Kahuna Nui Jewel Island Adventure (Maine)

Kahuna Katamarans, Ltd.

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Unfortunately, the Kahuna Nui Katamaran is no longer in business. Thank you for thinking of us, and enjoy your stay in Maine!

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Explore Jewel Island, a secluded barrier island unavailable by ferry and enjoy a lunch fit for a Kahuna.

Climb aboard the Kahuna-Nui catamaran, a stable, comfortable vessel that offers sailing fun for the whole family, and enjoy a peaceful daytime sailing cruise on the serene, protected waters of Maine's Casco Bay.

Experience the amazing wildlife of the Casco Bay area and enjoy the area’s unique sights. During your trip, you’ll:
  • Savor a delicious lunch of Maine Italian Sandwiches on unique, locally baked bread, chips, fruit, cookies, and Moxie – a special Maine soft drink
  • Investigate the “punch bowl” - a large tidal pool teaming with sea life such as starfish, sea urchins, shells and fish (only during low tide)
  • Climb a WWII observation tower used to spot submarines and other enemy craft
  • Search the beaches for stones, sea glass, shells, driftwood and other treasures
The sail includes lunch while anchored at Jewel Island’s Cocktail Cove, where you’ll spend 1-2 hours shelling, spotting wildlife, and soaking up the sun. For the rest of the trip, you’ll enjoy views of beautiful Casco Bay and her many islands along with native birdlife and the occasional seal.

You’ll always find something new along the way and our professional crew members are experts at tracking down fun!

What Is Not Included?

Complimentary water and soft drinks are provided by the Kahuna crew, but feel free to bring any other beverages you would like to enjoy.

Don't forget to bring your own beach towels, too.

Meeting Location

Foreside Rd (Route 88) and Johnson Rd (Falmouth Foreside, ME) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)


Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Advance purchase is strongly recommended, and sails often sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance. Tickets can only be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
What type of ticket should I buy if I'm bringing a very young child?
We offer special pricing for children ages 12 and under. So bring along the whole family! Every guest, regardless of age, must purchase a ticket.
Is gratuity included in the ticket price?
Gratuities for your Kahuna-Nui crew are not included in your ticket price. If you have a great time and wish to recognize the contributions of your crew, you're welcome to give any one of them a tip to be shared by all. We are occasionally asked what a typical tip is - ultimately the decision is yours, but 15% is common.
Are group discounts available for the public tours?
Yes! Purchase 15 or more total tickets and you'll automatically receive $5 off each "Adult" ticket in your group. Group ticket purchases do not include gratuity.
What wildlife do we see on the sail?
We might see seals and ospreys, and we regularly see seabirds and tidal sea creatures on our island stops. If the tide is low, you'll be able to wade with starfish and sea urchins in a large tidal pool. What we see on any given trip varies depending on time of year, time of day, and the weather.
Are drinks or food served on the sail?
Yes! The Kahuna-Nui is pleased to offer a complete lunch of Maine Italian Sandwiches on locally baked bread (unique to the area) Chips, Fruit, Cookies, and Moxie (a soft drink unique to Maine). We also have a variety of complimentary beverages to serve on your sail. You're also welcome to bring your own snacks, meals, and any additional beverages (including alcohol) you would like to enjoy.
Can I bring a cooler, picnic basket or other large item?
Yes, you can! If the item is too large to fit in our under-seat-storage, then our crew will gladly tie it securely to the Kahuna-Nui. If you would like to keep your food and beverages cool, you will have to bring your own cooler with enough ice. We do not have any cool storage capacity on the boat.
How much time do we spend on the beach?
During the sail, we'll beach the Kahuna-Nui at Jewel Island for 1-2 hours. You can hunt for stones, sea glass and shells, or climb a WWII observation tower. You can also investigate the "punch bowl," teaming with sea life such as starfish, sea urchins and fish (ONLY during low-tide). Or you can choose to stay on-board and lounge on the net.
Are there restrooms on the boat?
Yes! There is a clean restroom on board the Kahuna-Nui. Don't worry, it's neat, clean and friendly and easy to operate!
What exactly do we do on the sail?
The Kahuna-Nui will take you into the serene, protected waters of Casco Bay. You'll catch a glimpse of some seals or ospreys along the way, as well as the rugged Maine coastline and the barrier islands. On Jewel Island, you can hunt for sea glass and shells and climb a WWII observation tower. During low tide (when the tide is going out), you can also investigate the "punch bowl," teaming with sea life such as starfish, sea urchins and fish. You'll also enjoy a complete lunch of Maine Italian Sandwiches - a local specialty!
What should I wear?
Be prepared for the Maine waters! Bring your bathing suit if you plan on going swimming and wear sun block. The sun is much stronger on the water. It may also be a good idea to bring additional sun block with you to reapply. You'll want to wear soft soled rubber shoes or sandals on the boat and while walking over the sea shells on the beach. Other useful items might include a hat with a large brim and an inexpensive pair of sunglasses (you'd be amazed how easily sunglasses slide right off your sun block-covered nose and into the water as you lean over to peer into the water!). During the cooler months, you should be prepared with a heavy windbreaker or jacket. We recommend you dress in layers. Once you’re comfortable, you can always peal a layer off.
Will I get wet?
Only if you want! We do stop at a beach for some time and you'll need to wade through water that is anywhere from calf-high to thigh-high. You can also choose to stay on the boat during our stop. Otherwise, aside from the occasional misty breeze, you should stay dry during most of the sail - unless, of course, you want to sit in the nets when the waves roll by.
Is there any shade while sailing?
Our sails actually provide some shade over the boat. There's also shade under the awning.
Can I stow anything during the sail?
There are storage areas beneath each of the four 5' seats. In addition, we can tie larger items to the deck (coolers, picnic baskets, etc). Please keep in mind that while the captain will always remain with the boat, we cannot take responsibility for any broken, lost or missing items.
Where does the sail finish?
Our sail will end at the same pier from which it departed.
Is the Kahuna catamaran safe?
The Kahuna-Nui catamaran is a stable, gentle vessel. Because it has two hulls, instead of one as in a regular sailboat, the sail is smoother and steadier. We also provide life jackets for every passenger on board.
Will I get seasick?
Passengers usually find the Kahuna-Nui to be a very steady vessel. Additionally, the waters of Casco Bay are protected by barrier islands and are generally extremely calm. However, you may choose to take something in advance if you're prone to motion sickness.
What happens if it rains?
Your captain and crew watch the weather forecasts closely and want to ensure your sail is a safe, enjoyable, memorable experience. In the event the current or forecasted conditions get in the way of that happening, requiring us to cancel, we will contact you as soon as possible to join us at another date/time.
Are we sailing the entire time?
Although the Kahuna-Nui has two powerful engines, we try to sail for as much of the time as possible. Usually there is a good breeze on the Bay and we're able to sail for almost all of the cruise.
Is the Kahuna Nui handicap-accessible?
Certainly canes and walkers would work. Unfortunately the Kahuna Nui does not have room for wheelchairs to maneuver and the dock can only be reached via a steep ramp when tides are low. For these reasons, we do not recommend coming on board if you are wheelchair-bound. If you would like to inquire further to see if any accommodations can be made or to find out when the tide might be higher to make the boat more accessible, please click on the “Contact this seller” link.
What if someone starts to get out of hand?
Well, let's hope everyone has a good time responsibly, but if someone becomes unruly or harmful in any manner to themselves, our guests, or our employees, the captain reserves the right to control his or her alcohol consumption. This rarely happens, but we will not hesitate to keep you safe and ensure your enjoyment.
Are gift certificates available for the trip?
Yes! Gift certificates for Sail Kahuna-Nui trips are great for any occasion. To purchase a gift certificate, click on the "Contact this seller" link.
Can I book a private sail?
Yes! We offer sails for private events. We can accommodate a variety of special requests, including a private Maine Lobster Bake! Please use the "Contact this seller" link to inquire further about special group rates and sailing options.


Kahuna Katamarans, Ltd.

Sail Kahuna-Nui is dedicated to providing you with a unique way of exploring the Casco Bay area and taking advantage of your free time on the Maine coastline.

The Kahuna-Nui, a 35-foot, spacious catamaran, can accommodate about 30 guests so you’ll have plenty of room to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the ocean air.

Your adventure will always show you something new, so climb aboard and explore the waters of Maine on the KAHUNA-NUI!
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