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  • Join us for this four hour deep sea fishing trip on Monterey Bay - great for beginners, families and experienced fishermen alike!

  • Spend a relaxing day fishing for tasty Cod and Snapper at depths from 30 to 100 feet up the coast of Santa Cruz.

  • Enjoy a trip out on the beautiful Monterey Bay to fish for the tasty and plentiful Sand Dab, a favorite among local fishermen.

  • Join us for a private charter cruise or fishing trip. Ideal for weddings, parties and other special events!

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Twilight Deep Sea Fishing Season: June through September Spend a relaxing evening on the beautiful Monterey Bay, fishing for Snapper or one of the many species of Cod that inhabit our local waters. (morning trips available thru Dec. 31st).

On this trip, you'll have the opportunity to...
    • Catch the tasty red Snapper from the pristine deck of the Velocity or the Legacy.

    • Reel in Ling Cod in between visits to our full service galley where you can purchase your favorite meal, snack, or beverage including beer.

    • Rockfish can be part of your 10 Rock Cod & 2 Ling Cod limit/fisherman

  • Our deckhands will happily fillet your catch of Vermillion, so you don't have to.
This trip will surely yield plenty of fish for the frying pan. Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, our courteous crews will make your evening both fun and memorable. Come aboard our very popular shorter version of our deep sea fishing trip - "summer only."

What Is Not Included?

Fishing equipment, licenses, and fish cleaning services: Equipment and licenses can be rented/purchased at the shop prior to departure. A complete equipment package with license will cost $34.12 per fisherman. Fish cleaning is $10 per Cod limit.

Food and beverages: The boat features a full service galley which sells breakfast & lunch items and your favorite beverages (including beer and wine). Previous guests have found $12/person, cash or credit, to be sufficient ($20 with beer). You many also bring your own food and drinks (but no alcohol!).

Fishing License regulations: Anyone 16 years of age or older must have a fishing license before getting on the boat. You can buy a one-day license at check-in ($15.12).

Meeting Location

Stagnaro's office, 1718 Brommer Street (Santa Cruz, CA) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)
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Rating: 4
Sat, Apr 30  2:30 PM Male 60-69 International Tourist(s) Individual
No fish good crew
Rating: 2
Good trip..... but no fish!
Sat, Apr 30  2:30 PM Male 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Family With Children
The deckhands are very nice guys and very helpful, they deserved 5 stars. But I got no fish for three hours. It's so disappointed! Last July I caught lots of fish on the same afternoon trip. It would be nice if they could post some warning saying there are no much of fish in this early season.
Rating: 4
nice trip
Sat, Apr 9  2:30 PM Male 50-59 Local Individual
Very nice boat, friendly crew. Not much with catching fish, but it is FISHING!
Rating: 5
Great time!
Sat, Apr 9  2:30 PM Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified
Well organized and a great crew!
Rating: 5
Great Trip lots of fish
Sat, Oct 24, 15  2:00 PM Unspecified 40-49 Local Group of Friends
This was my second trip with Stagnaros and it was just as good as the first one. I limited out on both trips, the crew was helpful and did a great job of filleting my catch. I just wish they would do more Twilight trips in October November and December
Rating: 4
short trip but enjoyable. Good weather, calm seas
Sat, Sep 12, 15  3:15 PM Male 60-69 Domestic Tourist(s) Family Without Children
First time on a twilight trip. We normally fish in the am and it started getting chilly when the light started to fade.

Everybody was catching fish and the crew was very helpful. The fish seemed smaller than previous trips we have taken with Stagnaros but we were catching. I believe we stayed in the Monterey Bay only and it was just for 4 hours.I recommend this kind of trip but take it earlier in the season.
Rating: 5
Great trip, Zerve site very confusing
Sat, Sep 12, 15  3:15 PM Male 50-59 Local Family With Children
Boat, crew, and other passengers all fabulous. Great weather and 278 fish for 30 patrons. What more could you want.

