Highly Rated Food Tours in the US

Highly Rated Food Tours in the U.S.

Discover the Best Places to Eat in
New York • San Francisco • Boston • New Orleans
Discover the Best Places to Eat
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Foods of New York  •  WokWiz Chinatown Tours
North End Market Tour  •  New Orleans Culinary History Tours
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Walking Tour in New York City
New York
Greenwich Village Food & Culture Tour
Foods of NY, Inc
Savor tasty delicacies, from Italian pastries to gourmet cheese, while exploring the Manhattan food stores and ethnic eateries of NYC's famous Bohemian hangout. Food tasting and wine tasting included!
Culinary Tour in San Francisco
WokWiz Daily Tour
Chinatown Tours & Cooking Center
Enjoy a dim sum lunch and other Chinese food at a traditional Chinese restaurant, drink quality Chinese tea, and visit a Buddhist temple as you stroll America's largest Chinatown! Created by Shirley Fong-Torres.
Food Tour in Boston

North End Market
Michele Topor, Inc
Relish in the authentic Italian food of Boston's Little Italy as you become versed in the recipes, flavors, and beverages of the Mediterranean diet, including pasta, biscotti, olive oil, prosciutto and wine. Buon appetito!
Culinary Tour in New Orleans
French Quarter Culinary Tasting Tour
New Orleans Culinary History Tours
Go beyond Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and Emeril's to tour the historic restaurants (e.g. Antoine's and Arnaud's) around Bourbon Street and taste the distinctions between Creole and Cajun food! (Running again after Hurricane Katrina.)
For good food and fun foodie things to do in your favorite city, take a culinary tour.
On the above neighborhood walking tours, featured on the Food Network and in Gourmet Magazine, you'll sample quality Italian, Chinese and French food, among other cuisines; uncover family-run food shops; get native suggestions of where to eat; meet up with other foodies; and take in highly-rated sightseeing. Explore the culture, history and cuisine of the region as you find that ideal spot for a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner!