commercialism. The meatpacking district stop at Jeffreys is also not necessary. I would have rather spent the time seeing more sights. Enjoyed the cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. That was a great stop. The tour was just okay. You could do more with it. I find myself watching episodes thinking "why didn't they show us that?" How come you skip the trapeze? (saw it on my own). Lou the guide was very jubilant but you felt she was just going through a routine.