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Savannah's ONLY After Hours Cemetery Event! 

Looking for an unparalleled outing and the coolest way to indulge your Gothic poet side? The old saying is, no visit to Savannah is complete without a visit to Bonaventure: come take a Bonaventure Cemetery After Hours tour and find out why! 

On this 2.5 hour tour, you will be joining a very exclusive club of people who have seen the cemetery after it closes to the public. Not since it opened in 1846 has this been an opportunity, but thanks to your very special host, Shannon Scott, now it is! You are literally locked in the cemetery the entire time; for the right taker, there's no price you can put on the joy of that! Imagine having the serenity, stillness and quiet of the cemetery, uninterrupted by the living world. Need a photographer? Just look at our gallery!

Stories stretch from the present day all the way back to Bonaventure's plantation beginnings in 1754. Our topics range from the funny and uplifting to the macabre at its most morbid! Some of the stories we will cover include those of:
  • A "hooch runner" for Al Capone
  • A bizarre love story that ended in one murder and one visit to the electric chair
  • Savannah's role in The DaVinci Code
  • Lady Minerva & Jim Williams in Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil
  • ...and many more!
Of course, those are just the highlights. If we told you any more we'd have to...ummm...not let you attend! 

Bonaventure Cemetery After Hours is perfect for friends, family, your social club, church group, non-profit or anyone looking to do something completely and truly different in Savannah!

Come see a different side of Savannah history with a tour of Bonaventure Cemetery After Hours!

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Bonaventure Cemetery (Savannah, GA) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)


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Rating: 5
Possibly the best organized tour I've ever done.
Sat, Sep 26  5:00 PM Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
This tour was highly recommended to us by a friend from Charleston - he gave us a little bit of an overview so we knew what to expect. If you're looking for a standard tour where the guide has memorized all his/her lines and seems a bit bored, don't take this tour. Shannon is a master storyteller by trade, and when you factor in his obvious passion for the history of the area and the local arts and literature, it makes for a fascinating evening. We were talking about the things we learned on this tour for days afterward. And this doesn't even consider that the tour starts at 5 (when the cemetery closes), so we're the only living people in the cemetery at this time. The walk back across the cemetery in darkness under the full moon was a perfect cap to the evening.
Rating: 5
Highly recommended if you're visiting Savannah
Sat, Sep 26  5:00 PM Male 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Other
I never thought a 3 hour walking tour would go by fast, but it was so engrossing that it did. Shannon knows his stuff and the Bonaventure Cemetery after hours tour with him is a must if you're visiting Savannah.

One tip: make sure to bring some bug spray.
Rating: 5
Most entertaining
Sat, Sep 26  5:00 PM Female 70+ Combination Family With Children
Steve is a great story teller- held our undivided attention for entire 2 1/2 hours.
Rating: 5
Great, informative and fun!
Sat, Sep 5  5:00 PM Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
My friend and I had a great time on our after hours tour of Bonaventure cemetery. I was a visitor from Philadelphia but my friend is a local and she said it was the best tour she had been on. Shannon was a great guide with a little bit of an entertaining snarky attitude which we both loved. One thing...they are not kidding about needing bug spray!!! Even after spraying down I still left with several chigger bites on my calfs. I highly recommend long pants despite the heat. Overall, it was great and I am very glad that I added it to my vacation sights!
Rating: 4
Shannon Scott was very engaging!
Sat, Sep 5  5:00 PM Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
I enjoyed the tour very much. Shannon's voice was very loud and clear. You could hear him very well. He was very engaging as he shared the stories of some of the locals buried in the cemetery. It was very interesting. I had to research in more detail after the tour because I found the stories fascinating. I still can't believe the cemetery was built by masons who input the 'all seeing eye' in the middle of the establishment. I'd have never know that if I'd not been a part of the tour. The only negative was the bugs. The ants were really bad. There were also a lot of mosquito. The cemetery is on the river, so there are quite a lot of bugs, but it was still well worth it. Bring bug spray!
Rating: 5
Great stories
Sat, Aug 1  5:00 PM Female 40-49 Unspecified Family Without Children
First of all wear comfy shoes, there's plenty of walking and don't forget the bug spray... Fire ants everywhere! Shannon Scott was really great with his knowledge of the graves. It was fun and intriguing to hear how he elaborated on some of the people. I had a ton of fun doing the after hours tour....a graveyard all to yourselves, I mean how cool is that? I highly recommend this tour if you're looking for something memorable to do in Savannah.
Rating: 4
Lots of information
Sat, Jul 25  5:00 PM Female 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Couple on a Date
Tour was awesome except for a couple of things.