OTOH, we almost missed the trip thanks to Zerve, who

Managed to imply it left from Monterey, rather than Santa Cruz, when I was booking the trip.
Rating: 4
It was a great experience
Sun, Sep 6, 15  4:00 PM Male 60-69 Local Family With Children
I would love to experience again in future.
Rating: 3
Actual fishing time is limited
Sun, Sep 6, 15  4:00 PM Male 30-39 Local Group of Friends
The actual fishing time is around 2 and half hours on a 4 and half hour trip. All people waiting on the boat for nearly an hour for them to do fish cleaning even we do not want such service.
Rating: 4
Improvement needed
Sun, Sep 6, 15  4:00 PM Male 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Unspecified
The trip was supposed to be 4.5 hours but they stopped fishing early, and the boat was hanging near docking area for about 30 minutes waiting for the crew to clean the fish. In my opinion, this could have been done onshore since not everyone was going to use the service and would have spent the time fishing instead.
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What has the catch been like lately?
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 15:51:43 Current Report: Sunday's full day cod trip on Legacy returned with 25 Ling cod and limits of excellent quality rockfish for 19 people. Legacy will be running trips to Ano Nuevo on weekends this summer. Call the office to get on our call list.
What is the difference between the Deep Sea Cod Fishing Trip and the Twilight Cod Fishing Trip?
The main difference is the time and duration. The twilight trip lasts 4.5 hours and the Deep Sea trip lasts between 6 and 8 hours, depending on bite. Because the twilight trips are shorter, we usually fish in the local reefs. The twilight trip is also great for families introducing their children to fishing, who don't want to be out for the whole day. However, if the twilight trip is not available on the day you'd like to go, check out our morning Cod trips and you won't be disappointed.
Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
Advance purchase is strongly recommended, and trips often sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please buy your tickets well in advance. Tickets can only be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
Why are there so few dates listed for this trip?
We usually only open the Twilight Cod Fishing trip if the Deep Sea Cod Fishing trip is full.
What happens if it rains?
The fishing trip runs rain or shine, regardless of weather conditions. But don't worry. Some of our best trips have taken place in less than perfect weather, so plan your attire accordingly. In the case of severe weather, we may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in which case you will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event.
Do I need a fishing license?
Yes. Anyone 16 years of age (and who is fishing) or older is REQUIRED to have a fishing license. It must be in your possession before getting on the boat. If you do not have one, one-day licenses are available for purchase in the shop prior to departure. The price of a one-day license is $15.12.
How many fish can I keep?
Depends on what we are fishing for. If we are fishing for Cod, we can only keep 10 Rock Cod and 2 Ling Cod. It is imperative that all regulations as governed by the DFG and PFMC be followed at all times. The crew members will remind each individual. DFG are constantly patrolling the area, whether it is on the water or on land. It is not worth the risk. The fines can be a substantial amount.
What's the limit for a child under 16 with no fishing license?
Even though children under 16 years of age are allowed to fish on our trips without a license, they are allowed the same legal limit as an adult fisherman.
When do I buy my fishing license?
You can purchase your one-day fishing license, at our office, prior to departure, on the day of your trip. The licenses are $15.12 a piece.
I have never been fishing before. Is that okay?
Oh sure, nothing like a new experience! Our crew will assist you and, often times, some of the "seasoned" veterans are willing to offer advice.
Can you provide me with fishing gear, bait, and tackle?
Yes, you can rent (or purchase, depending on the item) the necessary gear along with your tickets. Rod & Reel Rental is $13.00 and a Tackle Set up is $6.00. You can also rent them from our shop prior to departure.
What type of gear do I need?
We can supply you with all the gear you need! You can purchase a full equipment package when you book your tickets. You can also bring your own gear. Even if you have some equipment at home, our rods and tackle are specific to the type of fish we will be catching. If you are a first-time fisherman, we recommend you purchase our equipment package to ensure that you have all the best supplies!
What is included in the tackle kit purchase?
The tackle kit includes a Rock Cod Rig, 1 weight and a burlap sack to put your fish in. Bait is included in the price of every trip, regardless of whether or not you buy the tackle kit. All participants must have tackle suitable for Rock Cod fishing to fish on the trip.
I don't want to fish, can I still go on the trip?
Yes. Ride-Along tickets are available for this fishing trip. Ride-Along passengers are not entitled to a limit of fish for the trip. Please keep in mind that our route depends on the best fishing areas, and we may not pass by any wildlife along the way. If you are more interested in seeing wildlife, please check our Whale Watching and Scenic Cruises instead.
What is the difference between the Regular and Ride-Along tickets?
Each Regular ticket-holder (Adult or Child) is entitled to one limit of fish, whereas Ride-Along passengers cannot catch any fish. Anyone without a fishing license, regardless of the type of ticket they buy, will NOT be allowed to hold a fishing pole at any time. For example, if your child is purchasing a Regular ticket and you are only attending as a Ride-Along, you will not be able to hold your child's fishing pole unless you have a valid fishing license in your name. If you do, you can help out, but you and your child will still only be allowed one limit of fish between the two of you. If you purchase a Ride-Along ticket and don't have any intention on fishing or even helping, you do not need a license.
