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Tour Sopranoland! Take a peek inside Bada Bing, go on location where Chris was shot, and enjoy many more sights, with the inside scoop!

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Rating: 5
This trip is awesome,reccommend to any Soprano fan
Sat, Apr 7, 12   10:00 AM MatClaire01 Male 30-39 International Tourist(s) Other
Myself and my girlfriend went on this tour as fans of the show, now I am a fan of the show AND the tour. At the time of going on the tour I had only got to season 5 of the show, and was worried about "spoilers" but to be honest whilst there were a few things that I didnt know, there was still enough going on with the tour for it not to be an issue. Our tour guide, Mark was fantastic and very knowledgeable about all things Soprano and gave you the feeling that his knowledge came from involvement in the show rather than "scripted notes"...The tour was well paced, lots of time at each site where things happened in the show to allow for pictures, although would have liked a bit more time in the badda...for obvious reasons!!!! All round an excellent 4 hours spent at a reasonable price....and Vito at the beginning is a class touch !!!
Rating: 4
excellent host
Sat, Apr 7, 12   10:00 AM cocool Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Loved the detail
Rating: 5
if you're a true fan........
Sat, Mar 31, 12   10:00 AM ms122580 Male 30-39 Local Couple on a Date
then you'll love seeing where satriales, pussy's body shop and fbi meeting spots really were. marc did a great job bringing it all to life and providing insider info.
Rating: 4
An eye-opening half day in New Jersey
Sat, Mar 31, 12   10:00 AM tonto57 Male 50-59 International Tourist(s) Individual
A really enjoyable 4 hours visiting places you wouldn't otherwise get to (or want to) see. An actor from the series, our tour guide Mark was good humoured and professional throughout , sharing all kinds of insider info with us. The guy on the bus whose only TV is The Sopranos learned something new, while even the lady who had never watched an episode seemed to have fun.
Rating: 5
The tour was excellent and I highly recommend it
Sat, Mar 31, 12   10:00 AM sudsville Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
The tour guide was excellent. He was very knowledgeable.
Rating: 5
Had a great time!
Sat, Mar 24, 12   10:00 AM pazminoc Male 20-29 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
The tour was a great experience for the both of us. We had a great time and would definitely recommend it to friends and fans of the sopranos.
Rating: 5
Great - must see for any Sopranos fan!
Sat, Feb 25, 12   10:00 AM LukeBurton Male 20-29 International Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
Won't give the game away but you get to go to some fantastic locations..
Rating: 4
an enjoyable time
Sat, Feb 25, 12   10:00 AM johnfoster58 Male 50-59 International Tourist(s) Individual
Very good tour- guide excellent. Now been to NJ though boss mainly works 90 mins away down the coast. Links to clips helped to provide context. To be honest bada bing a bit of an anti climax though drinks reasonably priced.
Rating: 5
Immerse in the Soprano World!!
Sat, Feb 18, 12   10:00 AM mtgonzalo Male 20-29 Combination Other
Engrossing tour where you can dive into the Soprano World, where you can feel in your own skin the social picture depicted in the TV series. Great experience. Visiting Bada-Bing!, the restaurant where the last chapter takes place, taking a look to Stuggots or taking a picture with Vito Spatafore...a valuable experience in New Jersey!
Rating: 5
AWESOME tour guide, but skip the hustle
Sat, Feb 18, 12   10:00 AM JennHnyc Female 30-39 Local Couple on a Date
The tour guide (Marc Baron) on this tour is what made it so great. He was incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and engaging. We are locals and have never been on a tourist tour, but highly recommend all Sopranos fans to go on this one! I won't go into all of the details of the tour because others do in their reviews, and just want to share and to warn others of the only disappointing part of the tour that happened at the beginning before we even left.

The only downside of the whole tour that was really weird was that the actor that plays "Vito Spatafore," Joe Gannascoli was at the beginning of the tour. Basically when you check in with the tour guide (Marc Baron), he said "if you want to meet one of the actors from the show, he is 4 cars down at a silver car). So we walk down and join the line. What really happens is Joe is selling books, signed autographs, and cigars out the back of his car. We really just wanted to say hi and say how much we liked his work, we were not interested in buying anything. We watched this happen with others, and when it was our turn it was the same. He was extremely unfriendly and would not make any eye contact. My husband was super excited to meet him told him how much he appreciated his work (we are actors so artistically are especially appreciative)....Joe doesn't say anything so my husband asks if he can get a picture...Joe doesn't look at him but just refers to his hatchback full of products to sell and says "something for the effort" husband looks at me kind of confused and shocked and on the spot not knowing what to say because, no offense, but we genuinely are not interested in buying anything (we're not cheap, we just don't want it). My husband says no thank you but would it be okay if we just get a picture, and again Joe, refusing eye contact, says "something for the effort...I drove 2 hours." Not wanting to ruin the experience for my husband who really wants a picture with him, I encourage him to buy a signed autograph. But the whole thing left me feeling weird and gross like we had been hustled by this guy who could care less about his fans and just is interested in making a buck. The tour could have totally done without him and I think would have made it honestly much much better. Not a good way to start the tour at all....I really recommend to the tour group that they just ditch him because Marc Baron honestly makes the whole tour great and meeting and getting hustled by Joe in the beginning is totally not necessary.

That's it! Totally recommend the tour!!! Personally suggest skipping "meeting" Joe in beginning and save your dollars for Holsten's and Badda Bing for food, drinks and tips, as well as a big fat well deserved tip for Marc Baron at the end of the tour.