One we took the night tour and we're not allowed to wonder on our own even though night tour was actually evening. This was a let down because I love to explore and the sun was still up. This should have been on the website.

Website should states there are a bunch of ants everywhere that will crawl on you and bite. The saving grace was a lady who seemed to do the tours as well following with the guide gave me some bug spray to use.

Stories were ok. The best one was about Gracie. The tour was very long and heaven forbid you weren't allowed to sit for there were still a ton of ants everywhere.

All in all the amount of information was great but a lot to process especially to those who have not seen some of the town yet.

At some point it sounded like a sales pitch due to the endings of each story with where we can buy the books to read. I felt the tour stories were awesome but ruined in the end from this. It is cool to tell us where to get the Info maybe after the story telling.
Rating: 4
Wonderful Afterhours Tour
Sat, Jul 25  5:00 PM Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
We had a great experiance with the tour, I would suggest for people to wear sneakers - as I did not read my infomormation and paid for it - there are lots of ants and they will crawl on you once you stop to listen to the historical stories. In the summer months the tour does not start or end in the darkness - just be aware of this with daylight, if your looking for a spooky type feel - also, not ghost stories on this tour - the guide informed us he is not allowed as per the city to tell tales of ghost- this is not a spooky ghost tour.

Overall very informative, the graves we visted were interesting to say the least, we did skip past Winston Churchill grave which was odd.. I expected a little bit of information on him. Beautiful Cemetery, I never thought a person could be such at ease in what is suppose to be considered a sad place.. its lovely.
Rating: 5
Awesome Storyist
Sat, Jul 25  5:00 PM Unspecified 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
A must see when visiting Savannah. Shannon is truly dedicated to his trade and has a vast knowledge of Savannah's underground history.
Rating: 5
The Tour Guide was AMAZING...truly a historian
Sat, Jul 11  5:00 PM Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
The Tour guide Shannon Scott isn't really a guide as much as he is a historian and great orator. He knew in-depth knowledge regarding the lore, history, and stories associated with the cemetery. Tour last 3 hours, not 2.5. This guy has a bit of an edge...a little bit of he deserves to....he is an authority on this property and Savannah. Well worth the price and our time.
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Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Yes, tickets must be purchased in advance. Tours often sell out so we suggest purchasing your tickets early to guarantee your desired tour day. You can buy your tickets either online or by phone with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
Is Shannon Scott always the guide?
Typically Shannon Scott is the guide, but with his ever changing TV, Film & Lecture schedule, it is not always possible for him to conduct the tour. The great news is that his associate, Susan Davis is his highly trained & informed friend and storyteller who brings her own skills to the tour itself. Her reviews are also widely represented online and Shannon has full confidence to represent his work when he is otherwise unavailable.
Is this event appropriate for children?
We define the tour's content as Mature Subjects or Mature Audiences. It isn't gratuitous material, but we talk about death, dying, burials and things respective, so we ask parents and guardians to use their own discretion. As a performance, it is also aimed at the enjoyment of adults who go to plays, operas, and performances where a certain regard for other attendees is expected as a standard and thus, the event is priced accordingly.
Where does the tour meet?
In the outside parking lot of Bonaventure Cemetery. Do not drive into the cemetery itself. The parking lot is on the main road, outside of the cemetery, to the immediate right of the large marble sign that reads Bonaventure Cemetery. You will check-in at the parking lot.
How far is Bonaventure from different parts of the area?
From downtown Savannah it is 3-4 miles and about 10 minutes city driving. From Tybee Island, approximately 20 minutes. From midtown & various Southside hotels, 20 minutes. From Savannah Hilton-Head International Airport hotels, 45 minutes. From Hilton Head, South Carolina, guests should allot an hour or more depending on time of day and traffic.
What if it rains?
Tour goes out rain or shine, but weather has rarely affected the adventure in an adverse way. Sometimes it adds to the experience!
What if one has a mobility or walking issue?
We have had many people with various issues make the tour without complaint and people as old as 92 survive and love it! Because everyone has different limits, you should know the following. The tour itself is a leisurely mile, but unfortunately the City of Savannah has made no accommodations for those who need to sit. The terrain is flat, but is varied between gravel, sand, grass and asphalt and so we find that it is not scooter or wheelchair ideal. People have brought collapsible stools and are great. We do our best to make it work for everyone but it's just not possible in each and every case.
Are there restrooms?
Yes, but bathrooms are available only at the beginning of the event.
Can I take photos or video?
One may take photos but we do not allow recording devices to be used during the tour.
Can I purchase a poster or DVD at time of event?
Yes, but in order for us to best prepare orders in advance, we would highly suggest that you buy them in advance along with your tickets.
What if we do not have a car?
Chatham Area Transit offers a bus line that drops you one mile from Bonaventure but in general we recommend Chatham Cab as our most reliable cab along with a more affordable rate if you tell them you're attending the event. Please keep in mind that they are a different company and Shannon Scott Journeys bears no responsibility for their business nor gives refunds based on any mishaps with arrival, etc.
Can we explore Bonaventure Cemetery on our own or do we need to take a tour?
No. Bonaventure Cemetery has been made available at this hour exclusively for Shannon's tours.
How much walking or standing will there be?
The terrain of Bonaventure Cemetery is varied between gravel, sand, grass and asphalt. Unfortunately, there are not places to sit during the tour, therefore we will be on our feet for the majority of the 2.5-hour tour.
Are refreshments available? Can I bring my own?
No, but please feel free to bring your own bottle of water. No other food or drink is allowed inside the cemetery.
What should I wear?
We recommend that you dress comfortably and wear shoes for walking as you will be on your feet for the majority of the tour.
Is the Bonaventure Cemetery open all year round?
Yes, we operate tours throughout the entire year.
Are pets allowed on the tour?
No, other than certified service dogs, pets are not permitted.
Do you sell tour gift certificates?
Yes! Gift certificates are available and make great gifts for any occasion. To purchase a gift certificate, please click on the "Contact ShannonScott" link to the left.
Do you offer private or group tours?
Yes, private group tours are available. Group tour hours and fees vary from our regular schedule. Please click on the "Contact ShannonScott" link to the left to schedule a private tour for your group.


Shannon Scott Journeys

Personalism. Passion. Performance. The "lost art of storytelling" has not gone lost on a man called Shannon Scott.

Since 1988, Shannon Scott has made his mark as a researcher and storyteller. Born in Terra Haute, IN, and raised in Rantoul, IL by school teacher parents, Shannon Scott grew up surrounded by farmland and the Chanute Air Force Base in Eastern Illinois. As a child, Shannon excelled in art & history, and he discovered the strong ability to paint pictures with words in the minds of others, an ability that would later go on to make him the exceptional storyteller he is today.

Shannon has always held a deep appreciation for our nation's history, a sense he developed when visiting historic landmark destinations like Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Philadelphia, and American natural wonders like The Badlands, The Painted Desert and Yosemite. In his high school years, he discovered a natural love for art, winning many Scholastic Awards, and eventually a Fine Arts' Scholarship to the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

By the late 1990's, his storytelling took him to a new level when working in television as a researcher, producer and on-camera commentator for shows like, "Scariest Places On Earth," "Ghost Hunters," "MTV's FEAR," and others. In 2013, he released his first documentary film under his company, Bonaventure Film, entitled, "America' Most Haunted City," the first film to be made locally on the subject of Savannah's spiritual and haunted heritage.

Shannon Scott knows history, and he knows Savannah. For a view of Bonaventure Cemetery unlike any other, visit with Shannon Scott Journeys!
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