Are children allowed?
Due to the inherent motion of the boat, and for safety reasons, children ages 3 and younger are not allowed on the trip. If you'd like to take your young child on one of our cruises, check out the Scenic Bay Cruise.
Is this cruise suitable for pregnant women?
For safety reasons, this cruise is not suitable for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and would like to attend anyway, you must first consult with your doctor.
Is my child too young to go fishing?
It depends on the child. You know your child best. Age 5-6 may be a good age to get a child oriented with this traditional sport. We do recommend starting out on a “Rock Cod” Fishing Trip as it is very likely that a child will catch something.
What types of food and beverages are available in the full-service galley?
You can purchase a variety of food and beverage items at the galley. In the morning, our selection includes breakfast sandwiches, English muffins, danishes, and bagels with cream cheese. For lunch/dinner, our selection includes cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, quesadillas, chips, popcorn, and candy. Our drink selection includes soda, bottled water, beer, and wine.
I am planning on eating in the full service galley, how much money should I bring?
Approximately $12.00 should cover the cost of your breakfast and lunch. If you plan on purchasing beer along with your meals, you should bring approximately $20.00.
Can I bring my own food and/or beverages?
Yes. You can bring your own food and beverages, but outside alcohol cannot be brought onto the boats. Please limit your cooler size to less than 20 inches. Beer and wine are available for purchase in the full service galley.
Can I bring an ice chest?
Yes, however, coolers longer than 20" are not allowed. Also, it is illegal to bring your own alcohol on board. But you can purchase beer and wine aboard the boats.
How long will the fishing trip last?
Typically these trips last 4 hours.
How early should I arrive to check in before my trip?
Please arrive an HOUR before your trip begins. Before the trip you'll need to get your equipment, purchase your license, sign the U.S. Coastguard registry, and get acclimated with the boat. Remember to take traffic into account when making your plans.
Do you guarantee that fish will be caught?
We can guarantee fishing but not catching. The Skipper will do everything in his power to put you where there is fish. We cannot control what does or does not bite the hook
Where will we be fishing?
Our captains use their intimate knowledge of the Santa Cruz area to locate Cod hotspots. For the Twilight trip, we usually go to the reefs about 20 miles north of Santa Cruz.
What do I do with the fish I have caught?
We recommend that you have the deckhand clean/fillet them - so much easier than having this mess at home. Fish cleaning is $10 per Cod limit (10 Rock Cod and 2 Ling Cod).
Can I sell the fish I catch?
NO! It is illegal to sell fish that are caught by way of "Recreational Sport Fishing." If you are caught violating this law, you (along with Stagnaro Charter Boats) will be ordered to appear in court, fined, and items can be confiscated.
Will I get seasick?
We sure hope not. Unfortunately, this is not something we can predict. While we can't recommend you take any medications, prevention might be a good idea if you are susceptible to motion sickness.
Are there life jackets on the boat?
Yes, there are life jackets for every adult and child on board. The location of the jackets is clearly posted and verbally announced by the skipper.
Do I have to wear the life jacket?
No. You may choose to wear a life jacket if you feel you need one.
Is the boat safe?
Absolutely. In addition to modern safety equipment (EPIRB, Life Floats, Life Jackets, etc.) our vessels are constantly maintained and inspected twice a year by the United States Coast Guard, a Division of Homeland Security.
Are there bathrooms on board?
Yes, there is a restroom on board.
Will we see whales or dolphins while we are fishing?
Maybe. Should the whales pass by, then great! You got a bonus for the day. If they do not, then please do not be disappointed as the original objective is to go fishing
Where does my trip end?
Your trip will end in the exact place that it starts from.
Are dogs or pets allowed on the boat?
No pets are allowed on our boat, but we may be able to allow service dogs on a case-by-case basis.
Is there shade on the boat?
Yes. Indoor seating and awnings are available if you need to get out of the sunlight.
Are your boats handicap/wheelchair accessible?
Our boats are accessible to those with walkers and canes. Though we are often able to accommodate people in wheelchairs as well, our boats are not wheelchair accessible by average standards. If you are in a wheelchair, please keep in mind that steps leading to the boats prevent you from wheeling directly on board. As a result, you will need to be able to walk up the 4 stairs with help or have friends with you that will have to physically carry you from the dock, on to the boat, and back into your chair.
Where does the boat depart from?
Trips depart from the Santa Cruz West Harbor at Atlantic Avenue. HOWEVER, check-in for the trip happens at Stagnaro’s office at 1718 Brommer Street, Santa Cruz. The staff will then direct you to the boat, which is about a ten minute drive away. Don't worry - exact meeting location details and directions will be provided upon ticket purchase!
Will there be room on the boat to stow my belongings?
There is a limited amount of space on the boat for your personal belongings. Please keep your coolers under 20 inches in length. Out of respect for your fellow passengers, please keep your personal items to a minimum.
Are gift certificates available?
Yes! Gift certificates for Stagnaro Fishing Trips are great for any occasion. To purchase a gift certificate, click on the "Contact Stagnaros" link.
Can I book a private fishing trip?
Yes! Stagnaro Fishing can accommodate a variety of special requests. Click on the "Contact Stagnaros" link for more information on private trips.


Refund/Rescheduling Policy

Non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event.

Weather Policy

Activity may be cancelled due to severe weather.
The activity usually runs in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, but the seller may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If the seller cancels the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event.

Other Policies

Not suitable for children ages 3 and younger, nor for pregnant women.
For safety reasons, children ages 3 and younger are not allowed on this trip. Pregnant women are not advised to attend due to the inherent motion of the boat and safety precautions. If you are pregnant and would like to attend anyway, you must first consult with your doctor.
Participants must have a fishing license before getting on the boat.
All participants 16 years of age or older (and who are fishing) are required to have a fishing license in their possession before getting on the boat. One-day licenses can be purchased in our shop for $15.12 prior to departure.
Participants must have a rod and tackle to fish on the trip.
Participants fishing on the trip must have a rod and tackle suitable for Cod fishing, which are not included in the regular price of the trip. If you do not have your own, you can rent a rod, as well as purchase tackle at our shop just prior to departure. Notice: The use of braided fishing line is not permitted on our vessels. Monofilament line only is allowed. Thank you.

Stagnaro Charter Boats

The Monterey Bay offers a diversity of fish all year round. Our feature fishing trips are for salmon, cod, and albacore.
The Stagnaro family has been serving the Santa Cruz area for over a century, ever since Italian patriarch Cottardo Stagnaro settled in Santa Cruz in 1879.

This historical landmark business is still leading the way in ocean fun on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Today's fourth generation Stagnaro Charter Boats will surely make your trip fun and memorable.
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