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The Taste of Venice will take you on a mouth-watering culinary tour of historic downtown Venice, Florida with its unique Italian Renaissance inspired architecture and pedestrian friendly avenues.
Your tour guide will regale you with the rich history of the City, and with the inside stories of each restaurant & food shop on the tour. You will meet the chefs/owners; learn about the selections they prepare for you, and perhaps even score a few of their prized recipes.
Our founder, Ed Machado, a retired Hair Stylist & Salon Owner from Cape Cod, was for many years hairstylist to matriarch Rose Kennedy and several of her "clan" as well as stylist in residence at the Cape Cod Melody Tent where he catered to many of the Broadway stars who performed there.
That exposure kindled in him a passion for "living well" which naturally led to fine food. He became a self-taught amateur chef of note (the consensus of his many dinner party guests over the years, NOT his own assessment). Of late, Ed has taken to writing a blog dedicated to the art of living well (food, the arts, local events).
So come join us for an Adventure in the Art of Living Well.  Come taste the food, come see the sights & sounds of beautiful Venice, and come enjoy the companionship of like-minded gourmands in your quest for the best.