About Zerve

We're all busy and getting busier. We have limited free time. Shouldn't there be somewhere to turn to help us figure out how best to use that hard-earned time? To make the most of our free moments, to stop doing the same old, same old, and find what is new, unique and interesting?

Now there is… Zerve. We provide a solution that cannot be found anywhere else. In the coming months and years, as we continue to develop our product, we are confident you will turn to Zerve weekly – often daily – to figure out how to make the most of all of YOUR free moments.

Part of how we do this is by simultaneously focusing on the other core part of our mission: empowering and uplifting the fantastic business owners and companies who produce unique local events and activities with the tools and support to super-charge their business.

Looking for unique, amazing things to do?
For BUYERS, Zerve is the product that helps you:
  • FIND an incredible array of new ways to spend your free time at precisely the time and place you need them
  • Efficiently CHOOSE the option that's best for you
  • BOOK it quickly, easily and securely
  • SHARE your experience with your world
  • Zerve offers more than 30,000 unique
    local things to do across 32 metro areas
    in the U.S.
Run a great business & want to super-charge it?
For SELLERS, Zerve is the platform that provides:
  • The industry-leading cloud-based software to run your business
  • Consumer-facing online tools to grow your revenues and attract more customers
  • World-class phone ticketing and customer service
  • Exposure to a new, large, growing audience of consumers who are turning to Zerve to find unique and interesting ways to spend their free time
Zerve Facts
  • Thrilling customers since 2003.
  • Millions of people have already experienced the world through Zerve.
  • If you didn't eat, sleep, or do anything else in life, it would take you over 4,000 straight days, 24 hours a day, to try everything there is to do on Zerve.
  • Customers from over 183 countries around the world have attended an event through Zerve.
  • Main offices in New York and San Francisco.
  • Our team collectively has over 150 years of experience innovating in this market as part of Zerve.
Our Partners

Zerve was built from Day One to empower and uplift the tireless, passionate, creative entrepreneurs who have built businesses to provide unique experiences to the rest of us.

These business owners and their teams are the stars of this show. Zerve is the technology and product that helps them do what they do even better and enables them to expose their offerings to a whole new customer base, but they are the ones who dream up and create the fantastic experiences the rest of us get to enjoy. We are honored to support such an inspiring group in making their visions reality and enabling the rest of us to live richer moments.

Our Market

Unlike many, Zerve does not pigeonhole a person as either a "traveler" or a "local." We're all travelers and we're all locals, just at different moments. What remains consistent throughout is that wherever we are, we want to spend our time well. We want unique experiences. At times we want to relax, at times to get active, to learn, to laugh, to explore, to taste, to reconnect, to be amazed… to experience.

Whether you're down the block in your own hometown, heading out for a quick road trip, or traveling somewhere distant and new, Zerve is about helping you make the most of all your free time… wherever you are.

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Want to Work Here?

We're always looking for intelligent, passionate, hard-working people to join our team. If you're interested in contributing to a rapidly growing, fun business that is out to conquer the world, we'd love to hear from you.

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What's in a Name?

Over the years we've heard our name turned into every permutation imaginable – verbs, adjectives, completely funky nouns – and we've also received countless theories on where the name came from.

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Our Values
A few of the things that define our culture.
License to Thrill
We go to extremes with an unrivaled
drive to thrill every customer.
Passion and Determination
We think creatively. We find a way.
There is always a solution.
Live It
Zerve is about helping people live
richer lives. We do the same.
It's at our core. We use technology to innovate, connect and empower.
We strive to always be thoughtful, courteous, and honest to everyone.
Our Future
What we will make happen just a few short years from now.

You wake up on a Saturday morning to learn…
…that some old friends are going to visit you that afternoon. Nice! But what to do? You pull out your phone (look at your watch?), head to Zerve, select your time window, and immediately all the options for how to use that time are at your fingertips – with the ability to easily pick the one you love and do it. This takes about 5 minutes.

The business owners that rely on Zerve to power their business…
…now have access to a vastly larger audience than they ever did before – because for the first time, when consumers are thinking about whether to do dinner, a movie or the park, it's just as quick and simple to find out about THEIR offerings due to Zerve.

Millions of people have stopped doing jobs that don't fulfill them…
…and instead have started businesses in every country around the world sharing their own unique experiences with the rest of us.

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